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Free woodworking plan

Working on wood based on wood plans is great fun. However, many times, the enthusiastic beginner is faced with so-called woodworker-block. On what to work, exactly? Indeed, it can be quite difficult to start a project without the proper guideline. We scoured the web in search of good websites that offer free woodworking plans for beginners. They are excellent guidelines to help you work on a project from start to finish.

1. Canadian Woodworking Plans

Candian woodworking

The Canadian woodworking and home improvement website is a great project that highlights a full aspect of woodworking. This site is the digital presence of the famous Canadian publication magazine – Canadian Woodworking.

Technically not limited to only Canada, CW serves the greater North American market, and recently with, the whole world. From designing your own table to doing artsy wooden projects, they have it all.

Their free woodworking plans are well-illustrated, easy to follow and best of all – free. You can’t beat that! Their plans are directly available on their website for easy viewing and printing. You do not have to download any PDF files. It is an easy point and click, with several dozens of in-depth plans available for free, all for your viewing pleasure.

Get free woodworking plan here.

2. Wood Magazine

Wood magazine

Wood Magazine is one of the larger woodworking sites on the Internet.

They have an online shop, their own subscription-based magazine, well-written articles as well as free woodworking plan. Their freebies come as a PDF digital download. They are well-illustrated, clear and concise.

You will not have any problem following the directives of their plan.

Coupled with a highly professional website design and the reputation of Wood Magazine, you simply cannot go wrong with this website.


3. Fine Woodworking

Fine woodworking.

Fine Woodworking is the brainchild of Taunton Press. With over 30 years’ experience serving the wood industry, Taunton, along with Fine Woodworking delivers an amazing experience for anyone interested in wood plans. Experienced staffers professionally write their free woodworking plans, and they are easily downloadable in PDF format.

They also offer premium plans you can securely buy directly from their website for a small fee. However, even with their free plans, you will have many projects to work on, from making tables to arts and crafts. They have it all!

Get free woodworking plan here.

4. Free Woodworking Plan

Freewood working plan

This website is dedicated to offering free woodworking plans. Their simple web design can be deceptively erroneous as they do offer high-quality plans and content for anyone looking for free information. They have topics ranging from Bat Houses to wooden baskets to bird feeders. You name it, the whole nine yard!

5. Free Woodworking Plans Free woodworking plan

Many of you are familiar with They have high-quality articles that pertain to almost any subject you can think of. Their free woodworking plans, while being mere references of other programs offered on others websites, are carefully selected, and we like the quality of their selection.

If you are looking for quality free woodworking plans that are worth the salt, this is a good place to get them.


6. IBuidIt

Ibuildit woodworking plan

Yes, another website with a simple design. However, they are high in content and offer great woodworking plans for a whole range of interesting and easy to do projects. has been around for a while, and is a well-respected online real-estate, mostly because of their quality plans. Their plans are ideal for both beginners and experts alike.

Get all free plan here

7. Popular Woodworking

Popular Woodworking

Many know Popular woodworking because of their online classes. It is one of the first websites on woodworking to offer online classes. They also have good information on the whole aspect of woodworking.

Whether you are freshly starting out or a wood warrior, you will find something to chew on Popular Woodworking. They are famous for their DIY plans, and offer subjects from showing you how to build doors to easy to make shelves.

Very newbie friendly and all their video tutorials, which is the prime media on their website, are well-illustrated.

You can even buy premium plans on this website at a very affordable price. For those starting out, though, their free woodworking plans are more than deserving.


8. Do It Yourself 

Do it yourself

As their name suggests, this website puts emphasis on DIY projects.

They can have a few complex projects, like showing you how to upgrade a kitchen or house, but their free woodworking plans target newbies and are easy to follow and understand.

You will not have any difficulty browsing this website, as it is in our opinion, the easiest site to use. They even have a forum with many wood experts sharing their experience and projects.


9. Woodworking for Mere Mortals

Woodworking Formeremortal

One of the best of the woodworking crowd. We have been a longtime fan of woodworking for mere mortals. Mostly because of their unique and original projects that they share for free on their website. If you are an absolute newbie and need a go-to place for wood plans, this is the website to visit.

