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5 Best Pin Nailers to Buy In 2021

A pin nailer is a power tool that looks very similar to a brad nailer used for delicate and discreet nailing. They are exclusively pneumatic power tools which require an air compressor to work. Pin nailers are even more accurate than brad nailers or other nail gun types and usually use much smaller 23-gauge headless […]

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Bosch 1617EVS Fixed-Base Router Review

The Bosch 1617EVS is a fixed base wood router that sports a powerful motor and a variable speed control. It has the same features and specs as the combo kit model: Bosch 1617EVSPK that comes with both a fixed and plunge base but offered at a more affordable price. If you are on the market […]

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Craftsman 12-Inch Stationary Drill Press Review

The drill press is an indispensable power tool in the workshop for both casual and professional users. It allows you to perform accurate and speedy drilling in material without much effort. If you are on the lookout for an affordable and quality drill press, the 12-Speed Craftsman 12-In Drill Press has been a longstanding candidate […]

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What’s Drill Press Swing?

The drill press swing is a term that you often encounter. It can appear intimidating, especially if you have never owned a drill press before and looking to buy one. To add to the confusion, drill press reviews, and even manufacturers often list this term as one of their main selling points – even including […]

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WEN 3920 Scroll Saw Review

Over the years, the WEN 3920 has built a solid reputation on being the go-to scroll saw for beginners. It has a very attractive price, good build quality and easy to use. But does this entry-level scroll saw belong in your workshop and is it suited for your need? That is what we will find […]

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DeWalt DW618PK Wood Router Review

The wood router is a popular power tool you often find in the workshop. They are very versatile woodworking tools that allow you to make a wide selection of professional edges, dados, mortices amongst others in wood.One of the current affordable champions of wood routers is the Dewalt DW618PK. This “old-school” wood router released 15 […]

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