7 Best Soaker Hoses of 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

If you have a garden outside your home or you are even just trying to grow a small section of your backyard with plants, you need to find an efficient way of watering. Naturally, you want your plants to grow quickly and healthy, but you don’t want to spend hours every day in the watering process.

When it comes to efficient watering, there are many options available, such as drip irrigation. But in the process of finding a watering method that is not only efficient but also quite cost-effective, you’ll likely encounter soaker hoses as one of the best options.

Before you jump into making a purchase, however, you’ll need to know that all soaker hoses are not the same. They will differ in various aspects such as material, length, weight, and pressure rating.

With the many options out there, you’ll want to make sure that you choose the best soaker hose for your garden. Below, we review some of the top-rated soaker hoses in the market. We also highlight some of the most important factors to consider when buying one.

Product Name

Length (foot)



Current Price

1. Gilmour Soaker Hose

25, 50, 75

Recycled vinyl


2. Melnor Flat Soaker Garden Hose

25, 50, 75



3. Miracle-Gro Premium Soaker Hose

50, 75, 100

65% recycled rubber


4. Swan Miracle-Gro Soaker System


65% recycled rubber


5. Apex Soil Soaker Hose




6. Osmile Soaker Hose


80% recycled materials


7. Dramm ColorStorm Premium Soaker Garden Hose

25, 50

Recycled high-grade rubber



What is a Soaker Hose?

Before we get into a review of the 7 best soaker hoses, let’s have a quick rundown of what a soaker hose is.

While you turn on a normal hose and use it to spray down your plants, you utilize a soaker hose differently.

A soaker hose gets placed on the soil (or even underneath it) from where it slowly and efficiently seeps water through the hose walls.

Similar to a drip irrigation system, instead of hosing down your plants in one go, a soaker hose slowly and consistently waters a row of plants or a flower bed.

You end up using less water and saving more time with a soaker hose as compared to a normal garden hose. 

7 Best Soaker Hoses – Reviews

What Are The Best Soaker Hoses to Buy?

A soaker hose provides one of the most efficient ways of watering your garden. But, the many options in the market can make it hard for you to choose the right one.

Here we compare 7 of the best soaker hoses using factors such as length, weight, and material to make your choice a little bit easier.

#1. Gilmour Soaker Hose

Editor’s Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

Gilmour Soaker Hose

  • Length: 25-foot hose (but also available in 50- and 75-foot options)
  • Weight: 0.75 lb
  • Material: Recycled vinyl
  • Warranty: 7-year 

Fortunately, you do not have to spend a lot of cash to get a high-quality and relatively long-lasting soaker hose. This affordable one by Gilmour offers good quality at a low expense.

Apart from being the least expensive item on our soaker hose reviews, it is also the lightest in weight. This fantastic hose is made from 100% recycled and environmentally-friendly vinyl, so you can rest assured that the water is safe for your plants.

The flat soaker hose comes with a clog-resistant fabric cover that ensures you will always get a consistent soaking for your garden. It is also quite tough and durable. It is available in 25, 50, and 75-foot length options.

Once you get the best soaker hose, you will find out that you also need to clean it after every growing season. Additionally, you’ll want to store it in a reel when not in use to make sure that it serves you for a long time and doesn’t develop irritating kinks.

With this soaker hose, you also get peace of mind after the purchase as the manufacturer backs it with a 7-year warranty.


  • Environmentally-friendly recycled vinyl
  • Clog-resistant fabric cover
  • Relatively affordable
  • Lightweight and easy to coil up after use
  • 7-year warranty


  • A little delicate and prone to rupturing
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#2. Melnor Flat Soaker Garden Hose

Editor’s Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Melnor Flat Soaker Garden Hose

  • Length: 50-foot hose (but also available in 25- and 75-foot options)
  • Weight: 2.73 lbs
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Warranty: 2-year limited 

Melnor has been making hoses and other gardening equipment for more than six decades now. You can be confident that they know what works well for a soaker hose.

This particular one comes in a pack of two 50-foot hoses. It is also available in 25- and 75-foot length options. With a durable vinyl construction, gardeners will find it quite durable.

Also convenient to use, this soaker hose folds flat for easy storage and placement. It is highly flexible and versatile, as you can use it above ground or bury it below a thin layer of mulch or soil.

