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10 Best Wood Planers in 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Squaring and straightening stock or boards is always an essential part of the projects for most woodworkers. And to perform these important tasks one needs to have the best wood planer. Wood planers are one of those tools that you would expect to find in any workshop or worksite where wood is one of the key […]

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10 Best Framing Nailers – Reviews & Buying Guide

When you are working on a project that requires you to nail large pieces of wood and boards fast and do it accurately, the framing nailer is always the perfect tool for the job. Framing nailers are designed to make a carpenter’s or woodworker’s job much easier by eliminating the need to use a hammer. And they […]

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7 Best Tape Measures – Reviews & Buying Guide

Whether you are beginner DIYer or hobbyist or a seasoned pro with decades of experience, your toolkit will never be complete without a good tape measure. Tape measures will help you get accurate and reliable measurements whether you are doing some professional contractor work, DIY projects or even measuring the area of a room when buying […]

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10 Best Small Air Compressors – Reviews & Buying Guide

An air compressor is one of those things that every person that is into home improvement and the DIY projects should have. And in many instances, just a small air compressor is often more than enough. Small air compressors are lightweight, portable and most importantly more affordable than the large or full-size compressor. But, to get […]

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10 Best Finish Nailers – Reviews & Buying Guide

Nailers are one of the quintessential tools for woodworking projects as you will have to use them for almost all your projects. But when it comes to finishing carpentry or woodworking, the finish nailer always outperforms the many other types. Finish nailers are always the tool to go when building furniture, working on the deck or […]

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10 Best Brad Nailers – Reviews & Buying Guide

Finish carpentry requires a highly versatile nailer that will not only hold two pieces of wood together but does also not leave large and unsightly holes that require a lot of filling. The brad nailer fits this description as it is very useful for light finishing works, and it is always great for your home improvement […]

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4 Types of Table Saws You Should Know

There are certain power tools that you would expect to see in any woodworking workshop and one of them is the table saw. The table saw is a highly versatile power tool that you can use to make almost any kind of cut. This power saw is one of the most important investments that you will […]

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7 Best Floor Drill Presses – Reviews & Buying Guide

If you need a powerful drill press in your shop, one that can handle large projects with ease, and which comes with lots of accessories, then a floor-standing drill press is your best bet. Floor drill presses offer the power, speed, and capacity to handle both small and large projects with ease, surpassing benchtop models in […]

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7 Best Drill Press Tables – Reviews & Buying Guide

Although some drill press tables come with extensions, the hard truth remains that the tables that come with most drill presses are usually too small, especially for woodworking. The simple solution to the problem is often to get a nicely sized table for the drill press, but this raises a few questions about what size and […]

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