Top 27 Woodworking Blogs for Beginners

 Woodworking Blogs for Beginners

Woodworking is a fascinating industry. More and more people are getting online to learn about tips and tricks on how to manipulate wood. Consequently, more and more woodworking professionals are going online to showcase their knowledge and know-how.

For your reading pleasure, we have made a list of influential woodworking pundits and blogs that are worth checking out. Happy discovery!

1. Renaissance Woodworker 

Renaissance Woodworker

Renaissance woodworker is not your average woodworking blog. It has tons of information on many topics, from building wood fences to making cute pencil boxes. The project started back in 2008 with Shannon Rogers using as a blog. He quickly expanded it to having his own podcast, videos and it's altogether a well-packaged website where you will get a lot of insight and aha moments.

2. Popular Woodworking Blog 

Popular Woodworking

If you are interested in woodworking, you probably know or have heard of Popular Woodworking Magazine. This is the online presence of the magazine, and it contains excellent tips and professionally made videos that are meant to educate and entertain at the same time. The blog is quite popular and well loved by woodworking aficionados, judging from its social media presence.

3. The Unplugged Wood Shop 

Unplugged Wood Shop

The Unplugged wood shop is run by Canadian Tom Fidgen. He wrote a few insightful books on woodworking and his journal is always a treat to read. He offers a monthly or yearly membership on his site, where he shares exclusive woodworking tips and tricks.

4. Fun With Woodworking

fun with woodworking

We like the woodworking videos shared on Fun With Woodworking. They are geared mostly for beginners, but the beauty of it is that the owner started the blog to actually learn about woodworking. Going through his past posts you can quickly see how he evolved from being a beginner to an expert.

If you walk in his steps, you will most certainly learn a thing or two on this website.

5. Steve Ramsey’s Woodworking for Mere Mortals

Woodworking for mere mortal

If you want to have a good time while learning the intricacies of woodworking, you cannot go wrong with Steve Ramsey’s working blog. His videos are entertaining, funny as well as instructive.

6. Jay’s Custom Creations

Jay Custom Creation

One of the best source online for woodworking tips, Jay’s Custom Creation contains a truckload of wood project you have probably never heard of. Jay also makes regular videos you do not want to miss.

7. IBuildIt

I BuildIt

A blog that has an intimidating name, but the owner, John Heisz is a friendly and approachable guy who has a thing or two to say about woodworking. His uses a simply website design, but rich in content. You will most certainly become a repeat visitor to this site.

8. Tom Iovino’s Workbench

Tom's Workbench

You can only learn from experience. This is Tom Iovino resumed in one sentence. He has been working in wood forever, and his workbench is his garage. We told you. You already like this guy.

9. This Woodwork

This woodwork

This blog is maintained by a passionate teen woodworker, which is not as rare as you might think. This Woodwork is an offshoot of the YouTube channel “The Teen Woodworker” and its success and popularity allowed the young lad to switch from it being a hobby to a career.

10. Shanty2Chic


This ambitious woodworking project is run by 2 sisters, Ashley and Whitney. It has a feminine web design, and you can easily be misconstrued about the purpose of this website.

However, you will discover tons of DIY projects that will keep you busy on the weekends. It’s well worth a look.

11. Wood Gears

wood gear ca

A captivating woodworking website with tons of information. The site looks like came straight from the late 90’s, but it contains well-illustrated posts and is regularly updated. A treat for all lovers of original woodworking projects.

12. Stu’s Shed

Stu's Shed

A catchy name for a good website. Stuart showcases not only nifty woodworking projects but also tidbits of his life. Stu is a very likable character, and we are more than confident that you will visit his website often. His website is very active, and it is also a good way to connect with like-minded people via his comment section.

13. AW Wilderdos


Wilker Do’s is run by the sympathetic April. A young Texan woman who knows her way around the workbench. She grew up around wood and like many of us, has come to love wood.

She makes insightful and entertaining posts with a zest of humor and human touch. We like how candid, expert and active she is on her blog. You will learn something new every day with April. You can follow her on social media and join her huge social following.

14. The Carpentry Way

the  carpentry way

You wouldn’t expect a BlogSpot blog to make it on this list, but it did!

