51 Free Portable Workbench Plans to Get You Started Woodworking

Workbench Plan

A workbench is the center of your wood shop. In addition to providing you with a comfortable furniture for carrying out your work, the workbench also provides safety and a reliable and height-appropriate base for many attachments.

Maybe you are just setting out in your DIY journey and you need a workbench, or maybe you just have a good reason for wanting to build it yourself, you should know that you are not alone.

Lots of DIY folks have built different workbenches over the years, and some good ones even decided to put up their plans on the Internet. Following is a list of these amazing workbench plans, which we've put together to help inspire you in building your own bench.

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1. All-Purpose Workbench with Tie Connectors Tutorial

All-Purpose Workbench with Tie Connectors Tutorial

You can either follow the step by step tutorial here or watch the video if you are the video type. This DIY workbench is simple and neat, and it comes with a Simpson tie connector to hold the corners of the bench in place and keep it solid.

Materials will cost about $120, including wood and hardware. This workbench is 90 inches wide, 38 inches high, and 24 inches deep.

The tutorial is well presented and includes lots of pictures to better explain the processes to you. You will need a saw, a screwdriver, and glue to get this job done.

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2. The Ultimate Mobile Workbench DIY Tutorial

The Ultimate Mobile Workbench DIY Tutorial

The Ultimate Mobile Workbench is a great name for a workbench, and it's not a joke. This workbench offers some amazing features that you'll appreciate if you are working in a shop with limited space.

It's sturdy, mobile, has lots of shelf space, and you can adjust its benchtop vertically to fit your needs.

This tutorial is long and has detailed instructions. You will need a miter saw, a drill, and clamps, as well as other standard woodworking tools. Supplies will set you back about $150.

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3. $100 DIY Mobile Workbench Tutorial

$100 DIY Mobile Workbench Tutorial

At 96 inches long and 48 inches wide, this workbench is as large as DIY wooden workbenches can get. It's made from 2x4s and plywood, offers lots of shelf space, and rolls on casters.

If you are interested in building this one, you will need about $100 for materials, or $150 if you feel like going with premium wood.

Making the frame and adding the shelves and countertop is pretty straightforward. All you need is a saw to cut the 2x4s and a jigsaw to trim the plywood.

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4. Simple but Cute DIY Workbench with Vice Plans

Simple but Cute DIY Workbench with Vice Plans

Everyone doesn't have to build the same way. This workbench uses lots of large screws for the frame, giving it a unique appearance. It also joins strips of wood together to make the top, creating a lovely and functional work of art.

Building a workbench as stylish as this is a challenge, and you'll have to decide if you need the vise or not. The tabletop is 54 inches wide and 29 deep.

Necessary tools include a dowel jig, a circular saw, drill, and a block plane. The detailed DIY workbench plans are also available for download in PDF format.

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5. Simple DIY Workbench Tutorial

Simple DIY Workbench Tutorial

Here's a simple homemade workbench plan that anyone can try their hands on. There are no fancy designs or attachments, and the bench is very and reliable.

You get a 36 inches tall and 72 inches wide bench, with a depth of 24 inches. You will need about 4 hours to build the entire thing and materials will cost about $35.

A few pictures show you how simple it is to build this table using the 13-step tutorial. You will need a pocket hole jig, a circular saw, and a driver or nail gun.

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6. DIY Garage Workbench Tutorial

DIY Garage Workbench Tutorial

For a little over $100, you too can build this fold-up garage workbench. The workbench idea is a top-shelf cover which can fold up to increase the tabletop space or fold down to close the shelf and make way for your car.

Most people can build this project since it's rather simple. Needed tools included a circular saw, a drill, and a jigsaw.

You get a 6-step tutorial with nice pictures and diagrams, plus a downloadable PDF project file with everything you need.

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7. Simple & Portable DIY Workbench Plans

Simple & Portable DIY Workbench Plans

Jamison, the Rogue Engineer shows you how to make a workbench the fast and easy way. It will cost just $75 and you'll be done in less than an hour.

A big plus here is that you only use half of the MDF, so a second bench will even come cheaper, bringing the price of 2 benches to just $90.

It's 36 inches high, 49 wide, and 24 deep. All you need is to assemble the frame using 2x4s, then nail in the lower shelf and the top using a brad nailer.

