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10 Best Framing Hammers – Reviews & Buying Guide

A framing hammer is a small tool with heavy weighed head and a sleek body profile. Typically, the claw of these hammers is straighter, and they are more in weight than the general purpose hammer. For so many reasons we require a best framing hammer, mostly to insert the nails inside the wood. These tools vary from […]

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10 Best Wood Stoves – Reviews & Buying Guide

Investing in a wood stove is often cost-effective in the long run and comes with lots of benefits as well. For starters, it makes you independent of the utility companies and additionally turns an ordinary house into a cozy home. Wood stoves have kept many homes warm since ages and they gradually evolved into many different […]

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10 Best Drill Presses – Reviews & Buying Guide

The drill press is one of the most versatile tools you’ll find in any shop. It drills metal, wood and other materials, as well as performing other jobs such as mortising and sanding for woodworkers. If you’re planning to get a drill press, it’s important that you understand the necessary aspects of this important shop tool, […]

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The 7 Best Drill Bit Sharpeners – Reviews & Buying Guide

Unless your drill bits got manufactured from some super-strong exotic alloys, they’ll go blunt someday and you’ll either have to toss them or sharpen them back into shape. Since you’re here, you’ve probably decided to do the right thing and go ahead with getting yourself a drill bit sharpener. The thing is, there’s plenty of them […]

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The 10 Best Pancake Air Compressors – Reviews & Buying Guide

Air compressors are very important tools because lots of other tools like impact wrenches, nailers, and paint sprayers depend on them. Pancake air compressors are different from the other air compressors because of their shape and their smallness, which makes them much more portable and compact. Once you’ve decided to get a pancake air compressor, the next […]

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7 Types of Sanders – What Are The Differences

When it comes to finishing a woodworking project, sanding is always part of the task and in most cases the most important part and also unavoidable. In its simplest form, a piece of sandpaper and some elbow grease is all it takes. However, the power sanders do a much better job and they are also way […]

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The 10 Best Wood Routers – Reviews & Buying Guide

The router probably only comes second to the table saw when it comes to the most versatile and quintessential tools in a woodworker’s workshop. With the best wood routers, you can shape wood edges, make intricate designs, create joints, hollow out grooves and do a lot more. However, wood routers come in several types and from various […]

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The 7 Best Wood Lathes – Reviews & Buying Guide

That beautiful wooden bowl, pen or table with some unique legs does not just happen as it takes a lot of effort to make. And the wood lathe is one of the most useful tools for making these pieces. Wood lathes are one of the vital tools for anyone that is into woodturning. But just like […]

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The 10 Best Pruning Saws – Reviews & Buying Guide

If you have some trees in your compound then you know just how valuable they are to you. From attracting some birds and other wildlife to the compound to beautifying the place and holding the soil together, it is not easy to summarize the advantages of having trees. But, as attractive as trees might be they take […]

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