Bosch RS7 Reciprocating Saw Review

Bosch RS7 is one of saw models under the famous Bosch brand which has developed many groundbreaking tools over years. It was designed to provide convenience, usability, and versatility to its users. They have achieved this by adding vital features in the model that have been overlooked in other brands to ensure that it is among the class leaders in its segment. We have highlighted its special features in detail below to see if it is worth your money:

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Bosch RS7 Reciprocating Saw Review

#1. Technical features

Bosch RS7 Reciprocating Saw

It is always wise to understand capabilities and limitations of products you want to buy before making the purchase. That is why having an in-depth knowledge of the capabilities of the Bosch RS7 will allow you to leverage its features fully. Below is an in-depth look at some of its features to help you understand this tool better.


The Bosch RS7 is powered by an 11-Amp motor that uses a 120V current that makes it powerful enough to handle most cutting jobs. This motor also features a variable speed trigger that allows the user to control the rate and speed at which the blade is rotating. Cutting high-density materials like concrete floors and walls may need the blade to rotate at higher speeds compared to low-density materials like wood and metal sheets. An added advantage of varying the RPM of the blade is that the user can achieve different finishes on the surface; whether rough or smooth, depending on the clients' needs.

The 11-Amp motor is powerful enough to rotate its 1-1/8-inch stroke length blade to speeds of up to 0-3,000 strokes per minute. That high performance cutting speed allows the blade to cut through robust surfaces such as dry walls, wood, cement boards, PVC, metal piping, and sheets with relative ease. What's best is that the integration between the motor and the variable speed trigger adds versatility to the reciprocating tool, making it more valuable.


The Bosch RS7 is equipped with a compatible blade port which allows the user to install blades of various shapes, sizes, and strength to deal with the task at hand. So whether you are planning on cutting through steel pipes or concrete floors, the compatible blade port will allow you to select and install a blade that is most suitable for the job. What's best is that swapping the blades is effortless and simple and requires no tools.

#2. User friendliness

Bosch RS7 Reciprocating Saw

User friendliness involves many aspects such as safety, grip, balance, vibration and weight of the reciprocating saw. When it comes to safety, Bosch has made the RS7 a leader in that respect by equipping it with a soft, ergonomic handle that was designed to provide comfort and support to the user. The rubber-laced materials of the handle provide maximum grip to the user while working to protect the saw from slipping and potentially harming someone.

The research and development team at Bosch designed the RS7 saw in an efficient way while using lightweight but high-quality materials to help minimize the saw’s overall weight. This strategic move means that the Bosch RS7 is now a leader in its class when it comes to power to weight ratio. Its high power to weight ratio allows the users to work efficiently without getting tired compared to other models and brands, especially during prolonged hours.

#3. Other features

  • Dual LED Lights: This feature makes the Bosch RS7 special and separates it from other models. These lights help illuminate your working area especially in dark lit rooms and in dark corners. It is integrated into the tool to make it convenient for the user such that they will not need an external light source to illuminate the working area.

#4. Price

Price is always a big factor when purchasing products. Some popular brands are notoriously known for marking up their prices while selling subpar goods. However, in this case, with the Bosch RS7, you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth. This is because the price you pay includes delivery and also a 30-day money guarantee as well as a manufacturer’s warranty of up to a year. You can purchase this reciprocating tool at approximately the same price with similar products and models from different brands. The medium range price you get for the Bosch RS7 is the same price you will get with different models which share the same features.

#5. Pros/Cons


  • Dual LED lights: They provide a bright, long-lasting illumination for your cutting zone
  • Ergonomic Handle: The handle is finished with soft materials that provide both grip and comfort during cutting
  • Variable Sped Trigger: This feature allows the user to control the speed in which the blade is rotating to help cut various materials
  • Easy to Use: Everything is laid out in a simple and intuitive way
  • Removable blade: The Bosch RS7 features a tool-less removable blade system that allows for fast and effortless blade swapping
  • Durable: The reciprocating tool is made from high-quality materials all round for longevity
  • Saw Hook: Allows convenient storage of the reciprocating tool in between cuts
  • Weight: The Bosch RS7 is lightweight. It boasts the best power to weight ratio in its class


  • Power: The Bosch RS7 features an 11-Amp motor that is sufficient but falls a bit short on power compared to other models and brands that spot 15-Amp motors such as Milwaukee 6538-21

Who Should Buy?

Bosch RS7 is an entry level reciprocating saw that combines ease of use with a nice set of features to make it suitable for small business owners and handy homeowners with demolition projects. Features such as its dual LED lights and variable speed trigger combined with factors such as effectiveness, durability, and price make the RS7 ideal for small businesses. Also, its 11-Amp motor is sufficient for home owners and small business owners on their demolition projects but might struggle to handle larger demolition projects. The price of the Bosch RS7 is pocket friendly, making it just right for small businesses with low income streams and do-it-yourself people who won’t use it regularly.

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