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Table saw reviews


The best table saws are the most versatile and productive tools to have in the workshop. Ask any professional woodworker around and they will tell you that by far their favorite tool in the workshop is the table saw. There is a reason for this! It allows you to cut stock very easily with little to no experience required. If you are fresh on the market for the best table saw money can buy, then you have come to the right place. Our table saw review should help guide you in the right direction.

To get a quick overview of the best table saw available right now, refer to our table below:


Product Name


Rip Capacity

Blade Angle


Current Price

Dewalt DWE7480 Portable Table Saw

1. DeWalt DWE7480 Portable Table Saw

15 Amps

24 - 1/2 in

0 - 45


Jet ProShop 708494K JPS-10TS Cabinet Table Saw

2. Jet ProShop 708494K JPS-10TS Cabinet Table Saw

1 - 3/4 HP

30 or 52 in

0 - 60


Dewalt DWE7491RS 10-Inch Jobsite Table Saw

3. DeWalt DWE7491RS Jobsite Table Saw

15 Amps

32 - 1/2 in

0 - 90


Shop Fox W1824 Hybrid Table Saw

4. Shop Fox W1824 Hybrid Table Saw

2 HP

30 in

0 - 45


Sawstop CNS175-TGP36 Contractor Table Saw

5. Sawstop CNS175-TGP36 Contractor Table Saw

1 - 3/4 HP

36 in

0 - 45


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5 Best Table Saws - Reviews

Without further ado, let us get started with our table saw review.

#1. DeWalt DWE7480 Portable Table Saw

Editor's Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Dewalt DWE7480 Portable Table Saw

The DeWalt DWE7480 is by far the best portable table saw out there. It has a fairly compact form factor measuring only 25.8 x 26.5 x 13.9 inches and weighing 45 lbs. It can easily be carried to the job and will comfortably fit in the trunk of a small car.

Despite being fairly small, this unit has a decent rip of 24-1/2 inches. This is not the largest in a table saw but it is definitely enough for trim material. Additionally, the powerful 15-Amp motor sends a rapid 4800 RPM to the 10 inches 24-tooth carbide blade. This is enough to cut right through any type of material, whether it is softwood or hardwood very easily.

For even more versatility, the blade angle can be adjusted anywhere from 0 - 45 degrees using the very convenient angle adjustment wheel fitted to the side of the device.

The fence in this portable table saw is what we like the most. It is equipped with a rack and pinion system that makes adjustments fast and easy. Furthermore, it can be securely locked in position to provide more accuracy on the job. But it does not stop there.

The whole device is supported by a metal roll cage base that provides a lot of stability and durability. This roll cage base does a great job minimizing vibrations thus helping boost accuracy and productivity.

Lastly, this model can be purchased with a stand for even more stability and accuracy. Of course, it will cost a little bit more.


  • Compact and portable. Weighs only 45 lbs. Can easily be carried to the job.
  • Powerful 15-Amp motor will cut through anything with great ease.
  • High quality and solid construction. Durable.
  • Table angle can be adjusted from 0 - 45 degrees for more versatility.
  • Rack and pinion system to adjust the fence.
  • Metal roll cage and base formal stability and lower vibration.
  • Blade guard for more security.


  • 24-1/2 inches rip is intended for medium size to small material.

Who should buy?

The DeWalt DWE7480 is intended mostly for those looking for a compact and portable table saw. This model is one of the best small table saw on the market and it still manages to deliver a fair amount of performance and versatility on the job. It is definitely the best job site table saw we know of.

#2. Jet ProShop 708494K JPS-10TS Cabinet Table Saw

Editor's Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

Jet ProShop 708494K JPS-10TS Cabinet Table Saw

For those looking for convenience as well as a performing table saw, the Jet Proshop 708494K is a well-regarded cabinet table saw. This model offers a wide surface area for you to work with great ease as well as offer the convenience of a cabinet to store your tools and other accessories. This contractor’s style table saw also offers a lot of versatility on the job.

