Hegner 18-Inch Scroll Saw Review

The Hegner 18-inch scroll saw has long been the reigning king of scroll saws since its introduction in 2005. It is literally a dream come true for those interested in scrolling. It has the right set of features that delivers an amazing ease of use, accuracy, and power in the workshop. But is it right for you? Let’s see if it belongs in your workshop or not.

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Hegner 18-Inch Scroll Saw Review

#1. Technical Features


The big 2.83-Amp induction motor in the Hegner 18-inch is the biggest motor we have even seen in a scroll saw. It obliterates other so-called professional scroll saws like the DeWalt DW788 or Craftsman 16" by a solid margin. There is nothing that can rival it in terms of raw power. This power means that it will cut through any type of material, whether it is low-density plywood or high-density metal like butter.

Hegner 18 Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Hegner 18" has a decent 18-inch throat depth, which is considered the “sweet spot” of a scroll saw. It is big enough to accommodate large material with great ease while not being too cumbersome on your workbench. This translates to more maneuverability and productivity.

The depth of cut of 2-5/8 inches is generous and versatile when working with almost any type of commercial material – from plastic boards, metal sheets, engineered lumber, among others. Incredibly, it only weighs 43 lbs and comes in a compact form factor which means it can fairly easily be carried around.

​As a standard feature, the variable speed of 400 – 1,700 SPM allows you to work with different materials of various densities. You can quickly and easily change the speed on the fly by turning the speed knob.


The Hegner 18-inch scroll saw delivers superior accuracy when scrolling. This has mostly to do with the careful design of this power tool. The cast-iron table, arm, and blade holders are calibrated in such a way to limit vibrations helping boost accuracy. It not only delivers a very accurate cut but is also precisely built.


This model is built to last. The outer part is almost exclusively made from cast-iron except for the drop foot knob, with a combination of metal and plastic parts in the inside. This is a true premium scroll saw that has no construction flaw, at least not to our knowledge.


A scroll saw without stability is not much of a scroll saw. As expected, there are no stability issues with the Hegner 18-inch scroll saw. The scroll table is machined-engineered and provides excellent sliding friction. The table, as well as the arm and base is made from thick cast-iron that absorbs any vibration, further preventing stability issues.

Additionally, the base also has worktable mounts so that you can securely affix this scroll saw to your workbench or scroll saw stand.


The quicklock tension release mechanism makes removing the blade very easy. You can easily change the blade in a matter of seconds with it. But it does not stop there. Hegner had fret work and inside scrolling in mind when they designed this feature. Simply pull the blade from the blade guard, position your blade inside the material and lock it again. It’s that easy.

Hegner 18-Inch Scroll Saw
  • Dust Removal: The Hegner 18-inch scroll saw has a dust port that makes it easy to attach your external vacuum. It helps keep sawdust away from your cut.
  • Tiltable Table: The table can easily be tilted for making angular cuts.

Parts are easily changeable in this model. Even the blade clamp is replaceable and readily available from Hegner. Lastly, this model has the longest manufacturer warranty we have seen – it’s a rock-solid 7-years.

#2. Price

The price of the Hegner 18-inch scroll saw will leave a sour taste in the mouth of many. It is expensive, and the steep price is almost expected for this German-made scroll saw. It is pricier than almost any scroll saw we can think of. It makes the over-priced DeWalt DW788 feel like a great bargain all of a sudden.

However, this unit is a breed apart. It is built to be dependable and long-term use – possibly a lifetime. Which means that you do not have to purchase any other scroll saw again. It is versatile enough to still remain a dependable unit many years from now. If you can afford it, get it!

#3. Expert Review

The guys at FineScrollSaw.com made a good hands-on review of the Hegner 18-inch scroll saw. They go through the most useful features with well-illustrated pictures which give you a good idea of the construction quality of this scroll saw as well as the features themselves. It is worth checking it out. Check it here

#4. Pros/Cons


  • Professional scroll saw with the right set of features. It simply works.
  • Very powerful inductive motor of 2.83-Amp. The most powerful scroll saw motor we know of. It cuts through everything!
  • Large throat size of 18-inch. Easy to work with larger material while not taking an excessive amount of space on your workbench.
  • Generous depth of cut of 2-5/8 inches allows it to work with most commercial materials.
  • Very high-quality build construction from cast-iron. Made in Germany.
  • Very stable with almost no vibration.
  • Variable speed of 400 – 1,700 SPM. Easy to adjust on the fly.
  • Solid 7-year warranty from Hegner.


  • Definitely the price. It is much more expensive than almost all other professional-grade scroll saw we know of.

It is difficult to find a scroll saw better than the Hegner 18-inch. It is near perfect and host all the regular features you would expect from a scroll saw of this caliber and more. It is definitely a breed apart that sadly only a select few can afford.

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#5. Who Should Buy?

It is not for everyone. Or rather, not everyone can afford it. This model from Hegner is the best quality scroll saw we know of. This German-made scroll saw is solidly built and almost all the parts in this unit are replaceable. It is an ideal long-term companion that is dependable, versatile and performing. It will enable you to do very intricate and accurate cuts while making it quite enjoyable in the process. If you can afford it, get it! If not, there are much cheaper alternatives like the DeWalt DW788 or Delta Power Tools 40-694 that will deliver a satisfactory scrolling experience.

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