5 Best Tool Belt Suspenders of 2024 – Reviews and Buying Guide 


Comfort, balance, and convenience are some of the things that can impact the quality of your output as a woodworker. Tool belts help us organize our tools in an easy to access place and carry them wherever we go when working. 

However, trouble brews up when you try to attach many tools on your work belt. That is where tool belt suspenders come in. This review looks at the best tool belt suspenders in the market to ease your task. 

When you attach many tools on your work belt, it sags and puts undue pressure on your lower back and hips. Ultimately this will slow you down and kill your morale at work. A tool belt suspender will give you the extra support you need. 

Toolbelt suspenders distribute the weight of your contraptions equally around your shoulders, removing the stress from your back and hips. Because of the additional support, you will also be able to carry as many tools as you need for the job.  Below are some of the things to consider when buying a tool belts suspender.

Tool Belt Suspender Buying Guide

As a woodworking enthusiast, I might be logging one day, designing and constructing cabinets or installing them the next day.  Before I discovered belt suspenders, I used to load up just a few tools on my belt based on the task at hand. With the varied requirements of my job, I often found myself going back and forth to the toolbox. It slowed me down.

I knew I had to find a tool belt suspender so I could load up as many tools as I needed around my waist and without breaking my back. The efficiency of my job depended on it. After careful research, I found the right qualities to look for in a dependable tool belt suspender.

Lightweight suspenders are easy to use 

In my case, weight was the most significant issue to overcome. I needed a light tool belt suspender that could allow me to comfortably carry many tools without feeling weighed down.  Nevertheless, the material make of your tool belt suspender should be sturdy enough to withstand the weight of your devices. 

Find a suspender with extra compartments 

If you have to carry numerous tools at one go like me, you will appreciate a tool belt suspender that comes with additional pockets for pencils, markers, or cell phones.  These are things that should be close to you at all times to minimize downtimes at work.

The suspender should fit comfortably around your shoulder and back

I have a proclivity for tool belt suspenders with dense padding around the back and shoulders. Such contraptions are safer because they take the strain from your shoulder and neck. You can comfortably use them all day long. 

If a suspender is not well cushioned and keeps rubbing around your neck and shoulders, it might leave you with nasty blisters. You might also want to consider a model with adjustable harnesses to achieve a secure fit.

Breathability is a hot topic

Many handymen and professionals that work in the sun’s heat complain about their tool belt suspenders becoming too hot around the shoulder and back.  When shopping for these tools, therefore, consider one that uses breathable cushioning and strap materials. The idea is to get enough ventilation for a stress-free workday.

Durability and finish counts too

A suitable quality tool belt suspender is made of durable material. Look at the type of leather, fabric, or nylon material and assess its sturdiness and thickness. 

Also, remember that the best suspender will probably have double stitching and rivets for increased strength to support your heavy woodworking tools. 

Best Tool Belt Suspender Review 

1. Brown Bag Company 30290 Tool Rider GX

  • Patent-pending BODYSHOX suspension and advance gelfoam padding for comfort
  • Breathable lining wicks away perspiration and universal bolt snaps attach to any ring
  • Adjustable chest strap and cell phone holder

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The straps and shoulder yoke of this tool belt suspender contain gel foam padding, according to the manufacturers.  This cushioning might help to enhance your comfort levels when using the suspender. 

Gel foam is resistant to pressure and is known to maintain its form where other foams give unto wear and tear.

The other interesting aspect about this suspender, methinks, is that the entire of its lining is breathable.  For that reason, you can expect a belt hanger that saves you from overheating when working during the day. 

The chest strap is adjustable so you can get a secure fit regardless of your body size.  There is also an included cell phone holder at the front so you can easily reach your phone when you need to communicate when working. The main concern here, however, is that that large phones might not fit in this compartment.

The snaps in the Brown Bag Company 30290 Tool Rider GX are sturdy and might stay hooked regardless of your movements. You might appreciate this design if you don’t want suspenders that continuously come loose. 

You might also be pleased to know that this suspender is easy to get on and off. You can also easily adjust the harness system to achieve the right fit. 

