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How to buy best staple guns

The staple gun is a versatile tool suitable for various DIY projects and household repairs. It looks and works in a similar way to the traditional office stapler. However, unlike the office stapler that bends the staple (close ended), the staple gun is open-ended and penetrates straight into material. It is also much more powerful and can staple a wider variety of material - from wood to plastic.

When the firing mechanism is triggered (manually or automatically), it shoots a metal staple at very high speed. The high-speed allows the staple to penetrate into material with great force while leaving an almost invisible fixture. This is ideal for crafting and other decorative tasks that require both a professional finish and solid hold.

Despite the existence of other tools for crafting and home improvement, the versatility and affordability of the staple gun makes it the go-to tool for many. The staples of a staple gun can affix thin material like insulation sheet or fabric solidly and invisibly. This leaves a very desirable and professional finish - similar to the work of a professional upholster if done right.

Why Do You Need a Staple Gun?

Having a professional staple gun at home allows you to perform many general purposes or specialized affixing. For example, you can do DIY upholstery jobs that would otherwise cost a fortune.

Hobbyists will appreciate the ease of use of the staple gun while home decorators will love its versatility. Overall, it is an indispensable tool to have in your arsenal if you like to fix or build things by yourself.

Criteria for Buying a Staple Gun

Before purchasing a staple gun online, there are several important criteria to take into consideration. Here are a few of the most important ones:

Types of Staple Guns

There are 3 main types of staple guns. Manual, Electric and Pneumatic.

1. Manual Staple Gun

The manual staple gun is hand-operated and is the easiest and most straightforward staple gun type. It is a basic staple gun with mechanical parts that fires staples by simply pressing the handle.


  • This type of staple gun is the most affordable type. It is also the most common and available in almost any hardware store.
  • This manual tool delivers stapling results similar to other more expensive staple types in a skillful hand.
  • It is very easy to load staples on this type of staple gun and there are many manual gun “styles” to choose from.


  • The user needs prior experience working with a staple gun to get a professional stapling result, especially with upholstery.
  • It requires strong hands and can quickly become tiresome if you have a lot of stapling to perform.

2. Electric Staple Gun

Electric staple guns do not have a physical trigger like a manual staple gun. Instead, the user simply presses the gun against the material and it automatically fires.


  • The automatic stapling mechanism allows the user to staple much faster and with greater ease.
  • This tool is less tiresome and generally suited for work that requires a lot of stapling quickly and easily.
  • It is the priciest type but delivers a lot of power when needed.


Since it fires automatically, electric staple guns can fire too deep in material if pressed hard on the surface. It can cause material damage in an unskilled hand, and can also be a health hazard.

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3. Pneumatic Staple Gun

The most versatile, lightweight and powerful of all the types of staple guns. Pneumatic staple guns work by using an air compressor. Adjusting the air compressor will allow the user to get a custom stapling experience.


  • This type of staple gun delivers a lot of power thanks to the attached air compressor. It is the most powerful staple gun out there and also the most lightweight due to its less complex stapling mechanism.
  • A custom stapling power can be created by adjusting the air compressor (your compressor PSI must be adjustable).
  • It has a wider variety of fasteners thus can accommodate more staple sizes.


It requires an air compressor which can be a pricey purchase if you do not currently own one. This staple gun can be a serious health hazard in the wrong hands. It is also much noisier than other types, mostly due to the air compressor. Also much more expensive than manual staple guns.

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Staple Size

The staple size is another vital criteria in choosing a staple gun. Basically, the more staple sizes or staple types a staple gun can accommodate, the better. It makes the staple gun more versatile, suited for even more stapling purposes.

Understand Your Need

Before making the purchase, it is very important to understand your need and purpose for the staple gun. A staple gun for upholstery will be different from one for stapling insulating cables, or fastening wood. You will need to decide on whether you need more power or more control.

For stapling wires, electrical or otherwise, a manual staple gun with round staples is preferred as it offers more control and fits the rounded shape of the material.

For upholstery work, accuracy and control are more important than power. Flat-crown staples fitted in either a manual or electric staple gun is preferred over a pneumatic one for anything that requires fabric stapling.


Of course, the best staple gun should fit right into your budget. There are many different models for every price range and budget.

  • Manual Staple Gun: They are the most affordable. Branded manual staple guns cost anywhere from $10 - $30. Good quality manual upholstery staple guns cost around $15 - $20.
  • Electric Staple Gun: They are by far the most expensive. They can cost up to $350 depending on the make and model.
  • Pnematic Staple Gun: Generally cost between $25 - $40. Note that it requires an independent air compressor that does not come with the purchase.


A manufacturer warranty will give you peace of mind. Look for staple gun models that come with one.


The staple gun is a very versatile power tool that works similarly to a nail gun. However, it is so much more affordable and versatile that it will be indispensable in any DIY stapling tasks you have at hand.

You will need to decide on the type of staple gun that you have to purchase based on your need. Bear in mind that even if it exceeds your budget by a little, a staple gun will never exceed your expectations. It is a very handy power tool that will pay for itself over and over again, especially if you need one for upholstery work.

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