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How to Buy Staple Gun | Buying Guide for DIY-Ers, Homeowners

The staple gun is a versatile tool suitable for various DIY projects and household repairs. It looks and works in a similar way to the traditional office stapler. However, unlike the office stapler that bends the staple (close ended), the staple gun is open-ended and penetrates straight into material. It is also much more powerful […]

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Hitachi NR90AE Review – Should We Buy This Framing Nailer?

Hitachi needs little introduction when it comes to construction machineries. It is a well-known name in the power tool technology sector and their new NR90AE framing nailer does not disappoint. An extremely light weight tool with ideal power to weight ratio, this power tool is making headlines all over. Let’s have a look over some of […]

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Top 3 Best Hitachi Framing Nailers

Hitachi is a worldwide brand reputed for making powerful and reliable power tools. If you have ever owned a Hitachi tool before, you know they mean business. Today, we will continue our ritual of reviewing 3 hand-picked Hitachi nailers. The Hitachi framing nailer we will review are without a doubt the ablest and most reliable […]

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Top 3 Bostitch Framing Nailers Review

Framing nailers are power tools known for their versatility and ease of use for any kind of finishing jobs. They have become very affordable and this makes them an easy choice over the regular hammer for many. However, their popularity easily leaves consumers faced with hundreds if not thousands of different models, each claiming to […]

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