7 Best Cordless Drills of 2018 – Cordless Drill Reviews

Best Cordless Drill Reviews

The cordless drill is a very versatile and handy power tool to have in the workshop as well as in the home. It can be used for a wide variety of applications, ranging from hanging pictures to making DIY crafts, amongst others. If you are an amateur or professional woodworker, it is a must-have woodworking tool that allows you to perform quick and accurate drilling in wood. Are you on the lookout for a high-quality cordless drill? If so, we’ve got you covered! Our cordless drill reviews showcase some of the best cordless drills for the money.

To get a quick overview of the best cordless drill on the market, refer to our table below:

​7 Best Cordless Drills - Reviews

#1. Dewalt DCD780C2 20V Max Compact Cordless Drill

Editor's Rating:  (4.3 / 5)

Dewalt DCD780C2 20V Max Compact Cordless Drill

Firstly, we have the Dewalt DCD780C2. It is a professional-grade device that sports a performing 20 V 1.5Ah Lithium-Ion battery. The powerful motor sends enough torque to the spindle allowing this unit to deliver an impressive maximum speed of 2,000 RPM. Additionally, this 20 V cordless drill has a 2-speed variable speed control of 0-600 RPM and 0-2,000 RPM. It allows this Dewalt cordless drill to be versatile for both fastening and drilling applications.

Charging time is excellent. The 20 V battery can fully charge in around 30 minutes. You can even purchase a secondary battery pack and not be delayed with your work.

​Further, it sports an industry standard 1/2” chuck which allows this model to accommodate almost any type of metal or wood drill bits. It has special carbide inserts that prevent bit slippage and deliver more efficient drilling.

​Lastly, this model has an excellent ergonomic and holds well in the hand. Dewalt uses their iconic soft-rubber touch on the handles making them very comfortable to hold, even for long hours. They do a very good job to limit hand fatigue, regardless of your hand size.


  • Compact and ergonomic. Limit hand fatigue and can be used in awkward positions.
  • Very powerful motor/battery for a cordless drill. Heavy-duty and long-lasting battery. Can be fully recharged in 30 minutes.
  • 1/2” chuck accommodates a wide range of drill bits.
  • Product is made in the USA. High-quality and durable.


  • The price. It is more expensive than other models.

Who should buy?

It is not hard to recommend this Dewalt cordless drill. It is powerful and versatile. If you buy the variants, you get additional accessories that make this cordless drill very versatile on the job. If you want the best of the best when it comes to cordless drills, it is hard to find a better model. Go get it!

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#2. Black & Decker LDX120C 20V Max Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill & Driver

Editor's Rating:  (4.5 / 5)

Black & Decker LDX120C 20V Max Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill & Driver

This Black and Decker cordless drill is much more affordable than the Dewalt DCD780C2 reviewed above. However, it still sports very competitive features that make it worthy of consideration.

For one, this cordless drill sports a 20 V lithium-ion battery that is plenty of performance for almost any type of drilling or fastening tasks. It is fairly lightweight measuring only 3.5 lbs and has an excellent handling. The ergonomics form factor of the handle, as well as the soft plastic coating with ridges makes it very comfortable to hold as well as being anti-slip.

​What we like about this 20 V cordless drill is its variable speed control. It can perform a decent 0-600 RPM. The variable speed is controlled by applying a different pressing force to the trigger. This model has the power and speed to perform a smooth and polished drill in wood, plastic and even thin sheets of soft metal. However, as we will see with other models below, this speed gets the job done but it is not the most versatile out there.

​The 3/8" Chuck is not our preferred size, as drill bits with this shank size is quite limited compared to other more popular sizes like 1/2”. However, it still offers reasonable versatility that makes this unit useful when drilling or fastening.

​Furthermore, this model contains a bright LED light built right in the device itself. It does a good job eliminating the drill area and is especially helpful when used in dimly lit surfaces.


  • Affordable and value for money.
  • Built-in LED light. Very helpful when drilling on dark and poorly lit areas.
  • Powerful 20 V lithium iron battery. Can deliver the performance and be quickly recharged.
  • Variable speed between 0 - 600 RPM. Easily allows you to adapt to the material All provide you with the ability to control the speed when performing fastening tasks.


  • The body is made from plastic. Not the most durable and can sometimes feel cheap and flimsy in the hand.

Who should buy?

