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A miter saw makes the job of cutting and making angular cuts in wood incredibly easy. It is an efficient power tool that has a short learning curve. Anyone can benefit from it and it does not matter if it is your first day using one.

If you are considering replacing your current miter saw or scouring the web for a first purchase, the DeWalt DW 715 miter saw has proven to be a dependable and affordable power tool for many. In this DeWalt DW 715 review, we are going to concentrate on some of the benefits and forte of this unique cutting power tool.

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DeWalt DW 715 15-Amp 12-Inch Single-Bevel Compound Miter Saw Review

Specification: 12-inch, 15-Amp, compound miter saw, 4,000 RPM, capacities: miter 0 to 50 degree left & right, bevel 0 to 48 degree left, 0 to 3 degree right, cross cuts 2 x 8 on 90 degree & miters 2 x 6 on 45 degree, base capacity 3-7/8 inches right, 6-1/2 inches left, crown capacity 5-1/4 inches, cam lock miter, detent override & bevel crown stops.

The DeWalt DW 715 is a 12-Inch miter saw with a blade and cut girth large enough to tackle on most lumber you will encounter in the workshop. It has many features that make this unit both practical and versatile.

Here are a few of the noteworthy takeaways that make this unit worthwhile:

1. Build Construction

The durability and longevity of a power tool are directly linked to the build construction. With that in mind, Dewalt uses high-quality steel and ABS plastic in this unit. This will ensure the unit is dependable and can handle heavy-duty cutting over the long haul.

Note that this is not a feature intrinsic to DeWalt, however. All good brands follow suit with a quality construction - After all, it’s the minimum you can ask in a premium-grade power tool.

2. Powerful Motor

The unit sports a powerful 15-Amp motor that sends a linear and powerful torque to the 12-inch carbide tipped blades that come factory equipped. This motor is a beast and will comfortably cut through any material up to 6 inches with the factory default blades. Having a constant speed means that the DeWalt 12-Inch miter saw will cut material in a splinter-less fashion ensuring a professional finish on the get-go.

3. Quite Portable

At 42 lbs, this miter saw would be considered featherweight in the miter saw industry. You can easily carry it to the job site.

4. Superior Bevel and Cross Cuts

Since this unit is a compound bevel miter saw, it can easily cut professional bevels out of your material. A compound bevel means that it can perform both angular (left and right) as well as perpendicular cuts. This is handy and very versatile in the workplace. It performs a paltry 3-degree bevel cut on the right but a laudable 48-degree bevel cut to the left.

Since this unit can cut angles in technically any position (ignoring the angle stops), you can perform a wild variety of bevel cuts.

But it doesn’t stop there….

It is also a miter saw, with means that the retractable arm can also be extended to cut perpendicularly or angularly greatly extending the versatility.

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5. Positive Angle Stops

The 11 angle stops are practical when you want to calibrate the unit to cut at a particular angle. The most commonly used angles are 0, 33.9, 45 and 48 degrees. You do not have to tinker with angles all the time with this unit. Simply lock the angle stop on a particular number and there you go!

6. Dust Port and Bag

A dust bag is delivered with this model. It will help keep your workshop clean even during an intense cutting session. Furthermore, the dust port is an industry standard size and you can even connect it to an external dust extraction system if you have one.

7. Safety in Mind

The blade guard in this unit is phenomenal. As soon as the fence is retracted, the blade guard automatically opens for the cut. When placed in its default rest position, it automatically closes. This is a security feature that is commendable and seen only in premium units like the DeWalt DW 715 12-Inch miter saw.

In addition, the blade guard is movable and will help protect the user both from the spinning blade and debris while cutting. What’s more to ask?

Pros of DeWalt DW715

The powerful motor will make cutting material a cinch. It is plenty powerful and offers great performance regardless of material you are cutting, whether it is softwood or hardwood, thick wood or thin wood. It does it all.

The angular locks are also very handy, allowing the user to get industry standard bevel cuts quickly and easily.

Best, the price of this unit is very competitive and definitely one of the best miter saws in the $300 price point.

More features that we like:

  • The portability
  • The versatility
  • Premium build construction
  • The automatic blade guard
  • Large 12-inch factory default blade

Cons of DeWalt DW715

Cons with this unit are not many. Something worth mentioning is that a few customers have remarked that the dust bag supplied with the purchase is quite small. This is mostly nitpicking this miter saw, but it’s something to keep in mind. Especially if you need to cut a lot of lumber and do not own an external dust collection system and rely solely on the dust bags.

Comparing the DeWalt DW 715 vs Hitachi C12FDH

The blade of the DW715 is 2-inch larger that the Hitachi C12FDH. It’s something to consider if you cut through thick materials often. The larger blade also translates to lower vibration and more ease in cutting thick wood with less fatigue - both to you and to the unit.

The DW715 can perform more angular cuts. While the Hitachi C12FDH can do perpendicular cuts and 45 degrees cuts with great ease, the DW715 does 3 degrees more at 48 degrees to the left.

Comparing the DeWalt DW 715 vs DeWalt DW 716

Both units are neck to neck in terms of performance, weight, and dimension. However, despite the DW716 winning with a few extra features like the dual-bevel, the DW715 is more affordable and geared toward the DIY enthusiasts, hobbyist and woodworkers who require performance and traditional bevel cuts at an affordable price.

Who should buy?

If you need a performing and dependable miter saw that will cut through any type of wood with great ease; whether it is perpendicular cuts or bevel cuts, then this miter saw is a great all-rounder. It comes with a host of handy features that make it a sound investment for now and the future.

The learning curve with this unit is very small, as it is straightforward and intuitive - therefore we can recommend this miter saw to both beginners and experts alike. Many DeWalt DW715 reviews online similarly recommend this unit for those reasons.


The DeWalt DW715 miter saw is a decent compound saw for the money with a few minor setbacks here and there. But in all fairness, it does not have to be perfect. It does exactly what it is supposed to do straight out of the box and leaves many of its competitors trailing, especially at its offered price range.

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