DeWalt DWFP55130 Air Compressor Review

For a compact air compressor that will provide you with a low noise output and still get the job done, the DeWalt DWFP55130 is the air compressor unit just for you. The air compressor has been designed and constructed by one of the world leading manufacturer of pneumatic power tools - DeWalt.

While the unit is not totally silent, a bunch of consumers have gone on record to express their appreciation of the low noise emissions of the unit. But before you can make a judgment call on this alone, it is wise you go through the detailed DeWalt DWFP55130 review.

DeWalt DWFP55130 Air Compressor Review

#1.Technical Features


DeWalt DWFP55130 Air Compressor Review

For a small sized unit, this air compressor packs quite a punch. This remains true even though in comparison to units like the CAT 6310 the punch feels tamed. But then again, they sport different technical abilities. The motor fitted on the DeWalt DWFP55130 drums up 1.1 HP and delivers 3.0 SCFM at 90 PSI. This motor has the ability to produce a whopping 200 PSI at maximum and a low of 165 PSI.

The motor also provides a 2,300 pump speed which is pretty impressive for a small unit as this. The DeWalt DWFP55130 also draws only 12 Amps which offers a simple and easy start up and decreases the chance of tripping the circuit breakers. This air compressor has a design and construction that allows it to refill and recharge fast. Put in figures, the unit, in comparison to pancake air compressors enjoys a 15% decrease in the refill and recharge times which speeds up the project at hand.

Although the unit can run continuously, it has a recommended 50% average duty cycle. This is to mean that the pump should not run more than 5 minutes in every 10 minutes.


The DeWalt DWFP55130 has a durable construction and is highly portable at 41.9 pounds. This weight is not the lightest amongst air compressors in its level. The PowRyte Basic 03330 for instance, weighs about 18.5 pounds. The unit is however not the heaviest either. In comparison to other units like the DeWalt D55167 that weighs 104 pounds, this weight is almost a third of what you have to struggle to carry around.

In addition to the weight, the DeWalt DWFP55130 features a roll cage outline that provides protection against mishandling and doubles up as a handle which makes portability a breeze.


This air compressor is compact in size which greatly contributes to the portability of the unit as a whole. The DeWalt DWFP55130 measures 21.6 x 17.4 x 13.8 inches which is more than perfect size. The air compressor protects the unit 4 inches on every side. You also should note that the unit features a 2.5-gallon tank which even though small can handle 200 PSI thus competing with the likes of DeWalt D55167 which come in bigger measurements at 39.6 x 16 x 30 inches.


The DeWalt DWFP55130 is marketed as a low noise/quiet air compressor at 71.5 dB. This noise rating, however, is slightly higher than the brother DeWalt D55140 which measures 71 dB. The air compressor is however significantly quieter, about 50 % quieter than most pancake air compressors and about 7 units quieter than the DeWalt D55167.

With this rating, the air compressor will not disrupt communications while in the great outdoors.

#2. Other Features

  • Heavy duty Oil Free Pump: this pump design helps to reduce the labor and hassle of having to clean and maintain the unit. Without the need for oil in the system, the unit is more efficient and evidently, lighter.
  • Accessible ball drain: With an oil-free pump, you need to be extra careful for your air compressor to last for prolonged periods of time. You have to ensure you drain the contents of the tank completely to avoid condensation which may later lead to rusting and corrosion. The ball drain that is designed for this purpose is located in an easily accessible position.
  • Safety valve: this will pop and relieve the tank pressure when the compressor does not automatically shut off at the maximum cut-out pressure setting.
  • Thermal overload protector: this part helps prevent the overheating of the motor. When the internal temperatures rise above a given safety level, this protector cuts off power to the motor.

#3. Accessories

No accessories come included with the packaging of this air compressor. As such, many first-time compressor purchasers and users will have to get the required hoses and attachment. This is not an unusual thing – for manufacturers to ship or package products without all accessories. You will as such have to purchase your very own accessories. You can stick to the below recommended essential items including:

  • A high-quality hose
  • A tire inflator complete with a pressure gauge
  • Universal accessory kit

#4. Price

Needless to say, the price is not one of the strong points and features of this unit. Honestly, the price is costly especially when you consider the features and performance of the unit are slightly similar to those of Bostitch BTFP1KIT and which goes for a lower price.

The DeWalt DWFP55130 air compressor model does, however, have an advantage over the Bostitch BTFP1KIT given its compact design and powerful nature. While the price is high, we think it is quite reasonable considering the power, construction and safety features it sports. It will over time pay for itself.

#5. Expert Review

The DeWalt DWFP55130 has been used and reviewed by several experts in the industry. One of the professional and expert reviews of the product is done by Hope Hardy and has been made available online as a YouTube channel. The review highlights the strengths of the air compressor and gives you an idea of a more hands-on feel of the unit.

#6. Pros/Cons


  • An exceptionally strong and solid construction
  • Lightweight design at 41.9 pounds
  • Quiet enough for indoor use at 71.5 dB
  • Can be used either horizontally or vertically – the frame design and placement of the controls allow for this
  • Two outlets for dual use
  • Low amp rating at 12 Amps


  • Considerably low tank capacity
  • Slow to build pressure

Who Should Buy?

For persons who always work in tight spaces or take up awkward angles, a compressor that is trim enough for tight spaces and can take up varying positions (vertical or horizontal) like the DeWalt DWFP55130 should be preferred. The lightweight design of this unit makes it perfect for persons looking to have an easy to store and move air compressor.

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