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Bosch ROS20VSK vs. DeWalt D26451K – The R.O.S Competition

Both the Bosch ROS20VSK and the DeWalt D26451K are affordable random orbital sander solutions. They have nearly similar features and specs, making it confusing for many woodworkers to choose the best model for the job. So which one will provide the better value for money? That is what we will find out in this comparisons guide!If […]

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Scroll Saw Blade: Understanding & How to Choose

There are many types of scroll saw blades available on the market. In fact, it can quickly become confusing to beginners who have no prior knowledge or experience working with different types of blades. Knowing which type of blade to use makes you much more productive when cutting wood. It also renders the whole process more […]

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DeWalt D26451K vs. DeWalt D26453K – Which is the Best R.O.S?

Finding a good random orbital sander can be challenging. There are many good models out there with almost similar prices and features making it tough to pick a good model. Additionally, popular kits like the DeWalt D26451K and the DeWalt D26453K often create confusion because they both have so much good reviews. We have already compared […]

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DeWalt D26451 vs. DeWalt D26453 – Which One Should You Buy?

The DeWalt D26451 and DeWalt D26453 are both popular and budget-friendly random orbital sander models. They have almost the same features and looks, making it hard to choose one over the other.  In the past, we make the comparison of D26451K vs. D26453K. Today, we are going to compare DeWalt D26451 vs DeWalt D26453 and see […]

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5 Best Coping Saws in 2019 | Coping Saw vs. Fret Saw

Image source If you’ve ever wondered how intricate shapes on moldings are cut, it was probably the handiwork of a coping saw. A coping saw is a handsaw with a slim blade attached to a ‘U’ shaped bracket. It is a common woodworking tool, used extensively to cut curves, remove waste from dovetails and joining and […]

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DEWALT DW 716 Miter Saw – Read Our Latest Review

When making sensitive wood pieces like crown moldings, it is important to have an accurate and powerful wood cutting tool. After all, those pieces do not forgive mistakes. One power tool that excels in making those parts is the DeWalt DW716 miter saw. In this DeWalt DW716 review, we are going to explore some of its […]

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5 Best Wood Jointers 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

If you are serious about woodworking and want to save time by making cheap uneven wood straight, the jointer is an indispensable tool in your workshop. >> Click Here to Skip Our Review and See Our Favorite Wood Joiner If you have been looking for a good quality jointer lately, then you’re in luck! Our jointer reviews […]

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Hitachi NR90AE Review – Should We Buy This Framing Nailer?

Hitachi needs little introduction when it comes to construction machineries. It is a well-known name in the power tool technology sector and their new NR90AE framing nailer does not disappoint. An extremely light weight tool with ideal power to weight ratio, this power tool is making headlines all over. Let’s have a look over some of […]

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Porter Cable 352VS vs. Makita 9903 – Belt Sander Comparison

If you have been researching on portable belt sanders then you have surely come across the Porter-Cable 352VS and the Makita 9903. They are both excellent portable sanding solutions and have fairly similar features. How do you choose between those two? That is exactly what we will find out in this Porter-Cable 352VS vs Makita […]

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