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8. Heavy-Duty Workbench DIY Guide

Heavy-Duty Workbench DIY Guide

This guide shows you how to build a heavy-duty workbench that you can load up with everything you want, and it will remain straight.

It's affordable at $120, which includes the cost of the Simpson rigid tie connectors and 4 caster wheels. A handsaw and a drill will do for this job, although having an impact driver and a miter saw would be great.

There is a 6-step tutorial to lead you through the steps. You will easily understand the steps because they are well explained and include clear pictures.

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9. DIY Children's Workbench Tutorial

DIY Children's Workbench Tutorial

What better way to reward and encourage your little helper than to build him this simple workbench with lower and upper shelves.

The simple workbench plans are contained in a PDF file which you can also download and print out if you like. The bench top is 23 inches high, while the upper shelve is 39 inches high.

You will only need simple tools like a saw, a drill, and a pocket hole jig. The 3 pages of this PDF contain well-labeled diagrams, plus a 4-step construction guide.

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10. Ashley's DIY Rolling Workbench Plans

Ashley's DIY Rolling Workbench Plans

Ashley from Shanty2Chic built this one for herself. It's a large bench whose top is 96 inches long and 24 inches wide. The legs come from 2x4s and 2x6s.

You will need to download the plans by clicking on the provided link. Everything inside is color-coded to make it easy to understand, plus a 5-step construction guide to lead you along.

On the blog page, she has a very detailed step by step guide with lots of bright pictures. You'll be needing glue, a brad nailer, a saw, and a Kreg Jig to complete this project.

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11. Super Tough Workbench Free DIY Plans

Super Tough Workbench Free DIY Plans

Available also in video format, this tutorial will teach you how to build a workbench that is strong and stable. It will cost you about $50 in materials, or more if you want elegant materials.

The tutorial has 6 steps, including cutting, assembly, top and trim installation, plus the finishing. You also get an exploded project view and a cutting diagram.

Required tools include a circular saw, a drill/driver, framing square, clamps, and a hammer.

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12. Sturdy Garage Workbench without Legs

Sturdy Garage Workbench without Legs

If you are looking for a space-saving workbench design, then here's one possible solution. It's strong and can be any height or length that you want, plus, it has no legs. You should have a wall with studs though if you want this to work.

You will mostly need 2x4s for the frame and particle board or plywood for the top surface. In addition to wood, you will also need angled steel brackets to help hold the table.

A 5-step guide leads you through the construction process, and a few pictures help to make the idea easier to understand.

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13.  Easy to Build Workbench DIY Tutorial

Easy to Build Workbench DIY Tutorial

Here we have one of the simplest shop workbench plans in this list. It's made up of 2 frames on each side, which are held together using dowels, plus an old door from the 1950s as its top surface.

This bench is 30 inches high and 20 deep. The size of the door that you'll be using will also determine the final size of your workbench.

A large part of this tutorial focuses on showing you how to make dowel joints without a dowel jig. If you can get it done, then the rest of the building process becomes easy.

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14. DIY Timber Workbench in 8 Steps

DIY Timber Workbench in 8 Steps

If you have access to trees and a chainsaw, then here's a fun project that you might like. The tutorial begins with finding a tree and cutting it into the pieces you need.

Another interesting thing is the use of pipes in this construction. So many parts were built using these black pipes, including a napkin holder, a swivel stool attachment, and supports for the bench top.

This tutorial includes plenty of pictures, which should help you to get the big picture. Still, you are free to add your own creativity, all you need is raw timber and a chainsaw.

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15. Portable DIY Workbench with Adjustable Shelves Plan

Portable DIY Workbench with Adjustable Shelves Plan

Here comes another project from Jamison, the Rogue engineer. This time around, we have a portable workbench on wheels, and with adjustable shelves.

It's 36 inches high, 38 inches deep and 48 inches wide. You get downloadable PDF plans, plus a 6-step building guide with more pictures than you handle.

If you would like to build this project, then in addition to normal tools like a saw and a drill, you'll need a pocket hole jig and the Kreg Shelf Pin Jig or something similar.

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16. Easy & Sturdy Workbench Plans

Easy & Sturdy Workbench Plans

Requiring just a drill and a circular saw, these free woodworking bench plans are for anyone who wants to build an easy but reliable workbench.

