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Plywood Vs Plyboard: What’s the Difference?

Are you planning a project that will need the use of construction materials? Then you will need to choose between plywood or plyboard. These two goods resemble each other and are utilized for a range of construction works. Plywood and plyboard are not the same product, and we might confuse them with each other. On […]

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The 5 Best Contour Gauges

Are you searching for a tool that can replicate irregular patterns or contour a certain object? Whether you’re working with flooring, siding, tile, or another material, you’ll eventually come across a door frame, a pair of pipes, or odd-shaped trim that you’ll have to work around. Consider utilizing a contour gauge instead of tracing the […]

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Understanding the L Square Ruler

Even if you’re just a home DIYer, L squares could turn out to be one of your most-used tools. These rulers are an essential tool for any carpenter or woodworker. They have a wide range of features and qualities, despite how they look. The word “L-square” refers to all L-shaped squares, such as frame squares, […]

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Dust Extractor Vs. Shop Vac: Learn the Differences

Many woodworkers and tradesmen face difficulties deciding between a dust extractor and a shop vac for dust control in the workplace.  It’s essential to have a proper dust collection system in any woodworking shop. The dust produced can cause a fire hazard when left under a machine.  Hence, it is imperative to understand the tool […]

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How to Cut Backer Board: The Complete Guide

A backer board, or a cement backer board, is a DIYer’s friend. It’s easy to install and comes in handy in various projects. A backer board is also flatter, harder, and less susceptible to warping and rot than plywood. It’s no surprise that even professionals use it for everything from floors to walls.The one problem […]

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Best C Clamp Clamps: Top 5 Review

A traditional C clamp is an indispensable part of home decor and carpentry. To ensure the steadiness of your project components, you need something strong and sturdy that’ll hold them together at the joints. And nothing does this job better than a C clamp. Although they’re mostly used in angle joints, they’re equally efficient in […]

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Best Spar Varnish of 2022 – Review & Buying Guide

Spar varnish is one of the best varnishes for outdoor wooden furniture and decorations. This varnish was originally developed as a coating for sail ships. The varnish was developed to resist harsh elements such as UV rays, wind, mineral exposure like salt, and even water!With this type of coating, your outdoor furniture pieces will be […]

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