7 Best Wheelbarrows to Buy In 2024

By definition, a wheelbarrow is a small hand-propelled second class lever that normally comes with just a single wheel. These units have been designed to be guided and pushed from the rear end using handles. You should note, however, that advancements in technology have given birth to many different wheelbarrow designs. But regardless of the design, they work by distributing the weight of the load between the operator and the wheel thus enabling convenient carriage carrying.

While wheelbarrows can be used in construction, landscaping, masonry and even road work, the units have proven to be useful in gardening. You can toss the rocks and sticks gotten from the soil and make light of the work of having to pick after yourself or fill up the wheelbarrow with some seeds, compost, hoe or trowel that you need.

All this convenience is at the tip of your hands. You just have to get the right wheelbarrow for the job. Speaking of which, the term right is highly subjective and depends on several factors. But to make your decision easier below is a guide and some reviews to help light the way.

7 Best Wheelbarrows - Reviews


Product Name

Load Capacity



Current Price

Worx Aerocart WG050 Multifunction Wheelbarrow

1. Worx Aerocart WG050 Multifunction Wheelbarrow

300 lbs

49 lbs


Marathon Dual-Wheel Yard Rover Wheelbarrow

2. Marathon Dual-Wheel Yard Rover Wheelbarrow

300 lbs

33 lbs


Jackson M6T22 Steel Tray Contractor Wheelbarrow With Front Braces

3. Jackson M6T22 Steel Tray Contractor Wheelbarrow 

500 lbs

10 lbs


Polar Trailer 8449 Heavy-Duty Cub Cart

4. Polar Trailer 8449 Heavy-Duty Cub Cart

400 lbs

35 lbs


Ames CP6PS Poly Wheelbarrow

5. Ames CP6PS Poly Wheelbarrow

600 lbs

1 lbs


Lifetime 65034 Two Wheel Wheelbarrow

6. Lifetime 65034 Two Wheel Wheelbarrow

550 lbs

48.9 lbs


Best Choice Products Dual Wheel Wheelbarrow Garden Cart

7. Best Choice Products Dual Wheel Wheelbarrow 

330 lbs

26 lbs


#1. Worx Aerocart WG050 Multifunction Wheelbarrow

Editor's Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Worx Aerocart WG050 Multifunction Wheelbarrow

This wheelbarrow is more of a yard cart than a traditional wheelbarrow – the kind that we are used to. This is because even when on wheelbarrow mode this unit still runs on two wheels. Speaking of which, this two wheel design has been patented as a technology that helps in adjusting the center of gravity and provides for a much easier load to manage and a balanced load.

This unit can be converted with ease from a wheelbarrow into a yard cart, an extended dolly, a bag holder, a cylinder carrier and a trailer tote. The convenience of all these conversions is through the roof. You will not have to purchase individual items when you have this. You will save some good amount of money in the process.

This Turbo Lift design helps to make lifting a 17-pound load feels like a 20-pound load. The unit has a volume capacity of about 3 cubic feet. The fold out extension arm has been designed to help with the carrying of small trees, straw bales, flower pots, and any oversized and awkwardly shaped item.

As for the frame, you will be pleased to note that this unit is made from all steel. This increases the durability as well as the strength of this unit a great deal. And with the flat free tires, this unit needs very little to no maintenance.


  • Multiple mower functions in a single unit
  • All steel construction
  • Solid tires with no inflation required
  • Turbo lift design which lightens the load


  • Not well made for heavy duty use
  • Smaller than individual products for every function

Who Should Buy?

This unit is perfect for every renter or homeowner who does not have the room to store all the individual movers. Being a multiple function unit, the product helps to save on storage space as well as costs.

#2. Marathon Dual-Wheel Yard Rover Wheelbarrow

Editor's Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Marathon Dual-Wheel Yard Rover Wheelbarrow

This is one of the most familiar products with most people. This brand name speaks for itself. This particular unit, however, measures 35 x 16 x 14 inches and weighs a total of 33 pounds. The wheelbarrow has been designed with a carrying capacity of 300 pounds. Compared to many other wheelbarrows on the market, this unit seems rather small which makes it perfect for the lighter jobs like carrying garden waste and mulch.

As for the design, you will appreciate the fact that it is simple and straight forward. The design is so simple that you will be done assembling the product in less than 2 minutes and will only need a flat head screwdriver and a crescent wrench. The unit is lightweight and ergonomic factors that contribute to the unit being easy to balance and easy to maneuver.

The unit has been designed from 5 cubic feet poly tray that is rust and corrosion proof. This provides for quality and longevity. You should also note that the wheels on this unit have been designed from a material that is tough and that enables the unit to withstand the pressures from the load they also can work on all terrain given that they are air filled wheels.


