WEN 4225 15-Inch Floor Drill Press Review

For busy professionals out there, we know how hard it is to find a performing and high-quality drill press. Many models promise the moon without delivering. Today, we will review one of the webs most well regarded professional drill press - the WEN 4225. It has a lot of interesting features and benefits, all powered by a beefy 8.6 Amp motor. But before going ahead and purchasing this model, let us find out if it is the right power tool for the job or not.

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WEN 4225 15-Inch Drill Press Review

#1. Features


WEN 4225 8.6 Amp Floor Standing Drill Press, 15

Power is at the core of the WEN 4225. It sports an agile and robust inductive motor rated at 8.6-Amp. This unit can drill through any type of material, from hardened steel to softwood with the same ease. A powerful motor allows you to deliver a standard and professional drilling finish that looks as if it was machined-finished. You can only obtain that kind of result when using the right drill bit, and having a very powerful motor. It will not stall or chock on anything. However, it is still not the most powerful drill press in WEN’s line of drill presses. This title belongs to the WEN 4227 rated at 13 Amps. Beastly!


We all like speed, especially in a drill press. This WEN drill press has an “excellent” variable speed of 280 - 3300 RPM. You are not limited by any speed preset value as with models like the WEN 4210 or WEN 4208. It offers an "unlimited" range of speed adjustments for versatility and ability to adapt to the material density. If you work with different types of materials every day, you know how important this feature is.

In addition to the speed, the speed control knob makes it easy to change speed on the fly. You will not have to open the motor pack and adjust the belt tensioning system with this model. It does everything for you, automatically.


This WEN drill press is fairly big, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. On the contrary. It has a very generous 15 inches swing size which is more than welcome in the workshop. At this size, you can comfortably work with material of almost any size. A 15-inch swing means that it will allow drilling in material of up to 7.5 inches from the spindle to the edge of the material. It is plenty big for drilling in any type of commercially available material like plastic sheets, ceramics, tiles, wood planks, etc.

If you still require a larger swing size, then you can go with the WEN 4227 that offers a 17 inches swing. Granted, that might be overkill for some but will prove to be very useful if you require drilling on large stock. You can always use the extra space and additional features.

Furthermore, the spindle travel of 4 inches will allow you to drill very deep holes in thick material. This is handy when working with 4x4 boards, for example. In any case, you will not be limited in any way as 4 inches spindle travel is more than enough for almost anyone in their day to day drilling activities.

The chuck capacity accommodates 5/8 inch shank drill bits which is excellent for doing professional work. Many professional drill bits for wood and metal come with a 5/8 inch shank and we’re happy to see than WEN got us covered on this one. The 5/8 inch chuck matches the power of this drill press perfectly. You can also use an “adapter” for the chuck to make it accommodate 1/2 inch or 1/4 inch shanks quite easily. We don’t see the point, but it’s good to note that it is a possibility.

The table size is a very spacious 12 x 12 inches. This large space will welcome large materials with great ease and allows you to get more maneuverability when drilling with this drill press.


Construction quality is a huge attraction on the WEN 4225. The table and base are made from thick cast-iron for more stability. A stable base generally leads to a boost in accuracy, and nowhere than on this WEN 12-inch drill press that we see it better. The column is also made from a sturdy metal alloy that further boost the stability and durability of this unit.

Bottom line is, this drill press is made to last and it will definitely keep up with the daily challenges of the workshop. Additionally, it looks very professional and has a detailed finish. It does not look cheap. After all, this is a professional-grade drill press intended for professional use.


As almost a standard feature, the 12 x 12 inches cast-iron worktable can quickly and easily be tilted to both the left and right at 45-degree. This bevel adjustment offers excellent drilling accuracy when performing angular drills. Additionally, the worktable can easily be held in position with the table adjustment knob for future repetitive drillings.

Other Function

The laser adds a lot of accurate and speed to the drilling process. It is bright and can be clearly seen. Additionally, the LED lights illuminates the drilling work area, further making it easier to see your drill point.


In the world of drill presses, the more “premium” quality drill press you get, the more user-friendly it tends to be. This model is very easy to work with and all the adjustments from table tilt to speed change can be done in a matter of seconds. We like the ease of use and ability of this drill press to make common drilling tasks easy - even for absolute beginners.

#2. Price of WEN 4225 Drill Press

Since this is a professional drill press, it will come at a price. It offers superior features and performance when compared to other models like the WEN 4212. It has a more powerful motor and larger table for greater maneuverability. Our recommendation is - if you can afford this model then get it. It is well worth the price and will repay for itself over and over again.

#3. How WEN Introduce This Model

#4. Pros/Cons of WEN 4225 Drill Press


  • Powerful 8.6-Amp motor can drill through anything, from wood to steel.
  • Infinite variable speed control between 280 - 3300 RPM. The low 280 RPM makes it very efficient when drilling through metal.
  • Excellent quality build. Durable and will last a long time.
  • Generous 12 x 12 inches cast-iron work table. Thick and very stable.
  • Laser guided drilling for better accuracy and speed.


  • The price

Who Should Buy?

If you are looking for a professional, durable, and powerful drill press for both low-density material like wood and high-density ones like steel, then this is the ideal drill press for your need. It has very useful features and dependable performance on the job. The WEN 4227 is a drill press that will not disappoint under any circumstances. We highly recommend this WEN 15” drill press if you can afford the asking price.

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