DeWalt DW304PK Reciprocating Saw Review

Over the years, the DeWalt DW304PK has built a solid reputation of being a powerful heavy-duty reciprocating saw intended for professionals. It has a rich set of features as well as an excellent ergonomic form factor. If you are looking for a powerful reciprocating saw for daily use, you should seriously consider this DeWalt reciprocating saw. But how well does it perform and is it worth the money? Let’s find out!

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DeWalt DW304PK Reciprocating Saw Review

#1. Technical Feature

Cutting Capacity

Dewalt DW304PK Reciprocating Saw Review

We cannot talk about the reciprocating saw without mentioning the cutting capacity. Indeed, this model has a stroke length of 1-1/8 inches making it quite capable when cutting through thick stock. In addition, it does so quite efficiently with the controllable speed system that allows this model to perform speeds of 0 – 2,800 SPM.

While this is not the fastest we have seen in a reciprocating saw, especially when compared to cheaper models like the cordless DeWalt DC385B, it is still fast enough to deliver a smooth and professional cut in almost any material, ranging from softwood to high density metal pipes. The variable speed makes it quite versatile as it allows you to adapt to a very wide range of material out there.


Under the hood of the DeWalt DW304PK is a powerful 1050W motor that has been engineered specifically for heavy-duty cutting applications. This is a motor that is powerful enough to deliver a constant torque to the blade without stalling on anything, even when used on high density metal. The powerful motor is an important aspect if you want to get a clean and professional cut, regardless of material.


As is a common feature with almost all DeWalt reciprocating saws, this model comes equipped with a 4-position blade clamping system. What this does is rotate the shoe in 4 positions by simply lifting a lever. Once you are done, push the lever back in place for the shoe to lock back in position. With this method, you can easily cut material in any position without changing your handling position. Very handy and practical, especially if you need to cut material in tight areas.

Furthermore, the blade can quickly and easily be changed with the keyless blade clamp system. You can use any standard reciprocating saw with this unit. The clamping force is powerful despite being a fairly small unit, and it does a good job limit vibration to the blade, which in turn helps deliver a more accurate cut in material.

User friendly

Despite being a quite powerful reciprocating saw, the DeWalt DW304PK is fairly small and compact. It can comfortably be used in tight areas or in awkward positions when required. Additionally, the 4-position shoe adjustment makes it very easy to cut material without changing position.

The handle does not contain a soft rubber material as most DeWalt reciprocating saws but is still has grooves that make it anti-slip. It is certainly not the most comfortable handle we have seen, at least not as comfortable as that in the DeWalt DW311K. But this is not a huge caveat, especially if you use this power tool with work gloves on.

Lastly, this motor pack and blades are separated in a way to limit vibrations. This will prove to be beneficial when you have to perform an accurate cut. Additionally, the low vibrations make this unit quite comfortable to hold, especially for those who need to use their power tools for an extended period.

#2. Price

The price is where many will get turn off with the DeWalt DW304PK. Since it is intended for professionals, it is priced on the high-end and does not come cheap. There are still much cheaper reciprocating saws on the market, like the DeWalt DW311K but it is still not quite as powerful as the DW304PK.

It is quite an expensive model, and if you require a performing reciprocating saw for cutting through thick and tough material, then the price of the DW304PK is easily justifiable. If not, we think that there are better alternatives like the DeWalt DW311K, that while a little bit less performing, is significantly more value for money.

#3. Pros/Cons


  • Powerful. Will not stall and cut material efficiently without stalling.
  • Adjustable 4-postion shoe for ease-of-use.
  • Keyless blade changing system. You can change a blade quickly and easily.
  • Variable speed of 0 – 2,800 SPM allows you to cut a wide range of materials.
  • Solid build construction. Durable and excellent for use as a heavy-duty reciprocating saw.


  • It is a little bit on the heavy side at 8.2 lbs. Not the most portable or maneuverable reciprocating saw out there.
  • Quite expensive.
  • Lacks a soft rubber handle.

Who Should Buy?

We have a hard time recommending the DeWalt DW304PK. Mostly because of its steep price range. However, when you remove the price from the equation, it is a very performing reciprocating saw that will cut through anything like butter. It also offers excellent ease of use and versatility. Therefore, we recommend this model to professionals and semi-professionals who earn a living with a reciprocating saw. You can cut both metal and wood with this unit and it will always deliver a smooth and professional cut. We recommend this saw if you can afford it. It is an excellent model used by many professionals around the world, and it will definitely not disappoint on the job.

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