If you are looking for a fairly lightweight and affordable cordless drill, this model fits the bill. It is not the best cordless drill out there but it has some serious power and versatility on the job.

#3. Dewalt DC970K-2 18V Compact Cordless Drill & Driver Kit

Editor's Rating:  (4.7 / 5)

Dewalt DC970K-2 18V Compact Cordless Drill & Driver Kit

We have long admired the Dewalt DC970K-2. it is a professional grade drill offered at a fairly affordable price. It is not as powerful as the Dewalt DCD780C2 reviewed above, but it does have some very competitive and appealing features especially if you are on a tight budget.

It sports a smaller 18 V lithium-ion battery, that is still quite performing especially when used as a drill machine. It is fairly compact and as with any other Dewalt cordless drill, the handles are coated with a soft rubber material that makes it very comfortable to hold even for long hours. Additionally, the general ergonomic form factor of this unit limit hand fatigue making it ideal as a professional drill.

​The powerful motor in this 18 V cordless drill allows this unit to perform 2 variable speeds of 0-450 and 0-1,500 rpm, depending on your application. At this speed, this model can efficiently be used as both a drill driver as well as a fastening device.

​The only caveat we have with this model is its fairly heavy weight of 5.2 lbs. This is still a decent weight but compared to other models, it is relatively heavy. Nothing that will affect performance or usability, though.

​This unit uses a standard 1/2” chuck that will accommodate most commercially available 1/2” shank bits for any purpose. Additionally, the chuck is keyless which means that you will not require a tool to change drill bits. This allows you to gain in time and thus productivity. Changing drill bits is very easy and quick with the twist and lock mechanism.


  • Keyless 1/2” chuck. Does not require tools and drill bits can quickly and easily be changed in a matter of seconds.
  • Fairly powerful 18 V battery allows this cordless drill to be used as a heavy duty machine. Delivered with 2 batteries instead of 1. Value for money!
  • 2 variable speed preset for more versatility when doing either fastening types or drilling. Allows you to easily adapt to the material.


  • More heavy at 5.2 lbs than other cordless drills in this cordless drill review.

Who should buy?

If you are on a tight budget and looking for a high-quality cordless drill that is both powerful and versatile, this Dewalt cordless drill will not disappoint. It handles itself extremely well and despite its fairly heavy weight it is a true performer that can be used even at odd angles.

#4. Dewalt DCD771C2 20V Max Compact Cordless Drill Driver Kit

Editor's Rating:  (4.6 / 5)

Dewalt DCD771C2 20V Max Compact Cordless Drill Driver Kit

The Dewalt DCD771C2 is at mid-point between the two Dewalt cordless drills we reviewed so far. It has the right balance between performance, build construction as well as versatility. It is a compact and fairly lightweight model weighing only 3.6lbs and its small factor means that it is ideal for working in tight spots.

Under the hood lies an equally performing 20 V lithium iron battery that is excellent for drilling in almost any type of material, from low-density softwood to high-density hardwood. It will not struggle or stall and deliver a smooth and consistent performance.

​Similar to the Dewalt DC970K reviewed above, it has a two-speed variable control that allows it to do 0-450 RPM or 0-1,500 RPM. The speed can quickly and easily be changed with the push of a button. Additionally, we note the presence of a keyless 1/2” chuck that makes it very versatile on the job.

​Other than this, it performs and even handles itself very similarly to the DC970K.


  • Strong and robust 20 V lithium-ion battery for heavy-duty work.
  • Solid and durable builder construction. Long-lasting.
  • Comfortable to hold with great handle ergonomics. Can be used in awkward positions.
  • Fairly lightweight and has great maneuverability.
  • LED work light built right in this cordless drill.


  • Some customers have noted problems with the chuck. It can start having difficulty holding drill bits over time. Although, this is most likely an exception rather than the rule.

Who should buy?

We recommend this model to anyone looking for a compact and lightweight cordless drill with variable speed control. It competes directly with the Dewalt DC970K and out of the two, we think that this model is on-par but less value for the money since the Dewalt DC970K comes with 2 batteries instead of 1.

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#5. Worx Switchdriver Cordless Drill & Driver

Editor's Rating:  (4.5 / 5)

Worx Switchdriver Cordless Drill & Driver

We have always liked power tools from Worx. They make high-quality power tools that are durable and long-lasting. The Worx Switchdriver 2-in-1 is certainly no different from this tradition. It has excellent build quality and is a professional grade cordless drill.

