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10 Best Wood Planers in 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Squaring and straightening stock or boards is always an essential part of the projects for most woodworkers. And to perform these important tasks one needs to have the best wood planer. Wood planers are one of those tools that you would expect to find in any workshop or worksite where wood is one of the key […]

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Jointer vs. Planer: Which is Better for You?

When buying lumber for your projects, you can get anything from rough cuts to finely milled and ready to use pieces. But, most of the times the wood will be rough cut because the millers have no idea on what you intend to make. And so you need to resize the lumber to suit your needs […]

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DW734 Planer Review

For those who need straightening or resurfacing a lot of material quickly and easily, the wood planer needs no introduction. The DeWalt DW734 is a popular benchtop wood planer found in many workshops around the globe. It has a powerful motor and offers a lot of ease-of-use that makes this model suitable not only for […]

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7 Best Electric Hand Planers for Woodworkers

The handheld electric planer is a handy tool for resurfacing and straightening wood stock quickly and easily. If you have been for looking for information about this power tool, you have surely seen that there are hundreds of choices available to you. But which model do you choose?  We’re glad you asked! In this handheld electric planer […]

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Delta Power Tools 22-555 Review – Should I Buy This Planer?

The wood planer is a very powerful and efficient power tool for straightening wood planks. It does so in record-breaking time without any user intervention. This power tool is ideal when working with a large number of stock that needs straightening. If you are looking for a wood planer for your workshop, the Delta Power […]

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5 Best Wood Jointers 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

If you are serious about woodworking and want to save time by making cheap uneven wood straight, the jointer is an indispensable tool in your workshop. >> Click Here to Skip Our Review and See Our Favorite Wood Joiner If you have been looking for a good quality jointer lately, then you’re in luck! Our jointer reviews […]

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