You can download the plans with a click. The 2-page plans contain a lumber and hardware list, plus exploded views of the workbench in detail.

This bench is 33 inches high, 62 inches wide, and 24 inches deep. The top comes from an MDF sheet, while the legs come from 4x4s, and its joints fixed with dowels.

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17. Free DIY 2 x 4 Workbench Plans

Free DIY 2 x 4 Workbench Plans

For this workbench, you'll need 2x4 lumber for the legs and side stretches, plus plywood or OSB for the bench top and bottom shelf.

The workbench is 45 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and 30 inches high. You can get it done in less than a day and for about $50.

There are detailed and color-coded drawings, which show you exactly what you have to do, plus step by step instructions, which show you the best way to build this workbench.

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18. Ana White's Ultimate Workbench Plans

Ana White's Ultimate Workbench Plans

Ana White built this roll-away workbench system as her entry into Ryobi's Blogger Build-Off. It has 3 parts; the center miter saw table and 2 roll-away side carts.

You should know that you need a miter saw to benefit from this table. The tops of the 2 carts can be used for assembly or for sanding and finishing jobs, while their inner shelves are good for storing all kinds of tools.

This is a complex project and it requires more money, time and dedication than most other benches on this list, and still, it could be worth it for you. The entire thing is 128 inches wide, 40 inches high, and 31 inches deep.

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19. Lightweight DIY Drop Down Workbench Tutorial

Lightweight DIY Drop Down Workbench Tutorial

With its simple idea of using a solid core door as the tabletop, plus its two foldable legs, this project provides the perfect solution for those who need a small workbench plan.

Since you'll be using a door, the workbench will be around 80 inches wide and 30 inches deep. Its height will be left for you to decide though since you'll need to customize it.

In order to build this table with one side hanging on the wall, you'll need a pocket hole jig, a circular saw, a drill, a sander, and a miter saw.

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20. Easy & Affordable DIY Workbench Tutorial

Easy & Affordable DIY Workbench Tutorial

You can build this one for less than $50 and in just a few hours. Although it's made primarily from 2x4s, the legs got doubled to get the thickness of a 4x4.

The benchtop itself measures 55 x 34.5 inches and is 36 inches high. It comes from plywood, including the lower shelf as well, which measures 48 x 34.5 inches.

A 4-step building guide leads you through the process. You will need a cordless saw, a drill, and a brad nailer for this project, although you can also do well with a hammer and a hand saw.

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21. The $70 & 4-Hour Compact Workbench Tutorial

The $70 & 4-Hour Compact Workbench Tutorial

This compact workbench is 46 inches wide, 28 inches deep, and it has a benchtop height of 34.5 inches. You can build it using 2x6s and 1x4s. For tools, you'll need clamps, a brush, a square, a saw, and a drill.

If you've got any interest in this project, then you should consider if it's right for you, because it's very specialized and its original builder had a purpose in mind when he built it.

With its 7-step guide, you witness as a few pieces of lumber become transformed into a red and black beauty. Priming and painting it finishes the job. You will need about 4 hours of build time and $70 in materials for this.

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22. Classy & Elegant DIY Workbench Plans

Classy & Elegant DIY Workbench Plans

A workbench doesn't have to be boring and uninviting, it can also be a beautiful, well-stained and lovely piece of furniture. This is what this guide teaches you, and it includes a tutorial video too.

You'll need a circular or miter saw, a drill, and a sander. The entire construction cost about $175, but you could cut costs if you use only a sheet of plywood.

The tutorial is short and sweet. There are pictures to show you what's going on and a list of all the tools and supplies that you'll need for the build.

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23. DIY Stable & Tough Budget Workbench Tutorial

DIY Stable & Tough Budget Workbench Tutorial

A budget workbench can also be stable and tough. This one costs less than $100 to make and needs just an afternoon of your time to build.

There are 3 steps in this guide and just 3 images, so it's not very beginner-friendly, but if you trust your woodworking skills, then it's okay.

Required tools include a circular saw, a hammer, clamps, and an adjustable wrench.

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24. How To Build a Traditional Workbench Tutorial

How To Build a Traditional Workbench Tutorial

The grand-daddy of all workbench plans is here. This 60-page guide has the sole purpose of teaching you how to build a traditional workbench that you'll never stop to admire.