This little beast is powered by performing 20 V lithium battery that has the quick charge functionality. This means that this battery can quickly and easily be charged in under 30 minutes. Additionally, it is fairly compact and weighs only 3.1lbs. This model is by far the best cordless drill in this cordless drill review in terms of weight. Indeed, it is the lightest cordless drill so far. Along with the great handling and ergonomics, it is an extremely maneuverable and powerful unit.

​But it does not stop there. This is a two in one model that performs both as a drill driver as well as a fastening device. It is not as good as the true impact cordless drill, but it definitely gets the job done and even better than other models reviewed here. It has a 2 speed mechanism that works as both a drilling device and a fastening one. Further, this is the only unit in this cordless drill review to have a 1/4” chuck size. If you work mostly with smaller 1/4” drill bit shanks, this model is made for you.


  • Works with smaller 1/4” drill bit shank.
  • Powerful 20 V battery deliver both performance and long autonomy.
  • Excellent build contruction and great ergonomics.
  • Delivered with two 20 V batteries.


  • Charger does not have auto-shutoff. It can easily kill the battery if left overnight.

Who should buy?

If you are looking for the most versatile and comfortable cordless drill out there, we think that this model is one of the best cordless drill for the money. It is delivered with two batteries and many accessories that make it extremely versatile. Additionally, it can be used for heavy duty work in a professional setting.

#6. Makita XFD10R 18V Compact Cordless Drill & Driver Kit

Editor's Rating:  (4.8 / 5)

Makita XFD10R 18V Compact Cordless Drill & Driver Kit

The Makita XFD10R has long been our favorite cordless drill for many reasons. It is a performing and heavy duty model that despite its smaller 18 V lithium battery when compared to other more powerful models, is still quite performing and versatile on the job.

It has great ergonomics and feels solid in the hand. It is definitely a professional drill and you know it the moment you hold this device. Despite its 18 V battery, this unit delivers an impressive 480 in/lbs of torque thanks to its 4 pole motor design that delivers both power and efficiency. This means that it will not stall when drilling or fastening on any type of material, whether it is softwood or hardwood.

​The XFD10R can perform 2 variable speeds of 0-600 RPM and 0-1,900 RPM making it ideal as both a drill driver as well as a drilling machine. It is very versatile and can easily adapt to your work and material.

​This unit comes with Extreme Protection Technology (XPT) which is a way of protecting the inner parts of this device from dust and humidity. This means that it is long-lasting and can be used in weight conditions. This is a feature mostly unique to this Makita cordless drill and not found in other models in this review. It is definitely one of the best 18 V cordless drill out there.

​Additionally, it has a dual LED light for illuminating dark areas. Lastly, as we have already stated, this is a very ergonomic model with its handle coated with a soft elastomer material that makes it very comfortable to hold for long hours without hand fatigue.


  • XPT technology protects this unit from dust and water. Long-lasting and can be used in wet conditions.
  • Dual LED light is very bright and illuminates the drill area for a clearer view.
  • Great ergonomics with elastomer handles. Excellent handling as well as limited hand fatigue when used for extended periods of time.


  • The price. It is a quite expensive model.

Who should buy?

​This drill has good performance and heavy duty. It's not cheap. So Makita-XFD10R is designed for professionals who work with drill everyday.

#7. Porter-Cable PCC606LA 20V 1/2-Inch Cordless Drill & Driver Kit

Editor's Rating:  (4.6 / 5)

Porter-Cable PCC606LA 20V 1/2-Inch Cordless Drill & Driver Kit

This Porter-Cable cordless drill is a very competitive model with a rich set of features. It is powered by a 20 V 1.5 Amp-hour battery that delivers 330 UWO at the motor. With this kind of power, it can even be used as a heavy duty drill/driver unit.

Additionally, this model has a dual speed capacity of 0-400 RPM and 0-1,600 RPM making excellent as both a drill device as well as a driver machine.

​This model sports a double ended bit tipped that grips on your drill bit shank more firmly and limits vibrations. In turn, the PCC606LA can deliver a more efficient drill to material, whether it is softwood or hardwood.

​It contains the traditional 1/2” chuck making it compatible with a wide variety of drill bits meant for commercial as well as home use. It even includes an inbuilt LED light system that illuminates your drill area.

​One feature that we love about this model is the battery indicator gauge that shows you your battery life at all times. This is very handy and leaves no room for guesswork.