The blades rotate at a decent 4,000 RPM that delivers a clean cut in a wide variety of material, ranging from softwood to hardwood. The blade can be adjusted anywhere from 0 to 60 degrees and the blades themselves are protected by a transparent blade protector guard. This allows you to see your cut in all safety.

Additionally, this model comes with a riving knife that separates your stock more easily after a cut. This knife serves a very practical purpose of helping reduce kickback. However, it can easily be removed with a quick release mechanism if you do not need this feature.

Lastly, ProShop gives you the option of choosing fence system with a rib capacity of either 32 or 52 inches which is very impressive. This allows you to work with very large materials. Furthermore, the wings are equally large to work with large stock easily. You also have a choice on the wings material, and choose between cast iron or stamped steel.


  • Supplied with removable riving knife.
  • Transparent blade guard.
  • Large 35 inches table span with option for fence of either 30 inches or 52 inches. Can work with large stock.
  • Cabinets allows you to store your tools and accessories.
  • Cast iron construction. Durable and long lasting.
  • Low vibrations and very accurate cut.


  • Aligning the blade to the miter slot can be difficult.

Who should buy?

The Jet ProShop 708494K is ideal for those looking for a table saw that can work with fairly large materials. It is heavily constructed and can withstand heavy-duty usage over a long period. You also have a lot of choice between the fence size and wing material. Bottom line, if you are looking for a cabinet table saw that is competitively priced, we cannot think of a better table saw than this model from ProShop. Go get it!

#3. DeWalt DWE7491RS Jobsite Table Saw

Editor's Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

Dewalt DWE7491RS Jobsite Table Saw

The DeWalt DWE7491RS is one of the most versatile model out there. This model consistently ranks among the top rated table saw by many table saw reviews found online. On the job, the DWE7491RS offers a lot of maneuverability thanks to its heavy-wheels than can easily roll over jobsite debris and other rough surfaces.

The rip capacity in this model is a decent 32-1/2 inches which allows it to work with large stock. The table capacity is also a decent 6-1/4 x 22 inches adequate for working with most commercially available material. Along with its powerful 15-Amp motor, it can cut through tough material like butter. It has an excellent depth of cut of 3-1/8 inches at 90 degrees and 2-1/4 inches at 45 degrees. The blades angle is easily adjusted and can be locked in position.

The 10 inches tungsten carbide blades can easily be adjusted with the angle clamp to produce angular cuts. The blades are tougher than other table saw models and appropriate for cutting more resistant material like hardwood.

Additionally, the fence is perfectly parallel to the miter slots and can easily be adjusted. One unique feature of this jobsite table saw is that the fence and stand can be retracted. This results in a table saw that can easily be moved around. For a cleaner cut, this model includes a 2-1/2 inches dust port to connect to your external vacuum or dust collection system.


  • Tough 10 inches tungsten carbide blades.
  • Plates are perfectly flat for more accuracy.
  • 2-1/2 inches dust port.
  • Blade can be tilted for angular cuts.
  • Rack and pinion fence system for accuracy and ease of use.


  • The price. It is a little bit on the expensive side.

Who should buy?

This model from DeWalt is unbeatable as a jobsite table saw. It offers a lot of convenience and can easily be move around thanks to its 2 rear wheels. It is also a solid performer and works well for a wide range of cutting applications. It is solidly-built and should last a long time. We definitely think the DWE7491RS is one of the best table saw money can buy right now, and work brilliantly as a jobsite table saw.

#4. Shop Fox W1824 Hybrid Table Saw

Editor's Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Shop Fox W1824 Hybrid Table Saw

As its name suggests, the Shop Fox W1824 is a little bit of everything when it comes to table saws. It is a hybrid table saw that is a cabinet-style and contractor-style saw.

You get the ease of use and large size of a contractor table saw and the transport convenience of a cabinet table saw. But it does not stop there. The W1824 contains a beefy 2 HP motor that allows it to cut through any type of material with exceptional ease.

