Shop Fox Scroll Saw Review – Shop Fox W1713

The Shop Fox W1713 is a popular scroll saw you often see in professional carpentry workshops as well as woodworking schools. Since its introduction in 2009, it has garnered a lot of attention and rave reviews. Most professionals recommend this scroll saw to beginners because of its affordable price, ease of use and rich feature-set. To help you form a better buying decision here is our hands-on review of this product.

Shop Fox W1713 Scroll Saw Review

#1. Technical Features


Compared to all the budget-friendly scroll saws, the Shop Fox W1713 does not come with the most powerful motor. It is only rated at 1.2-Amp and in general, it should suffice for small scrolling projects on low-density materials. We see the same under-powered motor in the Rockwell RK7315. Its low power prevents it from being a performing scroll saw when working with metal and other high-density materials. However, when used with wood it has ample power to deliver a clean cut.


The depth of cut of 2-inch is also an “okay” value. It is not the worst we have seen and most people will not be limited by it, not by any means. It should still be able to work with most materials not thicker than 1 inch like engineered lumber, wood planks, plywood, and even plastic sheets with great ease.

The variable speed is easily adjusted and the speed knob is located in an intuitive and easy to reach position. This unit can perform a decent 550 SPM to 1700 SPM. Which should allow you to work comfortably with a wide variety of materials of different densities, no problem!

With a throat depth of 16 inches, this model is mostly suited for working with small to medium size materials. Mostly suitable for DIY projects like pattern design.

Lastly, the 0 - 45-degree table tilt to the left allows you to make intricate angular cuts quite easily. The tilt is easily adjusted by using a knob, right of the front of the unit.


Accuracy is one of this unit’s strongest suit. In fact, what it lacks in power it totally makes up for accuracy. The general cast iron construction, as well as cast-iron table provides a solid foundation for you to deliver a very accurate scrolling. There is little vibrations, even at the highest speed of 1700 SBM.

The cast iron base is thick and can be easily bolted to a scroll saw stand all workbench, providing even greater stability and accuracy.


At the end of the day, the precision construction of this Shop Fox scroll saw is what makes it a very stable and accurate scroll saw to work with.

Furthermore, making accurate angular cuts is very easy. The angle-gauge at the front is situated in an easy to view position – right at the front. It tells you with great precision the exact angle the table is calibrated to. Of course, the angle setting can be locked in position for future use.


This model is one of the most durable scroll saws out there. We do not say this lightly. It is almost entirely made of cast iron. This includes the base, the arm, and the table. It is a rock-solid model that should last a long time. It can easily undergo abuse and heavy-duty scrolling without breaking apart.


Stability is also a very big plus on this Shop Fox scroll saw. The machine engineered base and cast iron construction makes it very stable while scrolling. Most of the vibrations get absorbed at the base area leaving the table very stable. If you need precision scrolling done, the stability of this scroll saw will allow one of the most accurate and intricate cuts possible with a scroll saw.


In addition, the base has mounting inserts and can be firmly bolted to a workbench for added stability. In fact, this is the recommended way of working with a scroll saw as it allows you to get the best out of your unit in terms of accuracy and stability.


As for user-friendliness, the Shop Fox W1713 scroll saw is literally unbeatable. We can see why professionals recommend this model to beginners. It is extremely easy to use and very straightforward.

Almost every setting, from the speed control to the table tilt can be adjusted at the front of the unit. They are easy to reach and clearly labeled. The 1-1/4 inches dust port allows you to connect your external vacuum for a clean and dust free table while scrolling.

It works with both plane and blank blades which are the two most commonly used blade types. The hold-down shoe does a good job pressing on your material allowing you to deliver even more accurate cuts.

In addition, it has a clear-view guard that protects your fingers from the blade. Newbies will appreciate this security feature. But it does not stop there. Shop Fox provides an adjustable LED lamp with this model that will illuminate your cut line at all times. This is a very helpful when working in dim workshops. Lastly, it works very silently, especially at the lowest 550 SPM speed.

#2. Price

The Shop Fox W1713 is offered at a price that will not break the bank. It is a budget friendly scroll saw with a rich set of useful features. In terms of price to performance, it offers greater value when compared to other budget models like the WEN 3920 and Rockwell RK7315. It has a superior build quality making it more durable. It can even be used for “heavy-duty “scrolling, which is rare for a budget scroll saw.

The only caveat is its under-performing 1.2-Amp motor that makes it only suitable for scrolling on low-density material like wood. Pound for pound, despite having exceptional build quality, it loses to the Craftsman 16-inch that is equally strong on construction but sold at a better price.

#3. Pros/Cons


  • Affordable price.
  • Excellent metal build quality with cast-iron table.
  • Variable speed of 550 SPM to 1700 SPM allows you to adapt to your material on the fly.
  • Solid, fairly large, and stable cast-iron table.
  • Clear-view finger guard with hold-down shoe.
  • Dust port to keep your cut line clean.
  • Tilt table of 0 - 45 degrees with visible angle-gauge at the front.
  • Adjustable LED lamp.


  • N/A

Budget power tools always face the dilemma of having to strip features or build construction to fit a certain price range. We see that this is not a problem here. Despite its budget price, it still sports features found in more expensive and professional scroll saws. Nicely played, Shop Fox!

Who Should Buy?

The Shop Fox W1713 is geared towards beginners and professionals who scroll on small and low-density material. It has the accuracy and stability that allows it to make very intricate cuts with a skilled hand. If you are planning to use it on only wood, it will get the job done quite efficiently. If not, and you need more material versatility then, in our opinion - the Craftsman 16-inch is a superior budget scroll saw - especially that it contains a beefier 1.6-Amp motor that allows it to cut cleaner in tough material like metal.

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