Milwaukee 6519-31 Reciprocating Saw Review

Milwaukee has built a solid reputation for making some of the best sawzall on the market today. The Milwaukee 6519-31 serves as an example of their diversity where they have manufactured a product that is robust enough to handle most cutting projects but has been slightly tamed to meet the needs of amateur constructors and do it yourself types of homeowners.

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Milwaukee 6519-31 Reciprocating Saw Review

#1. Technical feature

Milwaukee 6519-31 Reciprocating Saw

Many people have regretted not taking the time to learning the features of a product before buying them. They have ended up being disappointed and wishing they would get a second chance at buying. Below we feature an in-depth analysis of Milwaukee 6519-31 to ensure that you’re not among those people mentioned above:


The 12-Amp motor coupled with many great features makes Milwaukee 6519-31 suitable to handle most types of cutting jobs. Its 1-1/8-inch stroke length is capable of reaching 0-3,000 strokes per minute to deliver high performance cutting speeds to handle different objects such as wood, metal, concrete, etc. A bonus is that you can achieve varying degrees of smoothness to suit your needs by varying the blade’s speed.

When it comes to power and voltage, the Milwaukee 6519-31 comes with a 12-Amp motor that is fitted with a variable speed trigger that lets the user control the rpm of the blade. Compared to Milwaukee 6538-21 which has a 15-Amp motor, its motor is slightly under powered. This variable speed trigger is an essential part of this saw because it allows the user to cut through both high-density and low-density objects. Using the right blade and the ideal speed setting, the Milwaukee 6519-31 can cut through various objects from steel pipes and bars to concrete walls and PVC.


Milwaukee 6519-31 is equipped with a blade mechanism that allows easy and effortless swapping of blades. This feature is useful when working on projects that require you to keep on changing the blades. Once you purchase the reciprocating saw, you are given an option of purchasing a set of sawzall blades that comes with blades of different shapes and sizes to complete different tasks whether it is cutting through metal sheets or wood. A bonus is that changing or replacing blades on the Milwaukee 6519-31 is a tool free task.

#2. User-friendly

Milwaukee 6519-31 Reciprocating Saw

Safety and user-friendliness go hand in hand and should be the most important thing to remember when handling this saw. Milwaukee had anticipated all the safety blunders that could potentially occur with the saw and have corrected them before they even happened. They have added a tight grip on the handle to ensure that the user handles it better while working to prevent the saw from dropping and potentially harming someone.

Apart from the slip-resistant grip, they designed the Milwaukee 6519-31 with a counterbalancing mechanism that helps minimize the vibrations caused while cutting objects. This safety feature ensures that the saw produces steady and smooth results. What’s best is that the reciprocating saw fits perfectly into your hand, and this helps while handling it over prolonged periods.

Milwaukee 6519-31 has a very responsive trigger with no hesitation at all. This allows the user to effectively manage the variable speed at which the blade is rotating.

#3. Other features

  • QUIK-LOK blade clamp: Equipped in the Milwaukee 6519-31 to allow fast, tool-free blade swap. This feature is useful, especially when working on a project that requires you to change blades constantly.
  • 1-1/8-inch stroke length: Powered by the 12-Amp motor to give its users a maximum cutting speed
  • Gear protecting clutch: This mechanism is vital in extending the lifespan of Milwaukee 6519-31. It works by slowing down the blade in case of a bind to prevent destruction of the internal components. The clutch gear also protects interior components of the saw by absorbing high impact forces resulting from blade lock-ups.

#4. Price

Since the Milwaukee 6519-31 is a base model reciprocating saw, it retails at a low price. Compared to other reciprocating tools such as DeWalt DW310K which also runs on a 12-Amp motor, this Milwaukee 6519-31 represents better value for money while offering similar features. If you’re simply a person looking to own a reciprocating saw at the best deal possible, Milwaukee 6519-31 is the saw for you in its particular class. You will get sufficient power and all other features you would get on other brands if you decide to purchase this model.

#5. Expert reviews

C.J. Meade of Pioneer Construction was featured on a YouTube channel known as ToolSELECT to speak about the Milwaukee 6519-31. ToolSELECT is a popular tool review channel on YouTube. C.J. Meade, a professional constructor, had many positive things to say about the saw. Upon handling it for the first time in the video, he acknowledged its balance and how well it fit in his hands. He went on to claim that the saw was a great demolition tool that is very handy when it comes to cutting.

However, upon all the praise he lavished on the reciprocating saw, he also had some negative remarks to say about it. First, he criticized the plastic back cover which he claimed hindered the Milwaukee 6519-31 from being used as a construction grade tool due to the fragile nature of plastic. He also criticized the metal blade mechanism which he claimed was at great risk of corrosion since it was placed near the cutting action. When cutting water pipes, water would easily slip in through the blade mechanism and cause rust, which would then give the user a hard time swapping the blades. His solution to this rust problem was oiling the blade mechanism to keep away rust.

He concluded his review by recommending the Milwaukee 6519-31 for homeowners who prefer to do things on their own.

#6. Pros/Cons


  • Comfortable: It is well balanced and fits perfectly into the hand
  • Counterweight mechanism: This mechanism works by reducing vibrations for a smoother experience
  • Gear Protecting Clutch: Slows down blade in case it binds to protect the internal components against destruction
  • Price: This product has a low price compared to Milwaukee 6509-31, yet their features are almost identical


  • Power: At 12-Amp, the Milwaukee 6519-31 falls a bit short on power as other power saws boost more powerful motors at 15-Amp
  • Plastic Back handle: This handle is not very durable under extreme work conditions

Who Should Buy?

The Milwaukee 6519-31 is a base model cutting tool that is useful in all types of demolition work. This tool is suitable for do-it-yourself homeowner types of people who don’t have a big budget set aside for purchasing a reciprocating saw. Handy homeowners looking to do some demolition work at home will appreciate this saw for its price, usability, and ease of use. Apart from home owners, small time contractors and startup contractors who don’t have enough capital to purchase a more powerful reciprocating saw will benefit greatly from this tool.

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