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Rikon 70-100 Mini Lathe Review

When you choose a wood lathe, you should first be clear on what you expect out of it. Consider features like the weight of the lathe, power of the motor, bed space, and swing. All these added to the specific set of features that you might have in your mind should help you choose one. […]

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Free Woodworking Plans – Top 17 Blogs You Must Read

Working on wood based on wood plans is great fun. However, many times, the enthusiastic beginner is faced with so-called woodworker-block. On what to work, exactly? Indeed, it can be quite difficult to start a project without the proper guideline. We scoured the web in search of good websites that offer free woodworking plans for […]

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15 Power Tools Woodworkers Must Have in 2022

While working with wood, you will find that you will have to resort to a slew of woodworking tools. Each one adapted for a particular job, and without the best woodworking tools for the job, it can be quite difficult to accomplish a project. Today we will go through some of the best power tools […]

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Top 27 Woodworking Blogs for Beginners

Woodworking is a fascinating industry. More and more people are getting online to learn about tips and tricks on how to manipulate wood. Consequently, more and more woodworking professionals are going online to showcase their knowledge and know-how. For your reading pleasure, we have made a list of influential woodworking pundits and blogs that are worth […]

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Top 3 Best Hitachi Framing Nailers

Hitachi is a worldwide brand reputed for making powerful and reliable power tools. If you have ever owned a Hitachi tool before, you know they mean business. Today, we will continue our ritual of reviewing 3 hand-picked Hitachi nailers. The Hitachi framing nailer we will review are without a doubt the ablest and most reliable […]

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Top 3 Bostitch Framing Nailers Review

Framing nailers are power tools known for their versatility and ease of use for any kind of finishing jobs. They have become very affordable and this makes them an easy choice over the regular hammer for many. However, their popularity easily leaves consumers faced with hundreds if not thousands of different models, each claiming to […]

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DeWalt DW715 Miter Saw

A miter saw makes the job of cutting and making angular cuts in wood incredibly easy. It is an efficient power tool that has a short learning curve. Anyone can benefit from it and it does not matter if it is your first day using one. If you are considering replacing your current miter saw or […]

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