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The 10 Best Bug Zappers – Reviews & Buying Guide

Insects are pesky little creatures that can be quite annoying. Whether it is some blood-sucking mosquitoes or wasps with their nasty stings, insects can make life uncomfortable both indoors and outdoors.It is true they also have several benefits such as aiding in pollination, but the fact that some can also spread diseases is enough reason […]

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Straight vs Curved Shaft Trimmer: Pros/Cons

It takes a lot of patience, time and effort to grow grass on your lawn or yard and so it is only fair to make sure that you maintain it well. And for this, you need a string trimmer to cut and keep it looking neat and healthy.But, as you shop for a gas string […]

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Spade vs. Shovel: Pros/Cons

It is typical for both beginner and professional gardeners and landscapers to use the terms spade and shovel interchangeably. Also, everybody else seems to use the two words to refer to the same gardening tool.While the spade and shovel are quite similar in appearance and their uses are also quite similar they are not the […]

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The 8 Types of Shovels Gardeners Should Know?

The shovel is one of the must-have tools when doing any gardening. Whether you are a professional landscape or just a homeowner that likes planting things it is one of the tools that you will use most.Shovels will be useful for both digging and scooping dirt when gardening. And if you are an established gardener […]

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12 Best Brush Clearing Tools

Whether you plan to clear new trails through thick woodlands, expand your lawn, care for your overgrown fields or just clear some overgrown land, you will have a daunting task to accomplish.What makes everything even harder for you is that even after spending many hours and days clearing the brush it will still grow back. […]

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7 Best Hose End Sprayers of 2018 – Hose End Sprayer Reviews

A hose end sprayer is a garden tool for spraying pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and various other kinds of soluble chemicals. This sprayer comes with a design that allows it to siphon the chemical or concentrate from the bottle and mix it with water from a hose for easy spraying.Although the hose end sprayers will in […]

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7 Best Leaf Vacuums for Fall 2018

The leaf vacuum has long been the trusted companion for many homeowners. It is a powerful and yet simple tool that can suck in wet or dry leaves, making cleaning the yard a breeze. Moreover, many models have the added benefit of mulching leaves to produce a clean and organic compost.In recent years, because many […]

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7 Best Lawn Vacuums of 2018 | Lawn Vacuum Reviews

Leaf and debris accumulation on your yard or lawn, sidewalks, patios, and driveways will always affect the aesthetic appeal of your home. And since you cannot stop your beautiful trees from shedding the leaves when they need to the best thing you can do is to find ways to clear them. For this, a leaf […]

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Hydroponics vs Soil: Which Method is Better?

If you are just starting out a garden, the chances are that you will spend most of the time looking for the best seeds/seedlings and the best soil to plant them. While it is true soil is essential for the growth of plants as it provides nutrients and support, it is not always necessary.Provided the […]

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