Brown Bag Pros & Cons


  • It is made of breathable fabric
  • The gel foam used for padding is strong and durable
  • It comes with a cell phone compartment


  • The straps don’t adjust well
  • It might not be the right tool for short guys

2. Occidental Leather 5055 Stronghold Suspension System

  • Even Load Distribution. Exceptional Comfort
  • Pockets for Pencils or Clip-On Items Located on Both Sides of System
  • Easy On-Off

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What stood out at first for me were the leather loops. Compared to the fabric straps in the Brown Bag Company 30290 Tool Rider GX, leather loops might be able to give you a long time of use regardless of the abuse you put them through. 

This suspension system also has a rear-mounted D ring that might save you the stress when it is time to store it away. You will only have to hang it on a wall in your garage, as opposed to folding it back in a box. 

The means of strapping here is not limited to hooks, like in the previous model in this review. Instead, the contraption uses leather hoops that you might find useful when you need to attach to tool belts.

The leather straps have many adjustable looping holes. For that reason, this tool belt suspender might be able to accommodate several body sizes, unlike the Brown Bag Company 30290 Tool Rider GX which is more suitable for a tall person.

This Occidental tool belt suspender can also accommodate tool belts of up to 3 inches in width. The primary concern here is that you might need to find a belt with fixed anchor points. Otherwise, the hoops let the whole contraption travel around your body as you move when working. 

Be that as it may, this tool belt suspender is relatively comfortable. It has a cozy design that includes a broad back and shoulder pad. 

This support not only enhances your comfort levels when using the suspender but also keeps it from slipping and falling off your shoulders when you make sharp movements. 

Occidental Leather Pros & Cons


  • Its leather material is more durable and sturdy
  • The tool belt suspender can fit many body shapes and sizes
  • The back and shoulder support enhances balance and comfort
  • Storage is secure by hanging on the wall via the D ring


  • The padding is so stiff and rubs against the shoulders unlike in the 30290 Tool Rider GX
  • The straps do not stay in place- they move around your body every time you shift

3. SpeedSquare Tools Padded Tool Belt Suspenders

  • ✅ KEEP YOUR PANTS UP & SHIRT ON! - Generously Padded Straps and Ergonomic Design takes the weight from your waist/hips and spread it evenly across your shoulders. Fully Adjustable Shoulder Straps...
  • ✅ BUILT TOUGH TO LAST LONG - 1000D Puncture Resistant Ballistic Material makes this rig LIGHTWEIGHT and COMFORTABLE while being incredibly STRONG and DURABLE. High Quality Nickel Plated Hardware and...
  • ✅ QUICK ACCESS TO EVERYTHING - Chest access to Built-in MOLLE Phone Clip and Carpenter’s Pencil/Marker Pocket. High quality nylon straps to make sure your gear stays in place.

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Even though this tool belt suspender uses fabric as opposed to leather, it also stands out with a tough built that might withstand any force thrown at it. 

The straps are adequately padded, and the suspender comes with a considerable back and shoulder support.   This design helps to evenly distribute the weight of your tools around your shoulders and back. The padding might save you from painful shoulders at the end of your workday.

Similarly to the previous models in this review, the shoulder straps in the SpeedSquare Tools tool belt suspender are made to be adjustable.  Together with the included chest strap, the suspender is capable of a secure non-slip fit. 

Just like the 30290 Tool Rider GX, the SpeedSquare tool belt suspender features a phone compartment at the front.  The chest access also includes a pencil and marker pocket.

These additional pockets make this tool belt suspender a highly convenient option for woodworkers and any other handymen. 

The tool belt suspender is designed with a thick, tough ballistic nylon that might give you a long time of use. The whole contraption is lightweight and uses metal buckles and hooks that help to achieve a secure strapping. 

The straps are fully adjustable on a range of 36 to 46 inches. It might, therefore, be easy to find the right fit for your body type. The fact that it uses spring-loaded clips is an additional advantage; these can stay in place all day without popping out.

The primary concern here is that the stitching is not meant for heavy work.  After some time of use, the stitching tends to pop out at the shoulder area.  