There are 2 vises here, a front vise and an end vise. Each of these vises, as well as the other parts of the bench, get a detailed explanation with pictures in this tutorial.

This project is not for beginners or anyone who isn't dedicated. You'll have to be ready to see it through to the end before you start.

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25. KD Nicholson workbench Plans

KD Nicholson workbench Plans

The KD Nicholson bench is one of the 2 popular Nicholson benches, with the other being the Naked Nicholson. If you are unaware of Nicholson benches, they are unique, sturdy, very stylish, and come with lots of hold-fast holes.

You'll need good woodworking skills to work on this project because there are just 3 pages in the PDF plans. There is no step by step tutorial, and no pictures, just the plans.

26. Rolling workbench 6-Step DIY Guide

Rolling workbench 6-Step DIY Guide

A perfect example of creatively building, this workbench came as inspiration from the benches of Shanty2Chick and Amy White. Moreover, it cost just $35 to build.

You can either build it exactly like it is or make your own changes. It is 81 inches wide and 27 deep. The legs come from solid 4x4s and then supported with 2x4s.

The 6-step guide shows you how to build this workbench from the cutting of the lumbers, to making of the frame, and the last assembly.

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27. Fold-Down Workbench Tutorial

Fold-Down Workbench Tutorial

Space is often an issue in most woodworking shops, so here's another DIY fold-down workbench tutorial to help you save space.

This project is cheap and requires just a sheet of plywood, 2x4 boards, and a piano hinge. The step by step pictures show you how to build this unique construction from beginning to finish.

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28. Ana's 8-Step Sturdy Work Bench Tutorial

Ana's 8-Step Sturdy Work Bench Tutorial

With this tutorial, you can build a nice workbench which is 48 inches wide, 34 inches high, and 24 inches deep. It features a unique design, which makes it quite sturdy using a combination of 2x4 boards.

It will cost you less than $50 to make this workbench using the included 8-step guide. The guide begins with the cutting of the 2x4s to length.

While the legs here got cut to 33 inches, you should cut yours to a height which best matches you.

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29. Solid & Elegant Workbench Plans

Solid & Elegant Workbench Plans

If you want a workbench that you can admire, then here's another project to take a look at. It comes with 7 drawers and includes a vise.

The full dimensions are not given but it should measure around 50 inches in width and over 30 inches in height. There are 10 steps in this tutorial, and each one includes a picture and a short description.

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30. How to Build a Workbench the Old Way

How to Build a Workbench the Old Way

Paul Sellers DIY workbench tutorial focuses on building a sturdy workbench using hand tools only, just the way it was done a long time ago.

Although power tools have almost become the standard woodworking tools, you will still learn a thing or two from Paul's tutorial.

He uses a chisel and mallet to make mortises, a hand plane to smoothen things out, and a handsaw to make his cuts. This is true passion and you too can experience it.

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31. Dave Flanagan's Fold-Up Workbench

Dave Flanagan's Fold-Up Workbench

Dave's workbench is designed to be easy to make and use, as well as easily foldable when not needed. This is important if you have little place.

You'll need mostly 1x4s and 2x4s for this project, including simple tools such as a drill, a saw, and either a hammer or a nail gun.

There is a cut list diagram, plus well-labeled photos of the bench to guide you during the build. It is 48 inches wide and you can make it as high as you want.

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32. Heavy-Duty Garage Workbench Idea

Heavy-Duty Garage Workbench Idea

Heavy-duty construction requires heavy-duty materials and that is why the legs of this garage workbench are made from 4x4s, while the rest of the frame is made using 2x6s.

You can build this free workbench plan in a single weekend or less. It is 48 inches wide and 24 inches deep, plus a height of 30 inches.

A miter saw is required for this project to make angled cuts. You will also require a drill and a router.

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33. Simple & Sturdy Garage Workbench Plans

Simple & Sturdy Garage Workbench Plans

Here's a nice garage workbench tutorial that'll cost you less than $100 and 3 hours of work. It is sturdy and looks great, and is built from 4x4s and 2x6s.

This tutorial's list of needed tools includes a drill, a rubber mallet, and a circular saw, although many cuts in the tutorial were made with a hand saw.

Lots of included pictures take you step by step through the simple building process. This bench is 60 inches wide, 27.5 deep, and 42 inches high.

