Milwaukee 6538-21 Reciprocating Saw Review

Milwaukee is a well-known company that has built a rock-solid reputation over the years for putting out quality products. An example of such is the class leading Milwaukee 6538-21 that has received plaudits all over the globe for its reliability. The question we’re here to answer today is; Is the Milwaukee 6538-21 worthy of being in your workshop and how suited to your needs is it?

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Milwaukee 6538-21 Reciprocating Saw Review

#1. Technical Features

Milwaukee 6538-21 Reciprocating Saw

When purchasing a reciprocating saw, it is always important to know its capabilities and limitations so as to get the maximum out of it without breaking it. Below are some technical features about the Milwaukee 6538-21 that will help you know the value you’re getting for your money.


The Milwaukee 6538-21 uses a powerful 15A motor that is powered by a 120V AC. What’s best about this powerful motor is that it comes equipped with two cutting edge technologies embedded in the motor. The first is an overload protection system that prevents the motor from failing and burning up that is caused by exposure to an overload of current. The second groundbreaking technology is a constant power mechanism that allows the saw to maintain a constant blade speed while on the job to produce a smooth cutting performance.


The Sawzall saw uses an AC of 120V and comes with a potent 15A motor to rotate its blade. One of the best things about the Milwaukee 6519-31 is that the motor can be altered to control the rate at which it is rotating the blade. This alteration of power and RPMmakes the Milwaukee 6519-31 saw ideal for cutting both high-density and low-density materials.


The blades in the Milwaukee 6519-31 are easily removable and replaceable with blades of different sizes and strength to perform various tasks. You can insert blades of different types as well to perform specific tasks. This feature is convenient since you can swap to a different blade to perform a special task then revert to the normal blade once you’ve completed the task.

#2. User Friendliness

Milwaukee 6538-21 Reciprocating Saw

You always want to exercise caution and safety while handling power tools. As with all reciprocating saws, the Milwaukee 6519-31 should be handled by someone who has received some tutorials on how to operate it. The Milwaukee 6519-31is powerful and therefore ideally you should have some experience in dealing with reciprocating saws, and it is also advisable always to handle with care regardless your experience level.

The immense grip on the Milwaukee 6519-31 should help you handle it better and steadily to avoid accidents or messy work. In addition to the grip, the design team at Milwaukee have added a counterbalancing mechanism that works by minimizing the vibrations caused while on the job to ensure the saw produces smooth results. Since the Milwaukee 6519-31 is on the heavier side of the weight scale, the additions mentioned above help with the saw's handling, especially when working for prolonged hours.

#3. Other Features

The Milwaukee 6519-31 features a gear protection clutch that works by absorbing high impact forces caused by abrupt blade lock-ups. This clutch protection system helps in extending the life span of the gear and the motor.

Together with the gear protection clutch, the Milwaukee 6519-31 features a counterbalancing mechanism that smoothens the working experience while working on the reciprocating tool. The balancing mechanism works by minimizing the harsh vibrations caused by the reciprocating saw while on the job.

#4. Price

The Milwaukee 6538-21 is a relatively expensive reciprocating saw compared to other brands and other Milwaukee models. Milwaukee models such as the Milwaukee 6519-31 and other brands like the DeWalt DW310K and the Makita JR3050T are powered by slightly less powerful motors, and that reflects on their price. If you're a light user of a reciprocating saw, you should consider the less powerful and more user-friendly models that will serve you just as well. This Milwaukee 6538-21 reciprocating saw is for experienced users that are looking for a powerful but reliable tool which they can comfortably use on a daily basis.

#5. Expert reviews

The Milwaukee 6538-21 is an exceptionally powerful and versatile reciprocating saw. It serves many purposes and excels at various cutting tasks. It is a comfortable and well-balanced tool that is reliable in completing tasks at hand with relative ease. Once you use the Milwaukee 6538-21, you will fall completely in love with it as it will challenge your ability to hold it before it stalls while on the job; nothing can stop it. The beauty of it is that it works quietly at low RPM's while doing small tasks that involve low-density materials.

This tool is well balanced to counter its heavy weight to make sure that the weight does not affect the efficiency of the tool especially during long periods of nonstop work. Milwaukee is the innovators of this cutting edge technology and is miles ahead than the competition in offering the best tool around the globe to serve this purpose. Other top brands that are manufacturing reciprocating saws do not compare with products from Milwaukee. Additionally, no reciprocating saw model manufactured by any company compares to the Milwaukee 6538-21. It is an outstanding tool in every respect.

#6. Pros/Cons


  • Easy to use: everything is laid out in a simple way
  • Durable: High-quality materials and solid build quality
  • Overload Protection: This prevents failure or burning up of the motor when exposed to excess current
  • Power Technology: This feature helps maintain the blade at a constant speed while under use for a smooth and even finish
  • Gear Protection Clutch: This system helps absorb high-impact forces that are caused by sudden blade lock-ups, therefore, extending the life span of the gear and the motor
  • Counter Balancing Mechanism: Allows smooth running by minimizing the harsh vibrations caused by the reciprocating saw
  • Dial Speed Control and Variable Speed Trigger: This allows the user to control the speed of the rotating blade to influence the finish texture and results
  • Powerful motor: Unlike other models, the Milwaukee 6538-21 comes fitted with a more potent motor to handle heavier jobs


  • Price: It is expensive
  • Weight: This tool is not lightweight

Who Should Buy?

The Milwaukee 6538-21 is one of the top end Sawzall Reciprocating Saws available on the market today. Its 15A motor is powerful making it suitable for medium to large projects and cutting through both low and high-density materials. Its variable speed trigger and dial speed control give the user the option to vary the speed of the blade to achieve the desired finish whether rough or smooth.

All these features make this tool perfect for professional carpenters and woodworkers who will utilize all of its features to get the value for their money. Despite its steep price, the Milwaukee 6538-21 will prove a good purchase for people who work exclusively with wood because they will never find themselves lacking when using this powerful and versatile tool.

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