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Excalibur Scroll Saw Review

The Excalibur scroll saw is a power tool that is very well known. Many who are passionate about woodworking and wood sculpting depend on this scroll saw daily to make professional work. There are many different “variants” of the Excalibur scroll saw, of varying sizes. In this guide, we are going to cover some ground about the features and benefits of this legendary scroll saw.

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Excalibur 16 Scroll Saw Reviews

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 excalibur scroll saw 16

Throat Distance

The Excalibur 16 has a 16-inch scroll saw. The 16-inch is the distance from the back of the blade to the very back of the scroll saw table. The Excalibur 16-inch is an entry-level saw, as all scroll saws of this size are. It is the lowest scroll size you can buy from this brand.

Head Tilt

All 3 Excalibur scroll saws in this Excalibur guide have a standard head tilt of 38-degree to the left and 45-degree to the right. The stroke length is also 0.75 inch in all three models. This is excellent for making angled cuts and the head tilt angulation of 38/45 is an industry standard. Additionally, the left tilt can be forced to a 45-degree with some small adjustments. Well played, Excalibur!


The Excalibur 16 has a maximum blade RPM of 1400 and a minimum of 400. Powered by a powerful and reliable 120V 1.3-Amp motor, It delivers smooth and uniform performance regardless of materials it is cutting (refer to table for other specs). The variable speed control is handy and easy to reach/change.

Ease of Use

The Excalibur scroll saw is a treat to use, regardless of experience level. The interface is intuitive and the risk of injury is minimal thanks to its blade protection guard. In fact, many trade schools have this model as their default scroll saws for this reason.


At 68 lbs, the Excalibur-inch 16 scroll saw can easily be moved and relocated to another area. If you need to carry your scroll saw to your work, this model is probably the best suited.


The table size is 12 x 18.5 inches and the relatively small size of the Excalibur 16-inch means that the throat depth is small and will not consume a lot of space. If you have a small workspace and work with small materials, then this scroll saw is ideal for your need. It offers great benefits and features in a small form factor, at an entry-level price.

Compare to other Excalibur Scroll Saws

If you look at our table below, you can see how the differences between the 16, 21 and 30 are small, but still present. Here is a basic rundown of the main differences that the Excalibur 21 and Excalibur 30 have with the “entry-level” model from this series - the Excalibur 16 inches.

1. Excalibur 21 Scroll Saw


With a throat depth of 21-inch, the Excalibur 21 is a mid-range scroll saw of those who work with standard size materials like MDF boards or commercial wood planks. At around 79 lbs, this scroll saw is borderline portable. In contrast, with the Excalibur 16-inch moving around is easy.

For this 21-inch model, it is best suited as a stationary or casually moved scroll saw. The performance and specs of this model are a little bit boosted compared to the 16-inch. The motor is still the same but tweaked to send more power to the blade, which can now do 1,550 RPM instead of 1,400 RPM for the 16-inch.


The Excalibur 21 is the best of both worlds, in terms of pricing. It offers almost the same features and benefits of both its smaller and bigger brothers while having a reasonable and affordable price. The 21-inch model is enough for general pattern molding and carpentry work. It is plenty, really.

2. Excalibur 30 Scroll Saw


Still with a beefy 1,550 RPM, the Excalibur 30 is the biggest scroll saw in the Excalibur series. It is also very heavy at 116 lbs. It is not going anywhere.

The 30-inch throat depth easily accommodates any projects you are working on and you will always have a lot of room to cut large or long materials. Its large size and heavy weight also translate to less vibration. If you need an ultra-stable scroll saw, this model is perfect.


For those looking for the largest and greatest, the Excalibur 30 is the largest model Excalibur offers. It does come at a premium price, but it is not an investment you make often. The solid and durable construction of the Excalibur scroll saw will make sure of that. This model is a straight shooter and anyone can use it.

From beginners to experts, the 30-inch is easy to work with and you have ample space to unleash your creativity with this scroll saw. The adjustable foot stand is also taller for the 30-inch model, at 25.5 x 36.5 inches compared to 25.5 x 27.5 inches for the other 2 models.


We absolutely love the Excalibur series of scroll saws. The Excalibur 16 is small enough to be semi-portable and carried to the job; the Excalibur 21 offers great performance and versatility while the Excalibur 30 offers the best of those 2 with a generous work area.

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