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How To Make The Best Woodworking Tool Belt

Any good carpenter knows that an accessible, useful carpenter’s tool belt is a necessity on the job. A tool belt grants quick access and organization for a carpenter’s most-used tools and gadgets, especially when doing work off the ground. It’s hard to do your job right without a proper tool belt – no one will […]

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19 Best Pallet Bar Transformations of 2019

Wood pallets are an excellent way of creating a bar area at home without stretching your budget with expensive purchases. Wood pallets are easy to find and easy to work with. Pallet bars will add texture and warmth to your home, thanks to their rustic hardwood essences. Pallet bars are not only easy an inexpensive […]

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42 Free DIY Router Table Plans You Can Build Yourself

Using a router table in your wood shop can really improve your quality of work. A router table helps you to work faster and with more precision. It gives you better control of the work than a hand-held router. Router tables are not cheap though, so DIY enthusiasts often decide to build it and not buy […]

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51 Free Portable Workbench Plans to Get You Started Woodworking

A workbench is the center of your wood shop. In addition to providing you with a comfortable furniture for carrying out your work, the workbench also provides safety and a reliable and height-appropriate base for many attachments. Maybe you are just setting out in your DIY journey and you need a workbench, or maybe you just […]

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12 Simple Miter Saw Stand Plans

A miter saw stand is a necessary but also a costly piece of equipment for the wood shop. For most DIY woodworkers, therefore, a self-made miter saw table becomes a natural solution to the problem.  You can decide to join these brave group of woodworkers and build your very own miter saw stand. It will […]

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10 Homemade Log Splitter Plans You Can Build Easily

If you love making wood fires, then you need to split your logs, and if you don’t feel like swinging the ax, you can either buy a log splitter or build one by yourself.Lots of DIY folks have built their own homemade log splitters and even proudly presented their log splitter designs on the web […]

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8 Simple DIY Router Dado Jigs With Tutorials

Sooner or later, we all need to make dados for one project or the other. In order to make the best of such a situation, you’ll need a router dado jig to help you make straight, accurate, and consistent cuts.Making dado cuts freehand is impossible because you’ll never get a straight line. Luckily, router dado […]

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42 Simple Woodworking Projects For Beginners

Everyone starts somewhere. If you are new to woodworking and you are trying to find that perfect project, then take a closer look here. A simple but useful project will provide you with the feeling of accomplishment and easy gratification, which will help you to take on more challenging jobs. I put the following list of simple […]

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