Most of their projects come as a video, professionally made, that is also entertaining and educational. You will spend many hours watching tutorials on this website. Guaranteed!

View all tutorials here

10. Rockler Free Plans

Rockler-Free woodworking plan

Rockler started as a small mail order business in the late 80’s. They have a long history of ups and downs, but it is mostly regarded as a success story. This website has a few dozen nice projects you can start working on the next minute. Their free plans are offered in PDF format and can be viewed in almost all modern browsers.

We find that their plans are very detailed; however, the projects offered might be more suited for those with intermediary skill level. Not beginner, but not quite expert as well.

Anyway, their level of detail and dedication they put in their work deserves them the pleasure of your eyeballs. They have a good project that we think you should download – the domino box!


11. Jays Custom Creations

 Jay's Custom Creations

This website is easily one of our favorites. It is a simple design and very easy to navigate. We love the level of dedication and freshness of the content Jay puts on this website. It is updated quite frequently and written in a very down to earth and easy to understand language and tone.

His plans are delivered both in video format along with a well-illustrated page with each step detailed. Newbies will like how Jay takes the time to explain the nitty-gritty of everything and every step of his plans.


12. Wood Smith Shop

Woodsmith shop

The wood smith shop is an instant magnet for those looking for a woodworking plan for beginners.

Their plans are delivered in a PDF format as part of a vlog series. They have regular episodes in the form of “seasons” and “episodes”. Your head will spin with the sheer number of “episodes” on the website. At the time of writing, it is at season 9, episode 933. A small caveat, though, is that you have to subscribe to their newsletter to download the free plans. No biggie. It’s just something to keep in mind.


13. Wood Gears


Another dead simple website that offers high-quality free woodworking plans for beginners. If you have worked on wood for a long time, the free plans offered on wood gears will be your cup of tea. Their plans are one of the most detailed we have seen yet. The only caveat is, if you want more complex designs, you will have to pay a small fee. But we think it is well worth it!

For the beginner woodworker, they still have free and easy to understand plans that are well illustrated and detailed. You do not have to download anything, as their tutorials are web based. (except for the premium content, that comes in PDF format).

However, we feel that this website is mostly for those with an intermediary to advanced skill level.

Get all free plan here.

14. Minwax

Mimax woodworking plan

Minwax has a magazine layout. It is a site run by the Minwax Company, which is the famous wood finish yellow label. We know we’re not dealing with amateurs on Minwax.

Their content is professionally written and delivered in easy to follow steps. For those looking for free woodworking plans, you can easily download the well-illustrated and thorough free plans.

Their wood projects will show you a myriad of DIY woodworks you can perform, from making key organizers to jewelry boxes. There are dozens of projects on this website that will titillate your woodworking abilities.

We highly recommend their plans. They are the cream of the crop and one of the best free woodworking plans for beginners you can find online.


15. Black and Decker

Black & Decker

A name that everyone who held a power tool in their hands knows.

Black and Decker offers great ideas and inspirations for those having the carpenter-block. Our personal favorite is the personal cordless tool charging station. It looks intimidating, but it is easy to make given enough time and dedication. But frankly, what an appropriate plan to offer from a company like Black and Decker.

What we like about this website is that they mark the skill level required to perform a task. This is a lifesaver! Beginners will like their plans on making flower planter boxes and storage shelves while intermediary and expert woodworkers have a whole world full of potential in front of them.

You do not have to download anything, as their tutorials are all web-based. The beauty of this project is that people like you and me, or even companies can contribute to making tutorials. This section of Black and Decker is a treasure trove for woodworkers.


16. Kreg Tool

Kreg tools

Kreg Tool is another behemoth that offers free woodworking plans.

They use real photos to detail their plans, and in-depth step by step guidelines. One caveat, though, you will have to register for a free account before you can access the free woodworking plans.

They also have a corner called “Project Ideas” that will kick start your imagination. If you have a bit of time, you can also check out their video section. It contains short video tutorials (as well as Ads) showcasing Kreg power tools at work.


17. Am Wood

Amateur Woodworker

Am Wood is a good place to find good ideas and woodworking plans. They have excellent woodworking plan for beginners.

Their projects are not the most detailed or illustrated of the lot, but they have a wide variety of wood projects you can work on that are handy for both home and office.


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