8 Best Drill Bits for Wood 2024 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Drill Bits for Wood

Drill bits are specialized cutting tools that are designed to make holes. Most often than not, the holes are made in a circular shape. The drill bits are made in various shapes and sizes and have the ability to create all kinds of holes varying in size and depth in different material types. To make the holes, the drill bits are attached to drills that power them to cut through the material. They achieve this by rotating in a circular motion and getting rid of the material as it makes its way through the material.

Drill bits come in varying sizes and as we shall explain are designed to work in specific materials. There are those that are designed to work on steel and those that work on wood. That said, in this piece, we shall focus our sites on the wood drill bits and some of the best you can find on the market. Below are reviews of the various types you will come across along with top drill bits in the various categories.

Product PhotoProduct NameRatingPrice
Spade Bits1. Spade Bits4.3
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Hole Saws2. Hole Saws3.5
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Auger Bits3. Auger Bits4.1
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Ship Auger Bit4. Ship Auger Bit4.5
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Installer Twist Bits5. Installer Twist Bits4.5
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Forstner Bits6. Forstner Bits4.3
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Brad Point Bits7. Brad Point Bits4.2
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Self-Feed Bit8. Self-Feed Bit4.1
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8 Best Drill Bits for Wood - Reviews

For Rough Surface Applications

1. Spade Bits

Spade Bits

These bits look just as the name suggests. Every shaft terminates into a spade-shaped blade. The spade at the ends is flat and features a sharp point at the very center. This point acts as the guide and helps to center the hole as well as lead the way. Do not be deceived though, the cutting edges are still the part that does the heavy lifting.

It is worth noting that spade bits are probably the cheapest there is on the market and bore holes at great speeds. Their simple design makes them easily modifiable which may come in handy when you need a smaller size bit.

>>>Recommend: Irwin Tools 341008 Spade Bit Set

Irwin Tools 341008 Spade Bit Set

The Irwin 341008 is the unit we recommend under this type of wood drill bits. This unit comes with a blue-groove point and a sharp cutting edge which works fast remove chips. You will be pleased to note that the drill bits feature grooved hex shanks which air in increasing friction and helping to prevent the slipping of the bit extension.

The flat bit drill is made from steel. This alone is sufficient to provide the drill bits with longevity. However, to add to it and complement the design is a large shank.

Last but not least, the 8 drill bits are contained in an ABS resin that has been molded specifically for their storage. Most users who have purchased this unit have gone on record to say that this is the best spade bits available.

2. Hole Saws 

Spade Bits

This type of drill bits features two parts the blade and the mandrel. The mandrel in layman terms is the shaft onto which the blade has been attached. It is the mandrel that fits into the drill allowing the unit to be rotated fast and drill holes. The blade, unlike other blades you might be used to is a hollow cylinder that comes with teeth at the top edges.

It is worth pointing out that hole saws are designed to handle work that is in between the prowess of spade bits and saber saws. In addition to being able to drill through wood and plastic, hole saws can also handle other metals including steel, aluminum, and iron. These drill bits for holes in wood are most important when installing cables, conduits, tubing and piping.

>>>Recommend: Vermont American 14562 WoodEater Wood Boring Bits

Vermont American 14562 WoodEater Wood Boring Bits

That said, the Vermont American 14562 is one of the best wood drill bits available on the market. This drill bit is recommended since it features a self-feeding screw tip that helps to draw the wood to itself for efficient drilling. This also makes the drilling fast. The manufacturers claim that the unit cuts 3 times as fast as other units on the market.

With their design and standard construction, the unit can last 7 times longer than the standard spade bits available. Last but not least, the unit comes in varying sizes you can choose from. This particular unit measures 0.75 x 6 inches.

3. Auger Bits

As we start out, note that these come in different makes and designs which make them best suited for certain specific uses. These include wood-boring augers, triple fluted wood bits, carbide-tipped auger bits, ice auger, concrete auger and earth auger. From the names, it is quite clear the application each type has been designed for. Of all these types, however, we shall focus on the wood auger bits.

Needless to say, these are perfect and ideal when drilling large and deep holes in thick wooden boards or dry timber. The screw thread added to the tip of the drill bits draw the bit into the material thus eliminating the need to push down on the unit. The single spur cutting edges on the other hand scribe the circumference thus providing a smoother finish.

The large flutes carved onto the design of the shaft help to get rid of the wood chips as the unit makes its way into the cross-section. Many feature a hexagonal shank which helps to provide a secure and firmer connection between the bit and chuck.

>>>Recommend: Bosch Daredevil Auger Bits

Bosch Daredevil Auger Bits

The best and recommended auger bit is the Bosch Daredevil NKLT16. This is a 1-inch unit even though you have a whopping 15 sizes to choose from. The tip of this unit has been reinforced which helps the unit to withstand constant nail hits thus increasing the longevity of the unit. Speaking of longevity, we cannot forget the reinforced spine which works to give the unit more strength as well as durability for heavy duty projects.

