5 Best MK Wet Tile Saws and Buying Guide for 2024

How To Use a Tile Saw

It is not easy to work with tile. This construction material tends to be brittle, and sometimes heavy, and unbreakable, and so you will need the right tool for efficiency and accuracy.

It is imperative that your cutting tool does the job without cracking or damaging the tiles. Tile saws are the best invention for this kind of work. One particular brand of note is the MK Diamond tile saws.

The American company has been in the tile saw business since 1868, and has several models of these tools in the market. This review investigates the best MK tile saws for your projects.

How to buy the best tile saws

There are uncountable models and brands of tile saws in the market. Each different tile saw has a set of conveniences and drawbacks. I would choose MK tile saws any day because of their diamond blades. These types of shanks deliver precise cuts without shuttering concrete, and that’s just what I require when I am working with glass. The saw blades are also resistant to wear and tear and generate less destructive friction during cutting. The inbuilt water reservoir helps to cool the shank.

When buying an MK tile saw here are the things to look for:

Chose a saw with a large cutting capacity for deep cuts in one go

Every MK tile saw has its cutting capacity. The cutting strength refers to the depth and width of cut that the saw can deliver. The type of material you intent to use the tile on should be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing saws based on cutting capacity. Thick slabs require an MK saw with the largest capacity so you can save time.

Aim for accuracy and versatility

All MK diamond saws, for the virtue, that they use diamond blades are capable of accurate cuts. However, some saws deliver more precise and versatile cuts than others. It is also important to remember that the accuracy of cuts with the MK overhead tile saws mostly depends on the skills of the user. Ease of use of, therefore, is a criterion of great importance here. When it comes to versatility, the tile saw should enable you to make bevel cuts, miter, and long rip cuts.

A higher horsepower is preferable

The power of the motor will determine how fast and how accurately you get to do your job. If a tile saw is not powerful enough the tile might crack or shatter under its lagging speed. More power and speed translates to faster and cleaner cuts.

The saw should facilitate angled cuts

As mentioned earlier, the best tile saws in the market are versatile, making it possible to make bevel cuts. The tile saw should have a broad range of bevels to be able to produce different shaped tiles. Before making a purchase, go through all the product features and specs to ensure you make the right choice.

Look for portability

Portability is a paramount feature in tile saws. In most regards, however, portable tile saws tend to be smaller and with a limiting cutting capacity. There are many MK tile saw models that are lightweight and compact, yet with a high cutting capacity. Other massive designs can also be disassembled and carried with ease.

Blade type

When looking at tile saw blade type, consider the tile material you intend to use it on, the cutting speed you want and the degree of finishing you want to achieve. It’s needless to emphasize that the blade should be sharp. A blunt saw blade will do you no good. Turbo rim blades are meant for cutting faster in both wet and dry applications. The blades feature smaller segments with a diamond matrix that allow air to pass through and cool the

Most MK tiles saws use a continuous rim blade for wet cutting. Water is used to cool the shank and flush out debris for accurate cuts.

Dust extraction

The tile saw needs to have a dust extraction system to prevent health risk associated with inhaling ceramic dust. Such an instance would cause breathing system infections like asthma or emphysema. Generally, wet tile saws should be the best choice for dust control. The water flowing over the blade by a great extent reduces the dust produced during cutting. The water tile saw should also conserve water for seamless operations.

MK Tile Saw Review

1.MK Diamond MK-100

  • Powerful 115-volt, 1-1/2-horsepower GE motor
  • Features a shaft lock for safe, easy blade changes
  • Cutting depth capacity of 3-1/4-inches

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The MK Diamond 100 weighs 96 lbs. Portability is possible owing to its weight. You can position it on a work table or saw stand. It also has an adjustable motor post, a design detail that will make it possible to sit it in tight spaces.

Cutting capacity

The MK Diamond is a wet tile saw with a continuous rim blade for accurate cuts. The saw blade has a cutting depth of 3-1/4 inches. The saw blade has a diameter of 7 inches and a thickness of 0.05 inches. The tile saw comes with a water pump for continuous cooling of the blade and for dust control.