This is a very high-quality model built from cast-iron that is durable and long lasting. Even the trunnions are from cast-iron. The table can be extended to offer more working space and made from a very low-friction material. This allows you to maneuver with greater ease when cutting using this table saw. Further, the 10 inches 40-tooth blades can quickly and easily be adjusted from 0 - 45 degrees with the angle adjustment turn wheel located right at the front of the unit.

The HDPE T-shape fence in this unit uses a Camlock system that allows you to lock the fence in position quickly and easily. The fence themselves are perfectly aligned to the miter slots and very easy to calibrate any misalignment.

Additionally, the riving knife is made from durable and tough metal that prevents the stock from pinching on the blade backside. This diminishes the risk of kickback and provides a more efficient and safer cut. Furthermore, the transparent blade guard allows you to see at all times the blade and your cut line. One additional feature in this model that is not found in most table saw is the inclusion of anti-kickback pawls. What this does is prevent the stock from traveling back and prevents kickback.

Overall, most hybrid table saw reviews rate this model very highly for its innovative features and ease of use. We equally do so.


  • Very high-quality build construction from cast-iron. Durable and long lasting.
  • Powerful 2 HP motor for superior performance.
  • Riving knife with anti-kickback pawls prevent kickback.
  • Adjustable blade angle from 0 - 45 degrees.
  • HDPE fence with camlock. Easy to lock or adjust.


  • The price. Definitely the price. It is an expensive model.

If you are looking for the convenience of a cabinet table saw and the large 58 x 36 x 40 inches working space of a contractor table saw, this model is by far the best hybrid table saw money can buy. It is very solidly built with excellent precision. It should last quite a while, even if used for heavy-duty applications.

#5. Sawstop CNS175-TGP36 Contractor Table Saw

Editor's Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

Sawstop CNS175-TGP36 Contractor Table Saw

We saved the best for last. The Sawstop CNS175-TGP36 is one of the best contractor table saw based on a majority contractor table saw reviews we checked. This popular contractor table saw offers a very wide work area of 69 1/8 inches. A wide work area is usually a trait of a contractor table saw and the Sawstop is no different. It is heavily built from cast-iron with details and precision in mind.

This model is equipped with a 36 inches professional fence and is easy to move, guide material, and lock in position. As expected, the 10 inches blades can easily be tilted at varying degrees to the left for angular cuts. The 1-3/4 HP motor is not the most powerful we have seen in this table saw review, but it is still powerful enough to cut any type of material with great ease.

The table offers a generous workspace of 20 x 27 inches that can be further extended thanks to its 12 x 27 inches wings. This model offers the largest work area and versatility when working with large pieces of stock.

But one of the biggest features in this model is its safety feature. This model can automatically detect a finger touching the blade and automatically lock the blades in 1/200 of a second. It can smartly differentiate between a person and wood. Needless to say, it is difficult to lose a finger with this table saw.

Additionally, the CNS175-TGP36 offers a 4 inches dust port to connect to your external vacuum system. This model is specially engineered so that the blades directs the sawdust under, towards the dust collection system and this leaves a clean work area regardless of how heavy-duty your application is. Neat!


  • Performing 1-3/4 HP motor can cut through material with great ease.
  • High-quality build construction from cast-iron. Durable and long lasting.
  • Safety feature that automatically locks the unit when a finger touches the blades.
  • Very wide work area of 20 x 27 inches with extendable 12 x 27 inches wings.


  • The price. It is expensive.

If you work with large materials and need all the space you can get, this model is by far one of the best contractor table saw for the money. It is solidly built and gets the job done with great ease.

Types of Table Saws

There are several types of table saws available on the market. Each suited for a particular job and work style. Here is an in-depth guide that will allow you to understand the different types of table saws available to you.