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34. Chris Gardner's Ultimate Garage Workbench Tutorial

Chris Gardner's Ultimate Garage Workbench Tutorial

Chris Gardner joins the list of DIY woodworkers who have released free ultimate workbench plans. His ultimate workbench is 32.5 inches high and is a full 84 inches wide.

Clicking on a link takes you to the download page of the free printable plans. You'll need to subscribe first though before you can get the PDF file.

This PDF file explains in detail how Chris made those lovely joints with the 16.5-inch bolts. Else, the rest of the tutorial is equally full of information and pictures.

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35. DIY Workbench with Overhead Light Tutorial

DIY Workbench with Overhead Light Tutorial

The team from Ginger & The Huth built this workbench using plans from the Family Handyman, and which they include its link as well.

It's not a super-sturdy bench, but it's stable and strong. It will cost you about $80 in materials to build and you'll need just standard tools like a saw, a drill, tape measure e.t.c.

They include pictures of the building process in a step by step way, with each step properly explained, and this makes this tutorial easy to follow.

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36. Bob's 52-Page Garage Workbench Plans

Bob's 52-Page Garage Workbench Plans

Bob put a lot of work into this project, and so too must you if you decide to build it. This workbench is beautiful enough for even a living room, and it is still as sturdy and functional as it should be.

Its 52-page plans contains lots of information and is very detailed. You will need a good level of woodworking skills to take on this project because it is not simple.

If you manage to pull it off though, then this is one workbench that you'll alwyas be proud of for decades to come.

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37. Compact & Pretty in Red Mobile Workbench Plans

Compact & Pretty in Red Mobile Workbench Plans

You'll need to have a rolling cabinet for this project. The type which is usually considered a mechanic's cabinet and made from metal.

The goal here is to add a wooden bench top, with a vise and a magnetic toolbar for organizing your tools. You can also include a power strip underneath the top to power your tools.

Depending on the cabinet you chose to transform, you can also be able to make other enhancements to it.

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38. Sleek & Super Sturdy Workbench DIY Tutorial

Compact & Pretty in Red Mobile Workbench Plans

For those who want an easy to build, but sturdy workbench, these free workbench plans offer the solution.

What you get is a 9-step tutorial beginning from the drilling of pocket holes, to the installation of casters to keep this workbench mobile.

The benchtop measures 48 x 32 inches and is about 28 inches high. You'll need a drill, a pocket hole jig, and a saw for this one.

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39. Simple & Modular Workbench Guide

Simple & Modular Workbench Guide

A plywood board and a set of adjustable bench legs, plus casters are all you need to build this workbench, and if you like, you can build one and get a larger bench top.

The tutorial is well laid out and includes many photos, enabling you to quickly understand what you have to do.

You should note that the adjustable legs are metallic though, but having a wooden desktop makes the workbench better looking.

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40. Free DIY Compact Fliptop Workbench Cart Tutorial

Free DIY Compact Fliptop Workbench Cart Tutorial

Thinking about this idea for a while will make it clear to you just how clever it is. The idea is to build a workbench with a benchtop that can rotate 360 degrees because it pivots in the center.

Such a construction allows you to mount a shop tool like a saw on one side and have the other side free for general work.

It mounts on casters and is 29 inches tall, 34 inches wide, and 14 inches deep.

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41. Sturdy & Inexpensive DIY Workbench Tutorial

Sturdy & Inexpensive DIY Workbench Tutorial

Building a heavy-duty workbench can be fun and easy using this guide. You can also watch the included video tutorial if you prefer videos.

There are 5 steps in the tutorial and they all include helpful pictures. This workbench is 32 inches high, 32 inches deep, and 76 inches wide.

The frame is built using 2x4s, while you'll need a solid core wooden door for the top. You'll need a saw, a drill, and an optional brad nailer.

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42. DIY Modular Workbench with Amazing Features Guide

DIY Modular Workbench with Amazing Features Guide

Designed for small shops or garages with limited space, this workbench offers lots of impressive features, including a flip-up table, a roll-out table saw stand, a slide out panel, and overhead cabinets.

Although easy and inexpensive to build, you should note that this project is not a simple one. So, you better be ready if you want to tackle it.

It includes a 7-step guide which leads you through the construction steps, including pictures and diagrams for easier understanding.