This soaker hose will fit standard garden hose threads, and it also comes with rust-resistant end caps that make it possible to connect multiple hoses.

Although the 2-year warranty is shorter than what you get on most other hoses on our list, it is still longer than many other general soaker hoses on the market.


  • Great value: 2-pack
  • Flattens for easy storage
  • Highly flexible and versatile
  • Simple connection
  • Fits standard hose threads


  • Relatively short warranty
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#3. Miracle-Gro Premium Soaker Hose

Editor’s Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

Miracle Gro Premium Soaker Hose

  • Length: 100-foot (but also available in 50- and 75-foot options)
  • Weight: 6.7 lbs
  • Material: 65% recycled rubber
  • Warranty: 7-year 

Miracle-Gro is one of the most reputable garden hose manufacturers. You can always be sure that they have something that will work well for you in the world of gardening and yard work.

This high-quality 100-foot soaker hose is no exception. The premium soaker hose is available in 50-foot, 75-foot, and 100-foot options.

The fact that it is highly customizable is what will stand out to many gardeners as a unique feature. For customization, you will only need to cut the hose into the lengths that suit your garden; then join them using the EZ-connect fittings that the company provides.

This hose will also help you achieve your green and sustainable gardening goals as it is made from 65% recycled rubber and it saves up to 70% of the water. Also, it is completely lead-free.

Miracle-Gro backs this product with a lengthy 7-year warranty.


  • Customizable
  • 65% of recycled materials
  • Easy set-up
  • High watering efficiency
  • 7-year warranty


  • Fewer connectors
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#4. Swan Miracle-Gro 25′ Soaker System

Editor’s Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Swan Miracle Gro 25' Soaker System

  • Length: 25-foot
  • Weight: 1.25 lbs
  • Material: 65% recycled rubber
  • Warranty: 7-year 

For those who have a small garden, the 25-foot Swan Soaker System from Miracle-Gro will be very useful. First of all, it is relatively lightweight for easy handling.

Like the previous one in this review, it is also customizable; you can cut and join pieces to your desired length using the 4-piece EZ connectors. 

Controlling the water flow is also quite easy when using this soaker hose as it has a built-in flow plug. Like most other Miracle-Gro soaker hoses, it uses up to 70% less water compared to the regular garden hoses.

When using this hose, you can also be sure of having a minimal impact on the environment as the company makes it with 65% recycled rubber. That said, the material is still tough and long-lasting.

Miracle-Gro backs this soaker hose with a 7-year warranty to show you that it is highly durable.


  • Customizable
  • Built-in flow plug
  • Relatively lightweight
  • 70% of water saving
  • 7-year warranty


  • Not available in longer size options
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#5. Apex Soil Soaker Hose

Editor’s Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

Apex Soil Soaker Hose

  • Length: 100-foot
  • Weight: 8.6 lbs
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Warranty: 7-year

Watering a large garden efficiently is not always easy … but with this Apex 100-foot vinyl soaker hose, the task should be less tedious for you.

Vinyl makes some of the best quality soaker hoses; so you can be confident that this choice will serve you well and last for a long time.

It is also a highly flexible soaker hose, making it easy to handle and coil up after use. Also, it lies flat on the ground, so placing it in a neat circle should be quick and easy.

For a 100-foot long vinyl soaker hose, this option is also relatively affordable. And although it does not save as much water as hoses from companies like Miracle-Gro, you can still be sure that you will save up to 30% of the water you would use when using a regular garden hose.

This soaker hose provides deep and even soaking for the roots, thanks to the weeping pores. You can also have the assurance of using it for a long time as the company backs it with a 7-year warranty.


  • Easy placement
  • Highly flexible
  • Relatively affordable
  • Deep and even soaking
  • 7-year warranty


  • Relatively smaller water saving
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#6. Osmile Soaker Hose

Editor’s Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

Osmile Soaker Hose

  • Length: 100-foot
  • Weight: 25 lbs
  • Material: 80% of recycled materials
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty against material defects

This 100-foot hose by Osmile is the heaviest on our list. In other words, it will take more effort to handle. However, the extra weight comes from the fact that it uses tougher and thicker materials.

The company states that 80% of the materials that make this hose are recycled, which is a great thing for environmentally-friendly or “green” gardeners. (And really, shouldn’t we all be doing our part to help protect the environment for future generations?)

The top-rated soaker hose comes with extra-thick walls. This means that you will get a slower soaking for more efficient watering.

