Delta Power Tools 40-694 20-Inch Scroll Saw Review

At first glance, the Delta Power Tool 40-694 does not look like it can accomplish much. It looks rather simplistic and most beginner woodworkers would be forgiven to not think much of it. But they would be wrong!

This scroll saw is a popular model found in many wood training schools and professional carpentry workshops. It’s a versatile unit that excels at making contours in material. In this comprehensive scroll saw review, we will try to find out if this scroll saw is a good buy or not.

Model:Delta 40-694
Motor:1.3 Amp
Table size:16" x 24"
Cutting capacity at 90°:2-1/8"
Table tilt: 0°-45°
Warranty:5 years
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Delta Power Tools 40694 Scroll Saw Review

#1. Features Evaluation


  • Throat Depth: The throat depth is the distance from the back of the scroll saw blade to the rear of the unit. This model has a throat depth of 20-inch. 20-inch is quite generous and will allow you to freely work with larger pieces of material. The average user will need no more than 16 - 18 inches throat depth when working. It is nice to known there is extra space for better maneuverability. 
  • Depth of Cut: This simply means the thickness or width of material that the scroll saw can cut. Obviously, the more the better. This model from Delta is rated at 2-1/8-inch, which means that it can cut your average wood plank with no problem. Average scroll saws have a depth of cut of around 1-3/4 inches so this model is clearly at the upper end of the scroll saw spectrum.


Accuracy is at the heart of this scroll saw, as with any scroll saw. Basically, the scroll saw is accurate because of 3 main reasons:

  • Blade: The blade is very thin, allowing you to cut through material with great precision and control. The blade can also be easily changed and you will not need additional tools to do so. It is tool-free, which means that you just un-clamp the blade, replace it and you are done. It usually takes only a few seconds to do so. You can use a wider blade or thinner blade, depending on your preference and the task you have at hand.
  • Speed: This model comes with a variable stroke speed of 400 - 1750. With this scroll saw, you can easily adapt the speed to the material you are working on. Some will require a slower speed; like plywood, metal and plastic while others can comfortably be cut at a higher speed. It offers great accuracy, versatility, and can easily be made to adapt to the way you work; which is always a big plus!
  • Maneuverability: With a scroll saw, you push material to the blade. The blade remains stationary at all times, allowing you to make very complex patterns if you have the skill set. This unique way of cutting provides you with excellent maneuverability when working with your material.


This scroll saw is tough and durable. The 16 x 24 inches table in this model is made from cast iron which is sturdy, super flat and durable. It has a polished surface so that materials slide easily on it - providing you with even more control.


In addition to durability, the thick cast-iron table helps absorb vibrations. This leaves you with a more stable environment to work. You will have more control over your material which directly results in a more accurate cut. A solid table is very useful, especially when working with small pieces of material or when making complex contours.


In general, the scroll saw is one of the most user-friendly power tool in existence. Even newbies can quickly start cutting accurate and complex designs in a relatively short time.

Furthermore, the parts of this unit are very easy to change. The tool-free mechanism allows you to swap blades in a matter of seconds.

Dust Hose: The adjustable dust hose blows air at all times during your cut, leaving you with a clean table as well as a better line of sight.

Tilt Table: You want angles out of your cut? No problem! The adjustable table can easily tilt and locked in position for easy odd angles.

Tool Storage: The top of the unit has a special compartment for keeping your blades (or other tools).

#2. Price

Price is the centerpiece of every important purchase. This model is not the cheapest. But it is also not the most expensive either. When the pros and cons, the user friendliness of this unit and its features are taken into account - we think that is it excellently priced at around $350 (can be purchased for more or less at this price point).

Here is why we think it has an excellent pricing.

It is hard to find a better model that offers such useful features at this price range. The Delta Power Tool 40-694 is strategically priced and offers the best both worlds. It does not have extravagant features that you will never use (which inflates the price), and it certainly does not lack usefulness in the workshop.

#3. Pros/Cons


  • Sturdy Table: The cast-iron tabletop is solid and gives great control to the user. Especially when operated at high speed. It really helps absorb vibrations and provides excellent maneuverability. 
  • Speed Control: The speed of the blade can quickly and easily be adjusted to adapt to the material. You can do so on the fly and changing speed on this unit is child’s play.
  • Usefulness: It has many useful features like the dust blower which helps keep your cut clean and visible. You can use it to quickly cut anything, from metal to wood to plastic.
  • Tilt Table: Easily make angles by simply tilting and locking the table in place.
  • Ease of Use: Everyone can use this power tool. It is very straightforward and easy to use. The learning curve is also very low. In fact, there is a good reason why the scroll saw is the first power tool introduced to children freshly learning the art of woodworking.


  • Blade tensioning in a scroll saw will require experience to get right.

#4. How to Assenbly This Scroll Saw

#5. Who Should Buy?

The Delta Power Tool 40-694 is not the cheapest scroll saw out there. If you have never worked with a scroll saw before, it will be hard to explain the price this unit is offered at.

However, if you are a seasoned woodworker whose job requirement is to make complex contours and patterns in material every day, this scroll saw is an absolute purchase. It has the right set of features that makes it appealing to busy professionals who demand accuracy, control and versatility out of their scroll saw.

It is hard to get a better model that is more value for money than the Delta Power Tool 40-694, especially at the price that it is offered. We highly recommend it for professional use!

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