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Delta Power Tools 40-694 20-Inch Scroll Saw Review

At first glance, the Delta Power Tool 40-694 does not look like it can accomplish much. It looks rather simplistic and most beginner woodworkers would be forgiven to not think much of it. But they would be wrong! This scroll saw is a popular model found in many wood training schools and professional carpentry workshops. It’s […]

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Shop Fox W1668 13-Inch Drill Press Review

The Shop Fox W1668 Benchtop is a popular and versatile drill press. Ever since its introduction 10 years ago, Shop Fox has sold thousands of units and many people seem to be fairly satisfied with it – from beginners to experts alike. It has favorable ratings, a good price and good specs – the whole […]

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Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Drill Press Review

Delta 18-900L is a powerful and high quality drill press with industrial grade capabilities. The key quality features in this equipment include the 16-speed motor with a speed range of 170-3,000 rpm, a 3/4 HP induction motor, and its easy speed changing mechanism. This is a study machine that makes drilling of materials comfortable and […]

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Top 5 Scroll Saw Problems – How to Improve

The scroll saw’s unparalleleded precision gives you full control over your creativity and designs. It has the ability to easily interchange blades and effectively cut wood, metal, glass or plastic. The scroll saw is the best tool on any avid woodworker’s shop but it isn’t without its flaws. So what are the top 5 main scroll […]

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How to Choose Right Jigsaw Blade for Your Next project?

Image source A jigsaw is a very popular and valuable power tool which is used for a wide range of cutting applications. When used as recommended, it is free from harm, user-friendly and most importantly, offers enhanced accuracy without requiring you to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on an expensive cutting machine. However, a jigsaw […]

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Scroll Saw Blade: Understanding & How to Choose

There are many types of scroll saw blades available on the market. In fact, it can quickly become confusing to beginners who have no prior knowledge or experience working with different types of blades. Knowing which type of blade to use makes you much more productive when cutting wood. It also renders the whole process more […]

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