Despite this being a long soaker hose, it still guarantees an even flow throughout the length of the hose. As referred to above, the manufacturer provides a lifetime guarantee against material defects.


  • 80% of recycled materials
  • Extra thick walls
  • Even full-length water flow
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Relatively heavy
  • Only sold in 100-foot lengths
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#7. Dramm ColorStorm Premium Soaker Garden Hose

Editor’s Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

Dramm ColorStorm Premium Soaker Garden Hose

  • Length: 50-foot (but also available in 25-foot option)
  • Weight: 6.5 lbs
  • Material: Recycled high-grade rubber
  • Warranty: Lifetime guarantee

As you shop for the best soaker hose, water savings should be on your mind. If it is your main concern, this Dramm soaker hose will be perfect for you. It saves up to 90% of the water you would use with a regular garden hose.

The hose comes in 50- and 25-foot length options and it is made from recycled high-grade rubber. The walls are up to 50% thicker to eliminate the “geyser effect” which causes a lot of water wastage.

Whether you are watering gardens or beds, you can always be sure of maximum efficiency when using this soaker hose as it provides an even flow throughout its length.

It is also crush-proof, abrasion, and kink-resistant. Finally, Dramm provides a lifetime guarantee for this product.


  • High-grade rubber
  • Up to 90% less water
  • 50% thicker walls
  • Even full-length water flow
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Not great for use under mulch
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How to Buy the Best Soaker Hoses

How to Buy a Soaker Hose

Soaker hoses provide a simple, convenient, and water-efficient method of watering your garden. But, this is only true if you choose the best from the many options.

And to ensure that you make the right pick, you might want to consider the following factors when buying a soaker hose.

1. Material 

Hose material should always be the first factor to consider when buying any garden hose, and the soaker hose is no exception.

Although soaker hoses from different manufacturers will differ in various aspects, most are made from recycled tires. Soaker hoses made from recycled tires are super strong and durable. You’ll find that they stand up to the elements in most kinds of inclement weather; they will also last even when placed among a variety of things that may be found in the soil … such as dirt, mud, and mulch.

There are also other good materials such as vinyl and polyurethane. Food safe polyurethane soaker hoses are also quite durable and have a natural resistance to UV and ozone exposure.

2. Length

When buying a soaker hose, you need to make sure that it is long enough to cover everything that you want to water. In short, the size of your garden is what will typically determine the right length for you.

You can get soaker hoses in various lengths, but manufacturers often tend to make them in four standard lengths: 25, 50, 75, and 100 feet.

It is also possible to combine two or more hoses if you want more length. But it is always a good idea to keep the length at 100 feet or less so that you maintain good water pressure while watering. 

3. Pressure Rating

As you shop for the best garden soaker hose, you will also want to check the pressure rating, which is the amount of pressure that it can withstand before bursting.

The optimal pressure for drip irrigation is about 10 PSI because you want the water to seep out of the hose instead of sprinkling. A good soaker hose should be able to handle more pressure than this so that it does not end up bursting and flooding your garden or damaging your crops.

Most manufacturers will indicate the pressure rating on the soaker hose packaging. Check to ensure that it is appropriate for the water pressure in your home. Additionally, it would probably be a good idea to use the soaker hose with a pressure regulator.

4. Overall Design

The overall design of the soaker hose also matters. You will need to consider whether to go for a flat or round soaker hose.

While both can still provide efficient watering, the flat types offer more aesthetic appeal. They will also direct water to a particular point more precisely as they only have holes on one side.

The round soaker hose types, on the other hand, are great when you want something more heavy-duty or when you want to bury the hose under mulch or soil.

5. Warranty

Warranty is always an important factor to consider when buying any garden tool. Before choosing a soaker hose, you should check whether it comes with a warranty.

Most will come with a 12-month warranty and some will also have a 30-day or 60-day guarantee to give you some confidence that you are buying the best quality soaker hose.


Whether you are starting out a new garden or want to improve the watering efficiency of an already established one, a soaker hose will be very useful.

Soaker hoses only use a fraction of the water that regular garden hoses use. They are also quite convenient since you do not have to drag around heavy hoses when watering plants.

However, to get all the benefits that come with a soaker hose, you have to choose the best from the many options on the market. This requires you to consider the factors mentioned above: hose length, material, and pressure rating.

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