  • Powerful and dependable on-the-job.
  • 2 variable speed allows it to be used as a driver and drill machine.
  • Quality built construction. Solid and durable.
  • Soft rubber handles are very comfortable. Can be used for long hours without hand fatigue.


  • N/A

Who should buy?

This model from Porter-Cable is competitively priced and powerful enough to be used as a heavy-duty professional cordless drill-driver machine. It handles well and can be used for long hours without hand fatigue. As a big bonus, it has almost the same features as other more expensive models in this cordless drill review.

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What to Look for When Buying a Cordless Drill

How to buy best cordless drill

Before purchasing a cordless drill driver, there are some factors to take into account. This will prevent you from making an expensive purchase. Here are the most important ones.

#1. Type: Cordless drill drivers come in multiple variants. The impact driver, regular drill-driver and hammer drills. The impact driver is mostly used as a screwing/unscrewing power tool. The regular cordless drill is a traditional drilling machine and the hammer drill is a heavy-duty cordless drill for boring holes in concrete, stone, brick and other tough mineral-based materials.

#2. Battery: There are basically 2 types of batteries commonly found in cordless drills. NiCad and Lithium-Ion. Lithium-Ion is the preferred battery type since it replaces the older NiCad and can be recharged faster.

#3. Speed: The speed is also an important factor. Look for models that allow you to change the speed of the unit (variable speed) on the fly. By being able to change the speed of the unit you basically ensure that you can adapt to the material density. Additionally, the speed changing knob or button must be located in an easy to reach position. If the model has a speed indicator, all the better.

#4. Chuck Size: The chuck size dictates the size of drill bits that the cordless drill can accommodate. The best cordless drills on the market have chuck sizes of 1/2” (13 mm). Less performing and usually cheaper models usually fit smaller drill shanks of less than 1/2”.

#5. Drill Direction: The drill direction is mostly important when working with a cordless impact driver. It allows you to screw and unscrew bolts quickly and easily. However, a reverse direction in a regular cordless drill can also be very effective and helps prevent drill bit jams. In any case, whichever type you choose, ensure that the reverse button is located in an intuitive position and easy to press.

#6. LED Light: A light fitted to the cordless drill is always a very handy feature. This allows you to drill in dimly lit areas more effectively.

#7. Ergonomics and Weight: Since you will probably be holding your cordless drill for an extended period of time, ensure that it handles well and fits comfortably in the hand. This will limit hand fatigue and make drilling a more pleasant experience. Additionally, the lighter the better when it comes to cordless drill drivers. A small weight will limit hand fatigue and allow you to maneuver the device more easily when used in awkward positions.

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Ways To Use A Cordless Drill Driver

There are several ways to use a cordless drill driver. Here are a few quick and easy projects to get started on.

#1. Drill Holes - Small or Large

Of course, you can drill holes with a cordless drill driver. But you can also perform decorative drill holes for art and craft projects. By switching between a small and big drill bit, you can achieve a beautiful hole effect for your wood, plastic, or metal artwork.

#2. Mix Paint, Grout or Concrete

Many hardware stores sell special drill bit accessories that can be used for mixing material like paint, grout or concrete quickly and easily. By using a power tool, you can achieve a better mixing result in significantly less time than you would by simply going the manual way.

#3. Bolting and Screwing

By using an impact driver (or a regular drill fitted with a bolt or screw bit), you can very easily bolt or screw in material. This method is especially helpful if you have to perform a lot of bolting as it saves you time and energy.

#4. Sand Contours

You can fit your drill driver with a sanding pad and use it as a fully-featured sanding power tool. It will work great as both a woodworking tool for sanding as well as a metal grinding tool. You can even play with the grit size to achieve different results. Very versatile!

#5. Rust Removal

When fitted with a brush bit, you can easily use this device as a rust removal tool on both iron and steel. It is a very effective way of cleaning up old metal and it does so without damaging the material.

#6. Sharpen Tools

A special tool sharpening bit or even a regular sanding pad for metal will allow you to sharpen your woodworking tools like chisels quickly and easily. You do not need an expensive grinder with the cordless drill.


We finally come to an end of our best cordless drill review. As we have seen, those cordless drills are fairly affordable but are powerful and get the job done fast and easily. Choose any model based on your need and budget - they will serve you well for years to come. If you have still not found the best cordless drill for your need, then we recommend that you read this review one more time.

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