Power and versatility

The saw runs on a 1.5 HP motor that moves at 6000 rpm. This saw might, therefore, be the best choice for hardy tile materials. The MK100 can rip cut 18-inch tiles, and manage diagonal cuts of 12-inch tiles. This versatility will allow you to design your tiles in various shapes. The saw has an inbuilt rail cart system and a miter gauge for 45-degree cuts. The head is adjustable at variable heights for plunge cutting.

Safety and maintenance

The MK 100 tile saw comes with a safety switch. This aids to keep the blade on lock when you are momentarily not using the machine. The safe switch is much needed to prevent accidents, given the power and speed of the motor.

The saw is relatively easy to maintain, coming with a cleanable reservoir in the water pump receptacle. The pump can hold 2 gallons of water. For that reason, you will get to work for a long time before having to refill the water. The blades are rust proof while the moving parts are kept smooth by a self-lubricating pinion. The lubrication is necessary for the machine to run at maximum capacity.

MK-100 Pros & Cons


  • The tile saw is lightweight and highly portable
  • Enables 45-degree miter cuts
  • It has a plunge capability
  • The 7-inch diameter blade can deliver deeper cuts; saves time and effort
  • Delivers smooth cuts helped by the chrome-plated linear guide
  • It has a solid construction


  • The 1.5 HP motor is powerful but too loud
  • The table guide jam frequently

2. MK Diamond MK-101 Pro Tile Saw with Stand

  • Fully enclosed, high torque, fan-cooled, 12.6 amp commercial motor with 1.5 HP
  • Multi-position motor post and cutting head for convenient cutting of various tile sizes
  • Locking blade shaft for easy blade removal.Arbor Size : 5/8 inches (16mm) Depth of Cut : 3 inches . Length of Cut : 20 inches

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The MK101 tile saw comes with improved features, but fundamentally, it is designed the same way as the MK100. Portability is somehow limited with this contraption given that it weighs 150 pounds. It comes with an aluminum table with a neoprene surface. The saw features a steel frame that is zinc plated for durability and rust resistance. The blade guard and motor have a powder coating to minimize wear and tear.

Cutting capacity and accuracy

The MK 101 has an arbor size of 16 mm. The blade has a diameter if 10 inches, which is slightly bigger than the MK100’s. You will get a cutting depth of 3 inches and cutting lengths of 20 inches.

The saw can accommodate 6 inches and 8-inch profile wheels, which help achieve a professional finish on all cuts. On the other hand, the chrome plated guide will make it easy to get accurate cuts with the saw.

Power and versatility

The tile saw runs on a 1.5 HP motor. The multi-position head and motor post will allow you to cut tiles of various sizes. The changeable height of the cutting head makes it possible to make plunge cuts. The saw can be used on tiles, porcelain, and marble and will function even with blades of diameters less than 10 inches.

Safety and maintenance

The water system cools the blade from both sides and minimizes dust. The MK 101 tile saw also uses cast aluminum guards, which are more durable than the plastic rails used in other models.

MK-101 Pros & Cons


  • A reliable horsepower
  • Solid and sturdy construction
  • Easy to maintain
  • Cuts nice and straight


  • The mortar tends to overheat because the fan housing imbibes free movement of the fans
  • The saw blade is not long lasting
  • Not possible to make angled cuts

3.MK Diamond MK-170 Wet Tile Saw

  • Provides good cutting speed and long blade life in abrasive materials
  • Design for reduced chipping and quieter operation
  • Fast cutting speed and long life

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The MK Diamond MK-170 Wet Tile Saw weighs just 17.8 pounds, making it one of the most portable tile saws you will come across. The saw is more of a DIY contraption, featuring a tabletop construction. It comes complete with a 7-inch blade and a water pump.

Cutting capacity and accuracy

The 7-inch blade of the MK 170 Wet Tile Saw can manage a cutting depth of 2 inches and lengths of 12 inches. The table platform with might help to make precise cuts. The saw uses an adjustable rip guide that will facilitate accurate cuts. On the other hand, the sliding platform makes it possible to move the tile into the blade seamlessly for precise cuts.

