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3 Best Worx Jawsaws: Powerful and Affordable Jawsaws

The jawsaw is a new chainsaw type that took the internet by storm a few years ago. It looks like a lopper, but has a long extensible arm, and works pretty like a chainsaw. For those intimidated by the looks of a chainsaw, and rightly so, you will love the smart design of the jawsaw. […]

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7 Best Manual Pole Saws and Pruners to Buy in 2019

The manual pole saw is a versatile and practical tool for trimming or cutting branches. This power tool is known under various names, such as pole pruners or tree pruners. In this review, we’ll use those terms interchangeably.The main benefit of the manual pole saw is its ability to provide a lot of control over […]

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5 Best Rain Barrels for Harvesting Rain Water

If you have a garden, you have probably wondered how you can collect rainwater. Owning a rain barrel can help you save money, make you more self-sufficient, and enable you water your yard even during a mini-drought.Studies show that rain collecting barrels can save up to 100 gallons of water per year. The water can […]

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Compost vs. Fertilizer – What’s the Difference?

Cultivating a garden is never an easy feat, and it will require a lot of knowledge and hard work. One of the first things a gardening enthusiast should figure out is whether to use compost of fertilizer or even use a combination of the two. While both have benefits to the plants, they might be […]

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Vermiculite vs. Perlite – What’s the Difference?

You need a healthy soil to grow beautiful and fruitful plants in your garden. And the good thing is that the there are many things and ways that you can use to upgrade the quality of your soil. From the many soil improvement methods available, soil additives are some of the most popular, and this […]

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5 Best Small Chainsaws – Reviews & Buying Guide

The small chainsaw is a very practical and versatile power tool. It is compact with a low profile, allowing you to easily store with minimum space consumption. They look similar to a regular chainsaw but much lighter, smaller, and more portable. Mini chainsaws also fit a regular work bag in case you need to carry […]

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