WEN 4227 17-Inch Drill Press Review

For those looking for the best of the best in drill presses, the WEN 4227 was made for you. It is a fairly popular drill press used by many professionals worldwide. The reason for its popularity is simple. It simply works! It is a very powerful drill press with a large swing size and beefy motor. But is it really worth the money or are there better models out there? To answer this question, here is our detailed review of this WEN drill press.

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WEN 4227 Drill Press Review

#1. Feature Evaluation


WEN 4227 13 Amp 12-Speed Floor Standing Drill Press, 17

Power is at the centre of the WEN 4227. It offers an impressive 13 Amps of power which will most likely be overkill for many, even by hardened professionals who use the drill press daily. The sheer power of this drill press means that it can drill through any type of material with exceptional ease. It will not choke or stall, not even when drilling through hardened steel or other very high density materials. With such power, you get dependability and reliability on the job. This model is ideal for heavy-duty drilling in hard material. If you are a metalworker and need a solid piece of machinery for your drilling, this WEN drill press will quickly become your best friend.


We cannot talk about a drill press without mentioning the speed. As expected, this model has a variable speed control. It can perform 12 speed adjustments in the range of 180 to 2,940 RPM.

Where this becomes clearer that WEN intended this drill press to be a metal working drill machine is the very low speed setting of 180 RPM. At this speed, the machine will slowly eat through extremely tough material and deliver a smooth and machine-finished boring hole.

Changing the speed in this unit can not be done on the fly. On the WEN 4227, changing speed requires opening the cover and changing the belt to a different pulley configurations. It is not hard to do, but it can be a slight bother.

Other units (like the WEN 4225) have two sets of speeds within the set so that you can very the speed by changing a toggle on the left of the machine.


Since the Wen 4227 is the top of the line and one of the most powerful models in WEN’s drill press lineup, this unit is quite big. It is also especially tall at 65-1/2 inches so you have to make sure that you have the required space to accommodate this very tall drill press.

To compensate this big height, and prevent it from topping, you will need to bolt the base of this unit to your workbench. It will provide additional stability and security. You absolutely do not want this unit falling on you! It can be a serious health hazard.

The work table size is an impressive 14 x 14 Inches for the greatest versatility in accommodating large material. This large work table will be overkill for many but we simply like the fact that it has provisions when you want to work with larger stock.

With a chuck size of 5/8”, this drill press is compatible with all drill bits of 1/8” to 5/8” shank. This adds a lot of versatility and ease of use, especially considering that you may probably already have a few drill bits lying around in the workshop.

We also like the generous spindle travel of 4-3/4 Inches in this drill press. This means that it can drill through very thick material of up to 4-3/4 Inches in thickness. Just imagine the possibilities and quality of work you can deliver with this unit.


As with any premium model, this drill press is built to last. It is extremely durable and mostly made from metal. It has a thick solid cast-iron table and base, along with a very sturdy metal column for stability.

​You know this is a professional drill press by simply looking at the build quality in this unit. It is engineered with details in mind and built to last a very long time.


The solid cast-iron table can quickly and easily be moved up or down the column, as well as tilted to the left or right at a 45-degree angle. Additionally, the table can be moved as far as 26 inches away from the chuck to provide maximum distance so as to accommodate very large material. We cannot think of anyone using a 26 inches thick piece of stock with this model, but then surely there must be someone out there who may need this type of versatility.

Other Function

X-Pattern Laser makes it easy to drill holes very accurately. It is bright and easily visible. Additionally, LED lights are included with this model. The light is very bright and the quality is simply superb. This is not a cheap quality lighting system and very suited for the large work table of this professional drill press.


Making any type of adjustments in the WEN 4227 drill press is very easy and straightforward. Despite it being a professional drill press intended for professionals, even beginners who have never used a drill press before will appreciate the ease of use of this powerful machine. Changing the speed, adjusting the bit depth, or making very accurate drilling is a piece of cake.

#2. Price of WEN 4227 Drill Press

The WEN 4227 is a professional drill press that has a price to match. Despite it being above the budget of many, it is still a relative “bargain” price when compared to other professional drill presses from other brands that can cost twice as much, if not more than this unit. If the price of this model is above your budget, then you can have a look at cheaper offerings like the WEN 4225 or even WEN 4212. They will pale in comparison to the WEN 4227 in terms of performance, but they may be better suited for your need and budget.

#3. Pros/Cons of WEN 4227 Drill Press


  • Very powerful 13 Amps motor will not stall even when drilling through hardened steel.
  • Superb and professional build quality. Metal construction is durable and will last a long time.
  • 12 variable speed allows you to adapt to the material you are drilling. The speeds are 180, 290, 320, 400, 520, 560, 1000, 1240, 1520, 1720, 2150, and 2940 RPM.
  • Table size of 14 x 14 inches can accommodate large materials
  • Long spindle travel of 4-3/4 inches allows you to drill deep holes.
  • Laser assisted drilling for more accuracy.


  • The price.
  • This unit is very tall at 65-1/2 inches. Maybe too tall for some small workshops.

Who Should Buy?

If you make a full-time living with a drill machine and looking for a dependable and powerful model, then this WEN 17-inch drill press is exactly what you need. It does a good job boring 4-3/4 inches holes in both wood and metal, soft or hard with exceptional ease. It is also very versatile and the large table of 14 x 14 inches allows you to work with above average size stock. All in all, we highly recommend this model if you can afford it. If not, you can have a look at its smaller brother, the WEN 4225 that is equally performing and offered at a cheaper price.

P/s: We appreciate Jon Lee. He supports us to revise this review

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