#1. Portable Table Saws

Dewalt Portable Table Saw


Portable table saws, as their name suggests are portable and can easily be carrying around in the workshop. This type of table saw usually have wheels and have a retractable form factor. This allows it to be easily folded so that they become even more compact and portable. Generally, portable table saws are also lighter than any other type of table saws. They can technically perform the same job as any other table saw with the convenience of being portable and lightweight.

While most table saws are made from cast aluminum for durability, portable table saws are usually made from aluminum that is lightweight but equally durable. They are not as powerful as other type of table saws since the pack is smaller motor, but in general is adequate for any type of general-purpose carpentry work. They still provide the performance, accuracy and versatility of a regular cabinet or contractor table saw.

Since they are small and lightweight, the portable table saw is one of the best “jobsite” table saw money can buy. However, they are usually smaller and not ideal for any type of professional or “heavy-duty” applications. The types of table saws discussed below are more geared towards professionals.


  • Light, compact and portable.
  • Can easily be carried to the jobsite.
  • Does not consume a lot of space.
  • Offers a lot of versatility and performs just as well as any other table saw.


  • Smaller and less powerful motor.
  • Small work table. Cannot work with very large stock.

The portable table saw is usually meant for those who need to carry their table saw do the job. If that is not the case, it can equally be used in a home and non-professional workshop with limited space.

#2. Contractor Table Saws

Contractor table saw

Originally, contractor table saws were mostly “portable” and designed to be carried from job to job. However, they are much heavier than portable table saws with an average weight between 250 lbs to 350lbs. Much heavier than portable table saws but the trunnions, arbor assembly and gearing are usually of lesser quality than in other types of table saws discussed below.

However, what demarks contractor table saws is usually their large wingspan that offers a lot of work area. The wings can either be built from cast-iron or other stamped metal. Additionally, the motor in a contractor table saw is found at the back, in an open-space making it easier to remove or fitted. Indeed, the original intent was that the motor of the table saw could easily be carried to the job and retrofitted to the table, where the motor connects to the arbor assembly by a single V-belt.


  • Usually more affordable than cabinet and hybrid table saws.
  • Offers a lot of space to work. Wings usually have a wide stretch.
  • Motor can be removed and easily connected to another contractor table.
  • Fairly stable, especially with cast-iron wings.


  • Arbor assembly connects to motor with a single V-belt. Not the most efficient or performing. Can generate vibrations and not the best for accurate cuts.

The contractor table saw is best for those who need a lot of work area and yet need portability as well. While contractor table saws are not the lightest, they usually sit on top of a stand and can be folded for portability. Additionally, with a solid cast-iron table and the appropriate blade, the contractor table saw is very versatile and able to work as a “heavy-duty” table saw.

#3. Cabinet Table Saws

 Best cabinet table saw

Cabinet table saws are in a way the opposite of a contractor table saw. They have a closed-design and sports more performing motors in the range of 3 HP to 5 HP compared to 1-1/2 HP to 1-3/4 HP for contractor table saws. They are used where performance and reliability is required in a table saw - usually for heavy-duty cutting applications.

The build construction in a cabinet table saw is much superior that any other type of table saws. They have a more robust arbor assembly, heavy trunnions and thicker cast-iron tables. They are also much heavier than other types sporting more robust motors. Unlike contractor table saws, this type of saw has a typically shorter table length, providing more stability rather than work area.

The heavier and bulkier construction means that cabinet styles produces less vibrations and are therefore more comfortable to work with. Additionally, cabinet table saws can cut through tough material like hardwood with greater easy and are ideal for “heavy-duty” work.

From a design perspective, cabinet table saws are a breed apart. The motor are encased inside the “cabinet”, away from reach and sight. Thick trunnions attaches both the motor and arbor assemby to the base of the “cabinet” and not the table as seen in other table saw types.

Generally, cabinet table saws have a better build construction, both inside as well as outside. They have a more precise table, higher quality arbor assembly and a more reliable fence system. They also sport more powerful motors in the range of 3 HP - 5 HP.


