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9 Best Flooring Nailers – Reviews & Buying Guide

If you are planning to do some home improvement that will involve installing new hardwood floors or repairing what you have, you need to have a good flooring nailer by your side. While it is possible to nail the wood pieces by hand, and people have been doing it for many years, this is always a […]

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10 Best Framing Nailers – Reviews & Buying Guide

When you are working on a project that requires you to nail large pieces of wood and boards fast and do it accurately, the framing nailer is always the perfect tool for the job. Framing nailers are designed to make a carpenter’s or woodworker’s job much easier by eliminating the need to use a hammer. And they […]

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10 Best Finish Nailers – Reviews & Buying Guide

Nailers are one of the quintessential tools for woodworking projects as you will have to use them for almost all your projects. But when it comes to finishing carpentry or woodworking, the finish nailer always outperforms the many other types. Finish nailers are always the tool to go when building furniture, working on the deck or […]

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10 Best Brad Nailers – Reviews & Buying Guide

Finish carpentry requires a highly versatile nailer that will not only hold two pieces of wood together but does also not leave large and unsightly holes that require a lot of filling. The brad nailer fits this description as it is very useful for light finishing works, and it is always great for your home improvement […]

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8 Best Electric Staple Guns – Reviews & Buying Guide

There are lots of chores you can easily carry out around the house with a staple gun, so having one around is a good idea because staple guns are very versatile tools. When it comes to the staple guns though, most people prefer electric ones for doing work around the house and there are good reasons […]

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8 Best Nail Guns – Reviews & Buying Guide

While a traditional hammer is always handy when you want to drive in a few nails, it is out of its depth when you have a lot of nailing to do or when working on a huge project. Where there are many nails to drive, a nail gun is your most reliable tool as it makes […]

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Pin Nailer vs. Brad Nailer: Which is Better for You?

For most woodworkers and DIYers finishing always requires more of attention and effort. And this is because everybody wants to give their projects the best finish possible for an aesthetically appealing look. Whether you are doing some renovations, making cabinets or even working on trims, you need a good finish nailer. But in many instances, you […]

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Clipped Head vs. Round Head Nail: Which is Better for You?

Each woodworker or carpenter always seems to have a point of view when it comes to picking everything from power tools to the essential hardware such as nails. One of the topics that seem to raise an unending debate is whether to use the clipped head or round head nails. And this is still so regardless […]

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