SpeedSquare Tools Pros & Cons


  • Fully adjustable straps
  • Made of ballistic nylon materials
  • Features a comfortable padding and back and shoulder support
  • Its phone compartment is more bigger than what you get with the 30290 Tool Rider GX
  • It has four suspension points for a sturdy hold


  • The stitching is not strong enough for heavy work
  • The suspenders are a little short

4. Milwaukee 48-22-8145 Padded Rig

  • 48-22-8145 Padded Rig
  • The product is easy to use and easy to handle
  • The product is highly durable

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This sturdy-looking tool belt suspender might withstand the weight of all your carpentry tools. Strictly speaking, though, the suspender is much lighter than all the previous models in this review. That can be a good thing if you have to work for long hours while carrying heavy tools around. 

Unlike the 30290 Tool Rider GX however, the padding here is light, and the shoulder and back support might not offer you the same comfort levels as with the former. 

Even so, Milwaukee tool belt suspender comes across as durable due to its 1680 denier nylon construction.  The suspension system uses metal buckles and hoops for strength and stability. Unlike the SpeedSquare, the stitches with riveted seems in this model might be able to withstand a long time of heavy use. 

The Milwaukee tool belt suspender also comes with a smartphone compartment on the left shoulder strap. This inclusion makes it easy to access your phone when you want to communicate when working. 

The harnesses are adjustable to suit most body types.  The included chest strap helps to achieve a more secure fit. The major downside is that unlike in the 30290 Tool Rider GX, the fabric material used in this model is not breathable. You might not like the sweating and overheating when using this suspender on a hot day. 

Milwaukee Pros & Cons


  • The Milwaukee 48-22-8145 feature adjustable harnesses
  • It is super lightweight but features riveted seams for extra strength
  • It fits all body types
  • It’s sturdily built


  • The cell phone compartment doesn’t fit larger models
  • The contraption doesn’t use a breathable material

5. DEWALT DG5132 Durable Tool Apron

  • DURABLE TOOL APRON: Padded shoulder yoke with Dri-Lex fabric helps cushions weight of tool belt without trapping heat and moisture.
  • EASY TO USE: Hook and loop-close webbing loops can be attached securely to belts up to 4 in. wide.
  • COMFORTABLE TOOL APRON: This tool apron features an adjustable front and back strap to help ensure a comfortable fit.

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DEWALT have used a padded Dri-Lex fabric material on this tool belt suspender model.  The latter is a high-performance fabric material that also has a higher level of breathability than the nylon used in the Milwaukee 48-22-8145. This tool belt suspender is also capable of durability because Dri-Lex fabric is abrasion-resistant. 

The DEWALT DG5132 tool belt suspender is comparatively easier to use than many others in this review. I like the fact that the front and back straps are all adjustable. This flexibility can help the suspender to accommodate most body frames. The chest buckle is easy to release when it is time to take it off. 

Another notable feature is the cell phone holder on the left shoulder strap. This cell compartment is bigger than what you get with the Milwaukee 48-22-8145 and also has a hook and loop closure, so your phone doesn’t slip off and fall. 

The one pesky concern here is that the Velcro loops come undone time and time again. For that reason, you might want to limit the weights you put on this suspender. 

DEWALT DG5132 Pros & Cons


  • It uses adjustable straps
  • The hook and loop securing system is easy to use
  • The Dri-Lex material is sturdy and durable
  • The phone compartment is well designed


  • The Velcro straps slip when carrying heavy tools
  • The contraption might not be suitable for tall carpenters- the straps fall short


The Best Pick 

Although it is a close call with many tool belt suspenders in this model having unique features and some drawbacks as well, the Brown Bag Company 30290 Tool Rider GX stands out as the top choice. Its superior features include generous gel foam padding on the shoulder and back yoke. This cushioning is steady and breathable too.

The fabric material used is resistant to wear and tear while the harnesses are easily adjustable. It is relatively easy to strap this suspender on and off your body. The straps and hooks are made to stay in place despite your body movements. There is also an included cell phone compartment that might help to safeguard your phone when working. 

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