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43. Easy DIY $20 Workbench Tutorial

Easy DIY $20 Workbench Tutorial

Using 2x4 boards to make the frame and OSB sheets for the top and lower shelf, this project is simple and straightforward. The bench is 32 inches high, 26 deep, and 49 inches wide.

You'll need a circular saw at least, for this project, but having a table or miter saw will speed things up.

For such a simple construction, this tutorial is very long and detailed, but this is to your advantage because every topic is discussed and every possible question is also answered.

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44. Elegant & Sturdy DIY Workbench Plans

Elegant & Sturdy DIY Workbench Plans

These DIY workbench plans come in 10 pages and aim to show you the method of building a workbench with mortises and dowels together.

There is not much talk in these plans. What you get are lots of diagrams with detailed labeling and lists of the materials that you'll need.

Doing this job right will need a router, a table or miter saw, plus a drill and a wrench. The entire thing is 51 inches wide and inches high.

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45. Simple & Efficient $50 Workbench

Simple & Efficient $50 Workbench

Here we have another take on this workbench design. It cost about $50 to make and should take you 2 to 3 hours to complete.

The frame is simple and made from 2x4 boards, with the top made from 1/2-inch plywood. You will also need lighting for the top shelf, although the choice here is yours.

Tools you'll be needing for this project include a circular saw, a drill, safety glasses, a miter saw, straightedge, and a tape measure.

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46. Folding Workbench from Plywood Tutorial

Folding Workbench from Plywood Tutorial

Using plywood and some galvanized pipes, you can build this folding workbench in just a few hours and for about $100.

It consists of a center table which measures 12 x 46 inches and 2 folding sides which each measure 17 x 31 inches. With both sides flipped up, you get a very large workbench.

The 2 sides have supports from galvanized pipes and the center table includes 3 shelves for storage.

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47. Corey's $60 Ultimate Workbench Tutorial

Corey's $60 Ultimate Workbench Tutorial

Corey's ultimate workbench is truly a piece of innovation. It includes lots of useful features like a table saw, tool storage, charging station, workspace, sawdust collection, air compressor and hose storage, plus it is mobile.

This bench is also very beautiful. Corey shows you how she built each step of it, starting from the frame until she installed her clamp tracks on the bench top.

If you are going to build this, note that the $60 is just for wood supplies. So the extra features will cost more money, depending on how much features you want.

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48. DIY Simple Workbench Plans

DIY Simple Workbench Plans

Building a workshop bench doesn't have to be difficult, it can also be fast and easy. These DIY plans present a workbench that is sturdy, reliable, and cheap to build.

You are still allowed to make some choices, like choosing between 4x4s and 2x4s for the legs. You are also free to choose the distance between legs, depending on how much weight you expect it to carry.

This tutorial does not take you by the hand lead you in a  step by step way. Rather it explains what you have to do, but still allows you the freedom to make the final choice.

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49. Wall-Mounted Double Shelf DIY Workbench Plans

Wall-Mounted Double Shelf DIY Workbench Plans

This is another project for those with little space. The workbench is wall-mounted and you can push one side of it upwards to make space, while it turns into a double-shelf.

You get the plans, plus pictures of a working bench, and a cut list for building it. The tutorial is not the best and could have been a little more detailed, but the diagrams are very good and give enough information.

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50. Traditional Workbench DIY Guide

Traditional Workbench DIY Guide

If you have access to construction-grade lumber and you are ready to build something amazing, then here you are.

This workbench looks and feels solid because it truly is solid. It includes a front and an end vise, plus bench-dog hole on the bench top and on the vises.

You could get a little creative if you like, and add modern features like a power strip or charging station to this workbench for an upgrade.

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51. Easy DIY Step by Step Workbench Tutorial

Easy DIY Step by Step Workbench Tutorial

Our last workbench tutorial has 2 sets of 5-step tutorials, one for the benchtop and the other for the legs. The workbench itself is so simple that you can build it without a tutorial.

The benchtop measures 60 x 30 inches and is 34 inches high. You can, of course, vary your own measurements to fit your needs.

Required tools include a circular saw, a drill, a belt sander and other basic tools and accessories.

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We have reached the end of this long list of workbench plans and you've definitely found what you would love to build by now.

Be sure to bookmark this page, pin any images or share this list through social media. This way, you can always come back to it.

Also feel free to drop us a few lines in the comments section and let us know what you are up to.

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