7 Best Chainsaw Chaps to Protect Your Body

Best Chainsaw Chaps

The chainsaw can be a very dangerous tool. It is therefore required that you wear protective gear while operating one. Thousands of people land in hospital emergency wards each year, injured in one way or the other from a chainsaw. While you can easily protect your face from occasional wood chips, the only way to protect your legs from an accidental chainsaw cut, is with chainsaw chaps.

Accidents will always occur, and the reason they are called accidents is because you never know when they are going to happen. This makes the wearing of safety gear a necessity when working with a tool as dangerous as a chainsaw. Following are the 7 best chainsaw chaps in the market, followed by a list of the features to consider when buying one.

7 Best Chainsaw Chaps - Reviews

7. Forester Apron Style Chainsaw Safety Chaps

Editor's Rating:  (4.5 / 5)

Forester Apron Style Chainsaw Safety Chaps

Forester chainsaw safety chaps are apron styled and come with a 12-layer chainsaw safety padding, designed to provide you with a high level of accident protection. The outermost of the 12 layers is an oil and water resistant oxford outer shell. The chaps feature a 6 x 6 inch pocket, and are a great fit for waist sizes from 28 to 44 inches. There are 3 lengths available, which are: short (33 - 35 inches), regular (35 - 37 inches), and long (38 - 40 inches).

Further adjustments could be made with the included 2-inch flip waist belt, and color options include green, orange, denim, and safety green, which includes 2 reflective stripes for improved safety and visual recognition. These chaps meet the OSHA 1910.266 standard's leg protection requirements, as well as the ASTM F1897 specifications for proper protection of chainsaw user's legs. They are not recommended for use with electric chainsaws, because of the high torque produced by electric motors.

6. Labonville Full-Wrap Chainsaw Chaps

Editor's Rating:  (4.8 / 5)

Labonville Full-Wrap Chainsaw Chaps

Labonville is another well known name in the chainsaw industry. Known for their high quality, comfort and durability, these chaps do not disappoint at all. They are available in either green or orange, and in the 4 sizes of Regular (32 inches), Long (36 inches), X-Long (40 inches) and 2X-Long (44 inches). The inner and outer shells are made from 1,000 denier Cordura, and with Urethane interiors. This Wrap model features 5 protective layers, but Labonville also makes Regular chaps with 5 protective layers, as well as Competitive chaps with 10 layers.

Add-ons include a personal first-aid kit, a tool pouch, a wedge pouch, 2-inch utility belt, leg buckle and waist buckle. Labonville products are made in the U.S.A and these chaps meet the ASTM F1897-14 and the OSHA 1910-266 safety standards. It is advised to measure your length from the top of your belt down to your instep, and then use it to order Labonville chaps with the correct overall length.

5. A.M. Leonard Adjustable Chainsaw Safety Chaps

Editor's Rating:  (4.3 / 5)

A.M. Leonard Adjustable Chainsaw Safety Chaps

A.M. Leonard chainsaw chaps are another high quality pair of chaps. They are made from tough, yet flexible, 400 denier Nylon. These chaps are both waist and length adjustable, with the length ranging between 33 and 36 inches. One nice feature is the asymmetric design, which provides better protection for the left side on each leg, which is where most documented chainsaw injuries occur.

The Prolar weave enables the chainsaw chap to unravel on contact with the saw, thereby stopping it. There are release buckles for the waist and the legs, making them easier to use. The full length of the chaps is measured from the waist downwards, and not from the inseam. These chaps weigh just 2 lbs. and are only available in green.

4. Husqvarna Apron Wrap Chaps with PVC Coating

Editor's Rating:  (4.7 / 5)

Husqvarna Apron Wrap Chaps with PVC Coating

The chainsaw safety chaps from Husqvarna are designed to provide you with a high level of protection from chainsaw injuries. It is made from 1,000 denier Polyester which is PVC coated, and includes Tek warp protective layers. They combine together to reduce the severity of any potential cut, as well as slowing things down to allow you enough time to react to any accident. This is achieved by the chaps design to pull apart and clog the chain system in the saw.

The waist is adjustable up to 42 inches. There is a pocket for a felling wedge and other gear. The chaps are free to be washed in cold water with a mild detergent and hang-dried. Its buckles are made from Acetal delrin, which is one of the toughest plastics used in industrial manufacturing. They meet the ASTM F1897, the OSHA 1910-266 and the ANSI Z133.1 safety standards. They are UL certified as well.

3. Cold Creek Loggers Safety Chainsaw Chap

Editor's Rating:  (4 / 5)

Cold Creek Loggers Safety Chainsaw Chap

Available in 3 sizes of 35, 37 and 40-inch lengths, these Cold Creek Loggers chaps are also available in a wide range of colors, including orange, green, safety green and camo. They are made from 1,200 denier oxford outer shell, which is both oil and water resistant. With 12 protective layers, these chaps are designed to offer you the highest level of protection possible.

