Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Drill Press Review

Delta 18-900L is a powerful and high quality drill press with industrial grade capabilities. The key quality features in this equipment include the 16-speed motor with a speed range of 170-3,000 rpm, a 3/4 HP induction motor, and its easy speed changing mechanism. This is a study machine that makes drilling of materials comfortable and easy.

The overall look of this machinery is quite impressive. This mainly comes from its overall finish and fitting of its parts. Here are the key features of the machine.

Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press

Manufacturer:Delta Machinery
Model:18-900L Drill Press
Motor:3/4 HP
Table size:20" x 14"
Quill diameter:52mm
Chuck capacity:5/8"
Speeds:16 (170-3000RPM)
Weight:240 lbs.
Dimensions:70" x 28" x 20"
Chuck taper:Jacobs #3
Quill stroke:6.0"
Warranty:5 years
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Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Floor Drill Press Review

#1. Feature evaluation


The Delta 18-900L drill press has a powerful performance level. This drill has a 16 speed motor that can drill through most materials easily. The induction motor is heavy duty with a capacity of 3/4 HP. This is achieved with a voltage of 120V. Even with such performance, it still sounds smooth and solid. There are no cranky or squeaky sounds.


The Delta 18-900L has a variable speed range of 170-3,000 RPM. It uses a belt drive system that has three pulleys and two belts to select one of the 16 speeds available. The pulley tensioning system is unique and patented for this specific machine. It uses a lever that moves so as to press the rear belt, thereby automatically creating tightness in both belts. It's also easy to release the tension. You just need to move it backwards and lock its place.

Size, Weight

The Delta 18-900L weighs about 261 pounds. This weight is mainly added by the study cast iron parts which include the base, table, and head. Although these parts add a little bit of weight, they also make the drill strong to perform any heavy work you may require. Since this machinery is large and bulky movement across working areas can be tough. This also makes it a bit tough to assemble.

To accommodate this weight, the Delta 18-900L has a wide base that can be bolted to any surface for stability. Since this is a floor type drill press, the weight is just right for its kind of work. The toughest part would be in assembly since the head is also quite weighty.


Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Drill Press Review

There are various features in the Delta 18-900L that makes it very easy to operate. First the wide base gives this machine stability even with its heavy components. The machine also comes with an 18” swing. Thirdly, it has a large and easily visible power switch. Since it is openly placed and brightly colored red, one can quickly turn it off in case of an emergency. These are features that make the Delta 18-900L a truly modern drill press.

The Delta 18-900L also comes with two micro-adjustable split-nuts mounted on a threaded rod. Their work is to lock the drill bit shaft in place depending on how deep or shallow you want to go into the material you are working on.

Angle/ inclination

The table of this drill press is also quite impressive. Although most drills come with working tables, only a few have a working space as wide as this one. The Delta 18-900L table is made of cast iron and it has two T-slots that can be used to attach hold downs.

The interesting part is that the table can be adjusted in almost any desired position. It has a well-thought-out tilting mechanism that makes setting angles very easy. It can tilt forward for up to 48 degrees. Additionally, the table can be swung a whole 360 degrees to move it out of the way of the drill bit if need be.

Other Functions

The Delta 18-900L also comes with 6-inch drill stroke that is perfect for deep drilling. It also works perfectly for achieving the desired accuracy. When this is combined with the depth-stops stated above, one can achieve incredible versatility. The quill has large, strong, easy to use arms. With only one spin, one can go through the entire turn. It also has an adjustable scale that lets you set its position at whichever level you may desire.

These are the twin laser and the LED light set at the back of the drill press head. The LED light is mounted with an adjustable and flexible handle that can be moved to almost any position while still attached to the main body. The light is bright enough to use the equipment in the dark.

The laser is a cool feature that only adds to the numerous accuracy features in this drill press. The twin lasers do not move or change locus even when the drill bit moves up or down.


There is no doubt that much thought went into making this drill press. Almost every functionality is made with the end user in mind. Most of the functions seem to have been made to solve problems that exist in other drill presses.

Except for a few complicated adjustments, most other controls are easy to do. The drill press is also very easy to operate. The drill bit is well set to ensure that one stays safe while using it. It is also easy to change or adjust the drill bit.

#2. Price

With a maximum budget of $1,000, you can get yourself this piece of equipment. That is a good price considering all the great features cited above. The important factor though is that it is bound to give value for your money. That is why the Delta 18-900L comes with a 5-year warranty.

#3. Pros/Cons

There are many advantages of owning and using the Delta 18-900L most of which have already been mentioned. Here is a summary:


  • Powerful motor with 3/4 HP
  • Variable speed with very higher No of speed
  • Led light, laser for support
  • Large swing
  • 5 years warranty, much longer than others


  • The speed adjustment can be tedious at times. This is because it involves changing the relative position of the belts. Since this may require removing and re-installing the belt, it can be wearisome at times.
  • There are customers who feel that the price is too steep.

#4. Expert Review

Expert from thewoodnerd made review about this drill press. He's very pleased with its quality.

Overall, I'm very pleased with the Delta 18-900L drill press. All the parts are beefy and rugged, cast iron where lesser machines use pot metal or stamped sheet metal. Where plastic is used, it's thick and well-made. No part other than the tilt angle pointer strikes me as cheap or a victim of cost-shaving. It looks and sounds good and, most importantly, performs splendidly.

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Who Should Buy?

The Delta 18-900L is ideal for users who desire an equipment that is long lasting and high quality. While there are cheaper models, the compromise in price cannot equal the benefits that one can get with this equipment.

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