  • Superior build construction with thicker table, trunnions, and better arbor assemblies.
  • Lower vibrations produces more accurate cut results.
  • Sports more powerful motors.
  • Better fence system and comes with ultra-flat tables for more precision on the job.


  • They are usually more expensive.
  • Require 220V to operate because of the powerful motor.
  • Very heavy - can weigh more than 600 lbs.

Cabinet table saws are mostly made for professionals for heavy-duty applications. They are very precise tables that are equipped with more powerful motors that make cutting through material fast and easy. They cannot be moved around in the workshop, at least, not easily.

#4. Hybrid Table Saws

Hybrid table saw review

Hybrid table saws are a fairly new type of table saw that bridges the gap between a contractor table saw and a cabinet table saw. They are also at midpoint between those two models in terms of price. Some hybrid table saws may look like cabinet table saws with an enclosed motor in a cabinet while others look more like contractor styles with an open-style form factor on a stand. It basically depends on the manufacturer.

However, regardless of how they look, hybrid table saws have a much better build construction than other types of table saws- with more robust trunnions, arbor bearings and more advanced fence systems (still not as elaborate as cabinet table saws). Hybrids are also more accurate than contractor saws since the trunnions are fitted at the base, making miter slot alignment to the blades easier. Hybrid table saws, due to their advanced gear system, accuracy and more affordable price than cabinet table saw is quickly becoming the favorite table saw for home owners and DIY enthusiasts.


  • Superior components and build quality than contractor table saws.
  • Powerful 1-1/2 HP to 1 -3/4 HP motor with better gearing and drive belt system.
  • Easier to align the blades to the miter slots due to base trunnions placement.


  • More expensive than contractor table saws.
  • Usually quite small with small table (wings are still present and expandable).

Mostly for DIY enthusiasts, home renovators, decorators and even amateurs who need a reliable table saw with powerful and yet accurate cutting performance.

What to Look For When Buying a Table Saw

 How to buy table saw

#1. Buy Based on Your Need

The best table saw is one that is based on your need. You can think that buying a more expensive model will be more beneficial to you, but you would be wrong. If you do not need the wide space and powerful motor, you will have a hard time justifying its price. If you perform light and casual cabinet work and trim jobs, you do not need a heavy-duty table saw with a 5 HP motor.

#2. Choose the Right Type

As we have seen, there are several types of table saws. Each one is made for a specific purpose and suited for a specific work style. If you are required to carry your power tool to the job, then you need a jobsite table saw that is portable and light - not a cabinet style! At the limit best, you can go with the contractor table saw but ideally, you want a portable table saw for the job.

#3. Table Size

Your table with must be large enough to accommodate the material you will be working with. If you require a big work area on your table saw, then a contractor table saw in general have a generous wingspan as well as a larger fixed worktable. On the other hand, if you require precision more than space than a cabinet table saw is the right tool for the job. They are engineered to be more precise, deliver less vibrations and are more heavy-duty than other types of table saws.

#4. Motor Power

The higher the motor power, the more versatile the power to in terms of its ability to work with different types of materials with different densities. Of course, if you do not require the motor power and most of the time only work with low density material like softwood then you can safely go with a lower powered model. You will also save some cash this way since motor power is generally proportional to price.

5. Blade Angle

If you are planning to perform angular cuts on your stock, your table saw should provide you with easy options to adjust the angle of the blade quickly and easily.

6. Construction Quality

Keep an eye out for the construction quality. Not all table saws are built equal and some have better quality than others.

7. Wood Router

If you want to accommodate a wood router to your table, is it possible with that model? That’s the question to ask!

8. Fence

Pay close attention to how the fence works on the table saw. Usually, a Camlock or a rack and pinion system is preferred for the most accurate and user-friendly fence maneuverability.


We come to the end of this table saw review. As we have seen, there is a model for every type of job and every budget out there. If you have still not found the best table saw for your need, we recommend that you go through this review one more time.

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