  • Easy to assemble
  • The wheelbarrow has been designed to be lightweights
  • Comes with very comfortable handles
  • Tray has been made from a rust proof material


  • Tires are inflatable which calls for regular maintenance
  • Not ideal for heavy duty tasks

Who Should Buy?

This unit is recommended to persons who are looking for a unit that is simple and gets the job done without too many sideshows. Also, persons working on a tight budget are recommended to consider this purchase.

#3. Jackson M6T22 Steel Tray Contractor Wheelbarrow With Front Braces

Editor's Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

Jackson M6T22 Steel Tray Contractor Wheelbarrow With Front Braces

To be productive you will need a premium wheelbarrow to help you get the job done. Very few units can be trusted with this task but this wheelbarrow has made the list of trustworthy and dependable wheelbarrows. The Jackson M6T22 has been designed to be the perfect contractor wheelbarrows on the market. The unit has been constructed with 6 cubic feet tray. This is large enough to carry a significant amount of load.

Speaking of the tray, it is worth noting that the tray has been made from a high-grade steel. The steel provides the unit with strength, quality, and durability – all factors that make a perfect wheelbarrow. The steel is also resistant to rust and corrosion. Adding to this, the unit features a low design which makes it very easy to load and unload materials and is also very light.

The overall frame is sturdy and the seams are welded and tight. The front features a H-brace which improves the durability and stability of the unit. Last but not least, the unit comes with a huge 16-inch tube tire that rolls with great ease and comfort on all terrain. The tire also last for a longer time.


  • The design is well balanced
  • The tray is spacious at 6 cubic feet
  • The 16-inch tube tire is efficient on all terrain
  • Sturdy frame complete with a reinforced H brace


  • The tire is susceptible to punctures
  • The wooden bar and handle is not as comfortable

Who Should Buy?

For individuals who are suckers for quality and durable products, this unit provides for the perfect wheelbarrow. The simple design and high functionality has made many fall in love with the unit.

#4. Polar Trailer 8449 Heavy-Duty Cub Cart

Editor's Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

Polar Trailer 8449 Heavy-Duty Cub Cart

This is a heavy duty product that has many individual homeowners turning their heads to get a second look. The unit has been designed to handle lots of pressure. The two wheels this unit features enables the product to withstand the great pressures. With this unit, you can and will be able to carry a total weight of 400 pounds on the 7 cubic feet of tub it features.

Speaking of the tub, you will be pleased to note that it is not only large but also made from a high impact polyethylene which absorbs a lot of pressure and is strong enough not as strong as steel, but nonetheless strong enough to withstand the weight of the load. This wheelbarrow measures a total of 35 pounds and measures 50 x 28 x 29 inches.

The wide and rugged rubber tires each measure 2-16 x 4.8 inches and is shielded by a ball bearing. The overall design allows for perfect balance when hauling a heavy load and even when stationary.


  • Strong and heavy duty
  • High load capacity
  • Large and wide tires for reduced pressure on the ground
  • Polyethylene tub does not rust


  • Requires two people to assemble
  • Proves difficult to dump out

Who Should Buy?

Perfect for individuals not looking to haul the load on solid grounds like pavements. With a soft pea ground, or one laden with sand, the large and wide tires will come in handy.

#5. Ames CP6PS Poly Wheelbarrow

Editor's Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

Ames CP6PS Poly Wheelbarrow

When in the search of a heavy duty construction material wheelbarrow, the kind with an adjustable stand, then this particular unit is the best for you. Ames CP6PS measures 6 cubic feet and is black in color. The tub has been constructed from durable and rust-free poly and is complete with a pouring spout.

The tub and the entire wheelbarrow construction is strong enough to withstand the weight put on it. Speaking of which, the unit has a total weight capacity of 600 pounds. Very few products have such high weight capacity.

The wheelbarrow features adjustable stands that help in protecting the industrial product from wasting or falling. The product only measures 26.5 x 29.5 x 59.75 inches and has a weight of just 1 pound. At 1 pound, this is an extremely light product. In comparison to the load it can carry, it is highly impressive.


  • Good carrying capacity
  • Spout which makes it easy to pour wheelbarrow content
  • Lightweight product at 1 pound
  • Rust free poly tub


  • Though sturdy, some users stated that it should have come with even stronger and hardier handles
  • Takes quite a while to assemble

Who Should Buy?

Very rarely do we get products that are both lightweight and can carry heavy loads. This unit is perfect for those persons who are looking for a perfect blend of a light and heavy duty product, one that can hold its own against top-rated heavy duty products.

#6. Lifetime 65034 Two Wheel Wheelbarrow

Editor's Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Lifetime 65034 Two Wheel Wheelbarrow

At first glance, it is hard to be convinced that this unit can do anything special. The price tag to many even seems slightly exaggerated. It is not after hearing of persons hauling 18 cubic yards of soil that you become a believer.