Power and versatility

The MK 170 runs on a 1/3 HP motor with a speed of 5500 rpm. This motor might not be powerful enough for hardy tile materials.

Safety and maintenance

The MK 170 wet tile saw uses a safety switch that prevents the saw from running when the key is dislodged. On top of that, the thermoplastic water reservoir is resistant to rust and wear. This tank is easily removable for cleaning.

MK-170 Pros & Cons


  • Considerably powerful motor for a small lightweight saw
  • Wide blade diameter of 7 inches for deep cuts
  • Adjustable rip guide for accuracy in cutting operations


  • Not ideal for larger tiles
  • Does not enable bevel cuts
  • Rip guide is hard to use

4.MK-377EXP Tile Saw

  • Runs on standard house current and draws only 5 amps at 120V
  • MK-Safeswitch prevents saw from being operated when locking key is removed
  • Hinged blade guard for easy blade changes

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The MK 377 EXP is a glass tile cutting saw. It uses a 7-inch diameter diamond blade whose continuous rim can cut through glass without shuttering it. The frame comprises of zinc plated steel for strength and durability. The contraption weighs just 31.5 pounds.

Cutting capacity and accuracy

The 7-inch blade can make 18 inches length cuts and 13 inches diagonal cuts on glass tiles or backlash. The saw comes with a linear guide system for attaining cuts and finishes of high accuracy. You can get beveled cuts with this tool. Depth of cut is 2 inches and 1/8 inch at 45 degrees.


MK 377 tile saw runs on a 0.5 HP engine, which can be very energy efficient. It will draw only five amps of electricity at 120V. Blade change is easy, owing to the easy to remove hinged blade guide. The arbor size is 5/8 inch.

Safety and maintenance

The MK 377 saw comes with a safety switch. Its thermoplastic water tank is resistant to rust and bends. You can add a drain line to minimize overspray.

MK-377 Pros & Cons


  • Runs on house current drawing only five amps at 120V
  • Can work on a versatile range of materials from ceramic to slate
  • The safe switch will minimize cases of accidents
  • Linear guide for accurate cuts
  • Hinged blade guard makes it easy to replace the blade


  • Limited cutting capacity
  • Not ideal for thick tiles

5.MK Diamond MK-660

  • Provides good cutting speed and long blade life in abrasive materials
  • Design for reduced chipping and quieter operation
  • Fast cutting speed and long life

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The MK 660 tile saw is lightweight and portable, weighing just 48 lbs. It features a solidsteel frame and can fit in small job sites. The saw is suitable for cutting glass.

Cutting capacity

The MK 660 uses a 7-inch diameter blade. This saw can make 14-inch length cuts and diagonal cuts of 14 inches.

Power and versatility

The MK 660 tile saw runs on a quiet 0.75 HP motor. It has an adjustable head for making plunge cuts. The tile saw also accommodates blades that are smaller than 7 inches wide. Additionally, there is a chrome plated guide bar and a linear bearing assembly that assure a high degree of precision in cuts.

Safety and maintenance

The hinged blade guard makes blade changes a breeze. You will also carry out inspections with ease during maintenance. The water reservoir is removable for easy servicing of the machine. For safety during working, the tool has an advanced braking system that will quickly stop the blade after you finish your operation.

MK-660 Pros & Cons


  • Super quiet motor
  • The advanced braking system helps with safety
  • Cast aluminum parts for durability
  • The linear guiding bar for accurate cuts


  • Small engine not ideal for bulky work
  • Doesn’t facilitate bevel cuts

The best pick

The MK Diamond MK-101 Pro Tile Saw with Stand tile saw stands out as the sturdiest saw, coming with an aluminum table and featuring a steel and zinc plated construction.

On top of that, its horsepower is the highest (1.5HP) in this review, making it ideal for bulky materials. The cutting capacity is also comparatively high, and it enables beveled cuts as well. The MK Diamond 101 is, therefore, the topic pick for professional and versatile tile cutting.

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