There is also a 6 x 6-inch pocket for your convenience, and the chaps additionally meet the ASTM F1897 and the OSHA 1910 safety standards. They are UL certified as well. Although designed for maximum protection, these chaps are not recommended for use with electric chainsaws, because of the high level of torque that electric motors produce. They are simply the best chainsaw chaps for those who work with gas-powered chainsaws, and they weigh just 3 lbs.

2. Elvex Arborist Apron Chainsaw Safety Chaps

Editor's Rating:  (5 / 5)

Elvex Arborist Apron Chainsaw Safety Chaps

The Elvex Arborist safety chaps are a lightweight but quite chainsaw-resistant chaps. Made from 12 layers of a knitted Nylon and Polyester combination, and coated with an outer layer of 1,000 denier Nylon, this Elvex chainsaw chap is designed for maximum protection and durability. There is also a zippered front pocket. These chaps are available in 3 sizes: Short (33 inches), Medium (36 inches) and Long (39 inches).

This Elvex chainsaw chap meets the requirements of the ASTM F-1897-2008 standard for leg protection of chainsaw users. Elvex uses Prolar as a protective pad. It is an Elvex proprietary material, and it continues to be developed. Prolar works by exploding and jamming the chainsaw's chain against its bar and sprocket. This makes it able to stop a chainsaw running at even up to 2,750 feet per minute.

1. Oregon Premium Chainsaw Safety Chaps

Editor's Rating:  (5 / 5)

Oregon Premium Chainsaw Safety Chaps

The last item in our chainsaw chaps reviews, is this Oregon Premium chainsaw chap with adjustable length between 32 and 36 inches. It features a 5-ply Kevlar/Polyester padding for the ultimate protection. With its interlocking leg buckles, everything is kept in place. This chainsaw chap features a 1,000 denier Cordura Nylon material, which is very durable, as well as water and oil resistant. The material is colored bright orange for extra safety, because it is a high visibility color, allowing a worker to be easily seen from afar in it.

Oregon also offers premium chaps in a full-wrap variety. Standard chaps from Oregon are also available as either Apron or full-wrap chaps, but the standard chaps only have a 2-ply woven Kevlar with a 2-ply Polyester felt padding. This Premium chainsaw chap also features a heavy-duty zipper, and a waist buckle for adjustments. The pair is machine washable, but advised to be hung-dry. Oregon chainsaw chaps are for professionals. They may not be the cheapest chaps, but they are surely worth their price.

Things to Consider When Buying a Chainsaw Chap

The chainsaw chap is a specialized type of safety wear, which has the sole purpose of stopping chainsaw injuries. This makes it necessary for you to know the important parts of a pair of chaps, and the aspects that will guarantee your safety. Following are these aspects that you should really understand and also look out for when buying chaps.

#1. Material Quality

The main job of a chainsaw chap is to protect your legs in case of an accident. Although they are not entirely cut-proof, the quality of a chainsaw chap depends on how cut-resistant it is. Materials that are easier to cut, will be considered lower quality, while the tougher it is to cut the material, the higher its quality. Kevlar chainsaw chaps are usually the safest option because of their extreme cut-resistance, followed by PVC and Polyester chaps.

#2. Size

Getting the right sized chainsaw chap is very important. This is because you need to have enough space to move around freely, but you also do not want chaps that are too tight. Some models come in different sizes, allowing you to choose what fits you the best. You should also take the kind of pants you will be wearing underneath into consideration. If it's jeans or any other thick fabric, then you will have to find chaps with some extra space.

#3. Comfort

Good chaps should be comfortable to wear. They should not be made from material that is too hard, so that they don't restrict your work-flow in any way. The size and amount of pockets that they have is also important. Finally, there is the issue of weight, which is also important. Chainsaw chaps have to be as light as possible, so that they don't easily wear you down after many hours of work.

#4. User Friendliness

Another issue to consider is how user friendly the chainsaw chap is. This includes how easy it is to keep clean, how easy it is to be folded for storage or transportation, and how simple it is to use its straps, as well as how well those straps fit. If it is always a tedious chore to put-on or remove your chaps, then they are not user friendly at all, but if everything works easily and smoothly, then you have high quality chaps.

#5. Other Safety Gear

The chainsaw is a very powerful tool, which can as well become a deadly weapon when used wrongly. In addition to chaps, you should also seriously consider other safety gear for work with chainsaws. These include a helmet for the head, and gloves for protecting your hands from both potential injuries, and from the wear and tear of normal chainsaw work. There are also boots to think about, and protection for the ears and face.