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4 Types of Table Saws You Should Know

There are certain power tools that you would expect to see in any woodworking workshop and one of them is the table saw. The table saw is a highly versatile power tool that you can use to make almost any kind of cut. This power saw is one of the most important investments that you will […]

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10 Best Mini Circular Saws – Reviews & Buying Guide

Circular saws are very versatile and helpful tools that most people cherish, but they’re often too big or cumbersome for certain jobs. If you tackle small jobs from time to time or work in confined spaces, you’ll find that a compact or mini circular saw makes it easier to focus on your work and get the […]

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Types of Band Saws You Should Know

When you want to make precise shapes and curves from wood, a band saw is always the best tool to turn to. However, it does a lot more than that and many woodworkers will agree that it is one of the most versatile types of power saws. Band saws are designed with a continuous metal band […]

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Radial Arm Saw vs. Table Saw: Which is Better for You?

The radial arm saw got invented by Raymond DeWalt in 1922, but the history of the table saw is not so clear. Both tools work well in the shop anyway and both use circular blades to do their jobs. Still, the question often comes up about the best saw between the two and the better choice […]

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Band Saw vs. Table Saw: Which is Better for You?

Are you torn between investing in a band saw and in a table saw? That’s understandable because many new woodworkers often find themselves in that situation, and with good reason. Table saws are dangerous. In fact, they are probably the most dangerous tool you can have in your shop, while a band saw is very much […]

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5 Best Scroll Saws – Reviews & Buying Guide

If you are one of those creative or artistic woodworkers that like making crafts, a scroll saw is one of those power tools that you need to add to your toolkit. Scroll saws look quite similar to the band saw, but they do not use a continuous blade. Instead, the blade on these saws will move […]

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5 Best Track Saws – Reviews & Buying Guide

Power saws are one of the handiest and also most crucial power tools in any workshop. They are also one of the tools that most woodworkers will use for almost all their projects. The track saw is one of those that will be very useful for different projects, and so it is vital to know what […]

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Table Saw vs. Miter Saw: Which is Better for You?

There are various power tools out there that will be great to have in the workshop. However, there are some that you can always be sure of getting in any serious DIYer’s workshop or garage. The table saw and miter saw are two of the most common power tools that many woodworkers and DIYers will rely […]

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Track Saw vs. Table Saw: Which is Better for You?

There is always a right saw for any cut that you might want to make in the workshop. And although it is still a good idea to have several power saws in your toolkit it is not possible to have all of them. Choosing the right saw depends on the materials that you want to cut […]

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