The bit features dual cutting edges which make balanced drilling and nail cutting a breeze. Last but not least, the reamer edges are included to add quality to the exit hole as well as improve entry into the wood.

4. Ship Auger Bit

Without even pointing it out, you can conclude that this is a specialized auger drill bit design type. These share all the auger features mentioned in the auger drill bit section with the benefit of being long and making lengthy holes in thick pieces of timber. This type of bit is constructed to be hardy and can cut through nails even without causing damage to the bit.

>>>Recommend: Irwin Industrial Tool Tubed Long Ship Auger Bit

Irwin Industrial Tool Tubed Long Ship Auger Bit

Irwin 47416 drill bit features a single cutter and a side lip that with great ease bores holes into the wood even with the presence of nails. The bit has been made hardy and durable enough to withstand nail encounters. Adding to this, you will be pleased to note that the bit is heat treated to increase bit strength and prevent bending. The hollow center flutes help to clear the chips away fast which makes the entire boring business a breeze.

5. Installer Twist Bits

To effectively explain this, it is imperative that we start from the basic of what a general twist bit is. These are probably the most common drill bit type designed for handy home use. They are designed for general purpose drilling through plastic wood and some light metal.

Now, that said, installer twist drill bits are of course a type of twist drill bit, only more specialized and made for wiring including security and entertainment systems. After drilling through a wooden surface or any other surface you might be working on, you can insert a wire into a small hole running through the bit and use the drill to draw the wiring through the hole you just made.

>>>Recommend: Irwin 39018 Wood Installer Twist Bits

Irwin 39018 Wood Installer Twist Bits

Irwin 39018 Wood Installer has been constructed from high-quality alloy steel that allows you to work on not only wood but other harder materials as well. To ensure that the drilling is fast and efficient, the unit has a fluted finish which fast removes chips from the surface worked on and ensures no binding or clogging. In addition to this, the tip of this bit is designed at 82 degrees which provide for even faster boring.

For Smooth Surface Applications

6. Forstner Bits 

These are special drill bits used to install concealed hinges usually between the diameter sizes of 26 mm and 35 mm. they are able to make large diameter holes in wood. Their design allows users not to go through the wood. That said, there are two kinds of Forstner drill bits; those featuring a saw tooth rim and those with a continuous rim.

The continuous rim bits have a clean edge and are perfect for small holed while saw tooth rims, needless to say, produce rough holes and best for larger holes. The latter also last for longer.

>>>Recommend: Porter-Cable PC1014 Forstner Bits

Porter-Cable PC1014 Forstner Bits

Under this drill bit type, we recommend the Porter-Cable PC1014. This is a 14 set unit contained in a hardy and compact carrying/storage box. The bits included in this set range from 0.25 inch to 2 inches. This provides for increased convenience. These units come with optimized cutting angles perfect for flat bottom holes and have open tooth designs which provide cleaner and smoother holes in a shorter period. They are constructed to be durable, able to withstand constant wear and tear.

7. Brad Point Bits

These drill bit types feature a brad point tip hence the name. The tip is also referred to as W-point tip. This allows for outside cutting edges to cut out a diameter before the center of the bit breaks through the surface. This helps to prevent grabbing which results in a cleaner hole. The unit is as such perfect for drilling through plastic and wood.

Many of these drill types come with rubber rings which help you control the depth to which you will drill through your material.

>>>Recommend: DeWalt DW1956 Brad Point Bits

DeWalt DW1956 Brad Point Bits

Our recommended brad point bit is the DeWalt DW1956. This is a 16 piece set which includes bits of varying lengths. It is worth noting that the units feature a pilot point which helps to bore accurate and cleaner holes. Their general design helps to greatly reduce the lock up on the breakthrough. Last but not least, this unit features a no-spin shank which also works to get rid of the spinning in the chuck.

8. Self-Feed Bit

These like the auger bits are designed with a screw at the tip that helps to not only draw the wood to the bit as it works through the material but also helps in positioning the bit in the first place. However, many of these do not feature flutes like the twist bits do and as such, you might have to pull the unit back every once in a while to clear the dust and chips in the hole made. There are some on the market, however, courtesy of tech advancements that have these flutes.

>>>Recommend: Irwin 1801022 Speedbor Self-Feed Bit

Irwin 1801022 Speedbor Self-Feed Bit

The Irwin 1801022 Speedbor is the perfect bit of this type that we can recommend. The set includes 10 bits each measuring 6 inches but with varying diameter sizes. Each of the bits includes three cutting edges for a cleaner hole. Now while many self-feed bits do not have flutes, to help in getting rid of the chips, this particular unit does which makes work even easier.

The tips of these bits have a self-feed that makes drilling easier. The shanks are all 0.25 inch which make them compatible with the standard chucks.


When choosing between the above wood drill bit types, it is important you pay attention to your needs. Also, every drill bit comes with manufacturer instructions on the best way to use them pertaining to safety and maintenance. Adhering to these will help you have a better experience with the drill you choose – the best wood drill bit for your needs.

Reference: vermontamerican.com

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