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5 Best Backpack Leaf Blowers For Gardening

With regards to getting your yard work done, mobility is a very important factor. You need to be able to reach the areas that are inaccessible with mowers and rakes. For this, a backpack blower will prove to be pretty handy with its mobility and reach to all corners of your yard. Many prefer these […]

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7 Best Leaf Blowers for Gardening – Reviews & Buying Guide

Image sourceLeaf blowers are gardening tools that have been designed to propel air from nozzles. The air is directed on the ground to move fallen leaves, grass cuttings, and other debris. They come powered by gasoline or electric motors. Generally, there are backpack and handheld designs that you can choose from. Handheld designs tend to […]

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10 Best Electric Leaf Blowers for Gardening (Corded & Cordless)

Technology advances very fast, seemingly overnight. Courtesy of this advancement we today have electric leaf blowers. These are power tools designed to help in cleaning in and around the house. They are 2 types; corded and cordless blowers. The difference between the two is distinct and straightforward since one needs to be connected to a […]

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7 Best Gas Powered Leaf Blowers for Gardening in 2019

source: baristanet.comWhether you are looking to work on your lawn or garden, you will need a leaf blower. Now there are several types of leaf blowers but the best of all, for a large garden or lawn is a gas powered leaf blower. These are designed to be powerful and more efficient. They can be used […]

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