WEN 3920 Scroll Saw Review

Over the years, the WEN 3920 has built a solid reputation on being the go-to scroll saw for beginners. It has a very attractive price, good build quality and easy to use. But does this entry-level scroll saw belong in your workshop and is it suited for your need? That is what we will find out shortly with our WEN 3920 review.

Model:WEN 3920
Motor:1.2 Amp
Table size:16" x 10"
Cutting capacity at 90°:1.9"
Table tilt: 0°-45°
Warranty:2 years
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WEN 3920 16-inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw With Flexible LED Light

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​1. Technical Feature


The Wen 3920 has a stroke length of 9/16-inch. This means that when the blade moves back and forth, it will cut around 1.4 cm of material at one time. The depth of cut of 2” allows this scroll saw to cut material of up to 2-inch in thickness, which is very generous. At this depth, it can easily cut through any commercially available wood sheets or boards, like plywood, plastic sheets, and MDF.

The throat depth of 16-inch is quite spacious for DIY scrolling. It is the distance from the back of the blade to the back of the unit. Most scroll saws for home purposes have a throat depth of around 16 - 18 inches, which is ample for working with almost all commercial materials.

The blades are powered by a 1.2-Amp motor. This is nothing to write home about but it delivers adequate power to cut through low-density material like wood with great ease. It will struggle a bit with metal cutting even when retrofitted with a metal carbide-tipped blade. Another plus point for this model is the fairly low weight. At 28 lbs, this model is light enough to be portable and carried to the job. Its compact form factor of 24 x 11 x 13 inches will not consume a lot of space when placed on the back seat or boot of a small car.

Table tilt of WEN 3920 16-inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw With Flexible LED Light


The WEN 3920 sroll saw has a variable speed control of 400 - 1600 SPM (stroke per minute). This allows you to adapt the speed to the material and provide a much smoother and accurate cut. Furthermore, when using this model you bring the material to your blade. This provides more maneuverability and allows you to make a more precise cut. Additionally, the big and sturdy cast iron table limits vibrations and provides a solid and stable foundation to make your cut - which in turn helps boost your accuracy.


For such an entry-level scroll saw, we are quite amazed at the general build construction of this unit. It is made from a combination of ABS plastic and metal alloys that marry well. The table is made from thick cast-iron and has a solid metal base. This is a unit built to last, despite its small price. The knobs and switches are made from plastic, but customers have had no issues with them on the long run. All in all, it is a solid and durable scroll saw that will last a long time. 


Stability is at the heart of this model. The large and thick cast-iron table provides a solid foundation for your scrolling. The metal base can easily be bolted to a workbench table, providing more stability. You would expect vibrations from this model because of its small weight, but once bolted firm to a workbench, it is rock-solid and stable. It has no vibrations and is incredibly stable to work on.

Furthermore, the foot-lock clamp firmly presses on your material and prevents wobbling, sliding or shaking of your material.


As any beginner scroll saw, the 3920 is very easy to work with. The blades changing mechanism allows you to change blades and tension them without tools. It works seamlessly with both pinned and pinless blades for more versatility.

User friendliness of WEN 3920 16-inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw With Flexible LED Light

The dust blower sends a constant flow of air to your cut area and blade, making it cleaner to cut through material. The flexible LED light allows you to work in dim areas without compromising accuracy. It even has an onboard blade storage.

2. Price

The WEN 3920 is an entry-level scroll saw that is incredibly affordable. It has the ease of use and a nice set of features that allows it to compete with pricier models like the Delta Power Tools 40-694, that is three times its price. That is an incredible value for money. If you are looking for a beginner-friendly scroll saw that does not cost a fortune, this model from WEN is a worthy candidate. To add to the deal, it even comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

3. Pros/Cons


  • Durable: It has a solid build quality that will last. 
  • Speed: The variable speed control of 400 - 1,600 SPM makes it versatile and accurate when working with different materials. 
  • Stable: The large cast-iron table with a throat depth of 16-inch is stable and solid. The scroll saw can also be easily bolted to a workbench for more stability. 
  • Portability: At 28 lbs, this unit is portable and can easily to carried to the worksite. 
  • Blade: It accepts both pinned and pinless blades. The blade tensioning system is very easy to use.


  • The motor is a little under-powered and suitable only for woodworking.

4. Expert Reviews

Jim Dollens reviewed the WEN 3920 on his YouTube channel. This model is his first scroll saw. He talks about the stability of this scroll saw, having a lot of good things to say about the large and stable cast-iron table. The ease of use gets a lot of promotion in his video. He concludes by giving it a thumbs up and recommends it for those working on small DIY projects.

Watch the video below:

5. Who Should Buy?

This is not a heavy-duty scroll saw. It has a smaller motor that is suitable for small projects and cutting through low-density material only. The ease of use, very affordable price and nice set of features makes this model an incredible value for money. Especially if you are on a low budget.

If you work almost exclusively with wood, and looking for a scroll saw that does not cost much while still packing a punch - we recommend this model to you. Beginners who have never used a scroll saw before will love the ease of use of this power tool.

On the other hand, professionals who require a heavy-duty scroll saw that is more versatile and powerful should look elsewhere. Especially if you require metal cutting. The DeWalt DW788 or Delta Power Tools 40-694 scroll saw are more sensible options.

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