The Carpentry Way is a phenomenal treasure trove for woodworking beginners and professionals alike. Chris Hall definitely understands wood and his work is as professional as it can be. He fully illustrates all his projects and you almost feel you are there. His projects might be intimidating for beginners, but he also has more beginner friendly content if you dig deeper into his site.

15. Drunken Wood

drunken wood

Nifty wood projects that will stimulate your creative side. This website focuses more on the “artsy” site of woodworking than how-to’s. However, it is an excellent way to learn about the possibilities of woodworking.

16. Garage Woodworks

garage woodworks

Garage Woodworks is actually an old website. The first posts started flowing as early as 2006 and today it contains excellent and well-thought information on woodworking. It also provides hands-on reviews, a design workshop, videos and plans that will help you become a better woodworker.

The site offers both free and paid information. It does not cost much though, as most of their packages are less than $10. The Garage Woodworks newsletter is a good way to keep yourself posted on the latest updates on the website.

17. Make Something

makesomething tv

David Picciuto’s contribution to the woodworking world cannot be ignored. Make Something originally started out as a personal blog but its popularity made it into a favorite online destination for beginner woodworkers. Indeed, David produces a lot of video tutorials for beginners, using simple terms and easy to understand maneuvers.

Experts will also like his work, as he also writes informative posts on selling woodworks and acquiring customers, for example. This is a very polyvalent blog for all skill level that we like a lot.

18. LumberJocks


LumberJocks is a project that unites woodworkers worldwide. The site has the layout of a forum, where individual woodworkers share a piece of their mind. The overall effect is an incredibly useful site for anyone interested in learning more about woodworking from extremely knowledgeable wood experts.

You can quickly mend your way by either your favorite writer by using the menu on the left. You can vote, favorite and interact with like-minded people. If you are more of a community kind of guy (of gal), this website is one you cannot miss.

19. Anah White


One of our favorite female woodworkers. Anah White makes great content that anyone interested in woodworking will fall in love with.

She offers plans that are detailed and easy to replicate as well as professionally edited videos that are worth a re-watch. She also has her line of clothing, as she does have a massive fan following. And for good reason.

We like how easy it is to use her website and how much information she packs in relatively short posts and videos. It is well worth a visit!

20. The English Woodworker

english woodworker

A snobbish name, but couple Richard and Helen, from England as you may have guessed offer high-quality information on woodworking. They also have premium videos, which for a small fee will boost your woodworking skill.

There is always something posted that will tickle your creativity, and we like how can make relatively complex tasks seem simple.

21. Woodworkers Association

modern woodworkers association

Woodworkers Association is a place where can both learn and instruct. It regroups many experts that will gladly help the noobs out. The site has a busy forum, informative videos, and podcasts that will always keep you on your toes.

22. Dan’s Hobbies


If you are not an expert, then Dan’s Hobbies is a good website to learn the trade. Dan Sherman offers straightforward and easy to understand posts and videos in a language that everyone understands. It is an excellent site that is at least worth a bookmark.

23. Close Grain

close grain

Steve Branam’s Close Grain is a very beginner friendly blog that has a particular focus on hand tools. If you are freshly starting out, you will find a plethora of information that will steer you in the right direction on Close Grain.

24. The Wood Whisperer


The wood whisperer is one of the most popular woodworking names online. It delivers exceptionally good content for all skill levels. We like the professional design and how easy it is to find your way on the site. It also contains a forum with lots of woodworking experts reading to lend a hand.

25. Paul Sellers

paul sellers

Paul Sellers has over 50 years’ working experience. He is a very well-known figure in the woodworking community and has published many books on the subject. In fact, his reputation precedes him. The White House even contracted him because of his know-how. This is one guy anyone of any skill level can learn something from. You can subscribe to his YouTube channel here.

26. Matts Basement Workshop

matt basement workshop

This blog is most famous for its podcast series by Matt Vanderlist. Be careful, as you will not leave his website without learning something.

27. Jon Peters


Jon Peters is an enthusiastic fellow who specializes in DIY projects. If you are looking for experts who can teach you, or at least stimulate your creativity, Jon is your guy.

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