What’s the Most Popular Scroll Saw Brands?

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Since its inception, scroll saws have been a great addition to the DIY enthusiast and woodworkers workshop. They are highly versatile and efficient tool at cutting materials with great precision and ease. In this short guide, we are going to go through some of the most popular scroll saw brands and try to understand why they are so popular in the first place.

As you can see in the graph below, in the woodworkers’ community, Craftsman is the most popular brand intricately followed by Dremel. And in the last position, we find Hawk, a new startup that shows a lot of promise. It’s also good to see Dremel, Dewalt and Ryobi standing strong in there as they make excellent power tools.

Although this graph does not speak on the quality of power tools made by those brands, it does give a general idea of what you are getting into when buying power tools from them. Lest we forget, brands that are popular are popular for a good reason.

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1. Craftsman Scroll Saw


Craftsman is a division of Sears international and one of the world’s leader in power tools. Craftsman has been a brand that has been quite popular ever since the late 30s and has never failed to put up with the challenges of an ever-changing world. Their power tools are well-engineered, modern, power efficient and offer great ergonomics. Best of all, Craftsman is reputed for making very durable and affordable power tools with an excellent price to performance ratio. It is, therefore, no wonder this brand is so popular.

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2. Dremel Scroll Saw


Anyone who is a hand worker knows what Dremel is. This powerful an iconic brand in power tools is highly reputed for their compact and portable devices. All their power tools have great ergonomics and come at a price that will not break the bank.

Indeed, Dremel is reputed for making affordable power tools that anyone can afford. The company first started with making power drills, but quickly expanded to other markets where they showed their expertise. We believe that much of the success has to do with this fact.

They are highly appreciated by DIY enthusiasts and loved by almost anyone who work with power tool day in and day out. The Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw, for example, is a highly coveted and performing scroll saw that comes at a lovable price.

3. Delta Scroll Saw


Another heavyweight in the power tool industry is Delta. Delta is reputed for making high quality and durable power tools and has a great eye for detail. In fact, many of their power tools have features that only a keen eye can spot.

However, they still offer specs and features that are above and beyond, making it hard for other brands to compete. As seen hands-on in the Delta 40-694 scroll saw, it offers many features than even beginners can have a hand at.

4. DeWalt Scroll Saw

DEWALT DW788 1.3 Amp 20-Inch Variable-Speed Scroll Saw

As one of the world’s most popular power tool brand, DeWalt has literally over a thousand power tool models of every size and shape. This specialist company has been making power tools since 1924 and there seems little that can stop its ever growing assentation amidst the hungry woodworking and DIY enthusiast crowd.

DeWalt scroll saw like the DW788 has little faults, if at all. It's extremely high performing saw with a perfect performance to price ratio. It is no wonder that they have hundreds of rave reviews all over the internet.

5. Excalibur Scroll Saw

excalibur scroll saw 16

The coolest thing about Excalibur is its name. But it doesn’t stop there. This company is known for making dependable and durable power tools, that we have to say in all honesty, tend to have a distinct look from its competitors.

Take the Excalibur 16-inch Scroll Saw as an example. It is a high-end scroll saw model that has everything you can dream for in a scroll saw, including a look that sets it apart. Maybe this is Excalibur’s marketing tactic that allows it to demark itself from its competitors.

However, if you need quality in your power tool, then you need Excalibur. They make the highest quality and most durable power tools we know of. Of course, all those goodies come at a special price as well.

6. Ryobi Scroll Saw


Ryobi is a brand you will come across often when working with power tools. They are quite popular among DIY enthusiasts and are known to make very high-quality power tools that are also very affordable.

Just as its great futuristic name, Ryobi also makes great looking power tools with its distinct black and green tone at relatively affordable prices. It is known to be a very dependable brand. Coveted power tools like the Ryobi ZRP506 and Ryobi SC165VS scroll saw speak a lot on the quality and dependability of its power tools.

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