DeWalt DCD780C2 Lithium Ion Compact Drill/Drill Driver Review

The DeWalt DCD780C2 is a heavy duty drill driver used by many contractors and professionals. It has a variable speed as well as a powerful brushless motor that allows you to drill in material with great ease. Additionally, you can purchase this model as a 3 set variant that comes with different drill bits for different needs. If you are looking for a performing drill driver then the DCD780C2 is a worthy contender. Let us see in this review how well this model performs and if this drill driver is right for your needs or not.

DeWalt DCD780C2 Review

#1. Technical Feature


Dewalt DCD780

At the heart of the DCD780C2 lies a powerful 20V 1.5 Ah battery that has a quick recharge capability. This means that you can quickly recharge this battery in around an hour or less. Furthermore, this battery capacity delivers up to 35% more runtime than the regular 18V lithium-ion batteries normally found in other less performing models.

This model can deliver 350 unit watts of power, which shows that it is quite powerful and we have no problem drilling in wood, metal sheets, plastic and even concrete when fitted with the appropriate drill bit.

What we like about this drill driver is that the compact charger delivered is cross compatible with other voltages of 12V and 20V. You can quickly recharge your other power tools with the charger of the DeWalt DCD780C2. Typically, it should fully recharge your drill driver in 30 minutes or less. That’s very fast!


Of course, as with any professional drill drivers, we expect to see a variable speed control. This is a feature found in even more affordable drill drivers like the DeWalt DCD771C2. Indeed, you can change the speed in the DCD780C2 with its 2-speed preset. It works at speeds ranging from 0 - 600 RPM to 0 - 2,000 RPM. There is a lot of versatility in the speed setting of the DCD780C2. You can easily drill on both low-density or high-density material with this model. This is particularly important if you drill in a wide variety of surfaces every day.


The 1/2 inch ratcheting chuck is an industry standard dimension that does not require any tool. It is operated by a twist and lock mechanism that allows you to change drill bits very quickly, usually in seconds. Furthermore, one of the advantages of this chuck system is despite the ease of use; it is still a robust chuck system that tightens the drill bit shank like a conventional tool tightened chuck. You can use a wide variety of shank sizes up to 1/2 inch in size. Common drill bit shank sizes of 1/8 inch, 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch will all fit very comfortably in this model.

#2. User-friendliness

The best feature of the DeWalt DCD780C2 is definitely the handle. It is ergonomic and fits your hand really well. It is a true pleasure to hold this drill driver, even if you plan to use it for an extended period. The handle is coated with an elastomer material making it even more pleasurable to hold.

Additionally, this unit is compact and yet fairly tall. It will allow you to drill in tight areas easily and due to the tall size, it is incredibly easy to maneuver around. It is also not a very heavy drill driver, weighing only a mere 3.4 lbs. You absolutely do not need a big build to operate this unit. Quite the contrary. Anyone can easily operate this drill driver with great ease.

#3. Other Features

  • Quality Construction: This is a premium grade drill driver that is built to last. Only high-quality materials are used in its construction, and you can use this model for heavy-duty applications and not fear it breaking on you.
  • Belt Hook: There is a belt hook to the side for more safety and ease of use when drilling in awkward positions. You will eventually feel the need to hook this drill driver to your belt when working on a project.

#4. What's in the Box

You get a few accessories with this purchase. The DCD780C2 comes with 2 lithium-ion batteries, a fast charger, a bit holder, and a carry case. It is not the richest accessory set we have seen, but every item delivered with this purchase will come in handy sooner or later. We appreciate the fact that Dewalt went the extra mile with the DCD780C2 to deliver accessories like a belt hook and a bit holder for free. You normally need to buy those separately with other models.

#5. Price

Right off the bat, the DCD780C2 is on the expensive side. DeWalt is known to make more affordable drill drivers like the DeWalt DCD771C2. But, let us not forget that the DCD780C2 is a premium and professional drill driver in DeWalt’s line of compact and portable drill drivers. Therefore, it does have a certain premium price attached to it. Taking into account the performance, versatility, and ease of use of this drill driver, we think that it is reasonably priced. Especially when we compare it to mainstream drill drivers like the DeWalt DCD771C2, which has less performance and versatility than the DCD780C2.

#6. Pros/Cons


  • Powerful drill driver with 350 units watts of power. Can drill material very easily
  • Variable speed for more versatility
  • Excellent build construction. Durable and long-lasting
  • Ergonomic handle. Can be used extensively with no hand, back, or shoulder fatigue


  • Definitely its price. This is an expensive drill driver.

Who Should Buy?

If you are a professional contractor, the DeWalt DCD780C2 is a worthy purchase. It is powerful, versatile and dependable on the job. You can use it for a large range of drilling applications. It even fits standard drill bits of up to 1/2 inch shank for more versatility. Indeed, this is a professional drill driver that you can depend on, and it will serve you well for years.

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