This wheelbarrow has a lot to offer. First and foremost, the tub of this unit has been made from a 100% post-consumer recycled material that is strong and can hold up its own when the need arises to carry heavy loads. The handles have been constructed from powder coated steel and are not likely to break like the wooden handles do. The handle comes complete with rubber grips for improved comfort and secure grip.

The tires are large measuring 15.5 inches and are easily inflatable and strong. They come complete with metal bearings and powder coated steel rims. The steel adds to the strength, quality, and durability of this unit. With a 6.5 carrying tray, this unit features a carrying capacity of 550 pounds.


  • Comfortable grip
  • Strong carrying tray
  • High load capacity at 550 pounds
  • Steel handles which are strong and highly durable


  • Inflatable tires require significant amount of care and maintenance
  • The handles are too wide apart for many to apply appropriate pressure

Who Should Buy?

For those tired of pushing a one wheel wheelbarrow, this variation can provide the perfect solution. The two-wheeled design helps to reduce the workload by a whopping 85%. There is a huge difference in carrying the load.

#7. Best Choice Products Dual Wheel Wheelbarrow Garden Cart

Editor's Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

Best Choice Products Dual Wheel Wheelbarrow Garden Cart

This unit has been constructed from high-quality powder-coated steel. The steel used in this construction helps to greatly increase the durability of the unit as a whole. The steel also provides the unit with rust proof properties.

To make pushing the unit a breeze, the product features thick padded loop handles. The padding helps to increase friction for a better grip and to help improve on the comfort levels of the product. The wheels on this unit are pneumatic and sturdy and made from rubber wheels. These wheels allow you to navigate through any and all terrain with great ease.

The tub measures 5 cubic feet and is used for both complex and simple projects. The total weight capacity is 330 pounds and this unit measures 36 x 25 x 20 inches.


  • Pneumatic wheels to navigate all terrain
  • Steel, strong and durable construction
  • Padded handles for improved comfort
  • 330 weight carrying capacity


  • Rather small for large projects
  • Takes quite a while to assemble

Who Should Buy?

Anyone looking to complete small projects around the house but requires a great deal of efficiency. This wheelbarrow is small but hardy to handle tough projects and considerably heavy loads.

What to Look for When Buying a Wheelbarrow

They may seem easy and straightforward; however, wheelbarrows present you with a myriad of choices and a host of factors that you need to consider. In light of this, below are some of the top factors you should consider and that will enable you to get the worth of your money.

#1. Frame Design

This is important. Almost everyone considers this feature whether consciously or not. The overall design, while it should be attractive, it should also be able to redistribute the load evenly. If it does not, you will surely end up with shoulder and back pains.

#2. Material

The material the wheelbarrow has been made from is very important especially when it comes to the loads you intend to carry. The material used to construct the bucket will affect the price as well as the quality and longevity of the product. Wooden wheelbarrows, though they are still available in the market, they are rather scarce and rare. Today they are more beneficial for showcasing than productivity.

That reduces the choices to plastic and metal. Plastic wheelbarrows tend to be lighter and easy to wash. They are however only great with light loads since they tend to crack under the pressure of heavy loads. Metal wheelbarrows, on the other hand, are ideally made from steel and are the best choice if you are a frequent gardener. They, however, can handle heavy loads and tend to be harder to maneuver and push.

#3. Capacity

On average, the capacity of a wheelbarrow should be anywhere between 200 pounds and 500 pounds. Before making a purchase, go through the specifications of the unit keenly.

#4. Overall Productivity

Before settling on any make and model or even the material, think of the use you intend to put your wheelbarrow in. in the event you intend to be carrying heavy bags of soil, weeds and garden rocks, then you will need a heavy duty wheelbarrow, one that will perform at a high and hardy level without giving in to the pressure. Also, note that there are some wheelbarrows that have multiple functions.

#5. Number of Wheels

The fist image that comes into your mind when you hear the term wheelbarrow is a single wheeled vehicle with a triangular shaped body. This design is not only beautiful but also steady even when stationary. They are, however, harder to push especially when filled to the brim with a heavy load.

Multiple wheels are slowly but surely increasing in popularity. Two wheels are designed for better balance and improved pushing though they can be a tad too difficult to maneuver and steer. 4 wheeled wheelbarrows are perfect for heavy loads, and provide great steadiness and balance.


Whether you are looking to till your garden or are looking to get into some heavy duty construction project, there is no need for you to strain your back by manually carrying the heavy loads. Get yourself any of the above-reviewed wheelbarrows and have your work made 10 times easier.

The above-reviewed products are not only easy to use but also durable and designed to carry the heavy load with great ease. Being second class levers, wheelbarrows are designed to make work easier and carry heavy loads for you. Be sure to take your time though, it will be well worth your while in the end.

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