10 Best Chicken Feeds – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Chicken Feed

Whether you have just opened a poultry farm or have been engaged in this business for long, you constantly search for best chicken feed.

But finding the best feed requires a lot of research and good knowledge of all the ingredients that boost the health of the chickens.

With so many brands at your disposal, it becomes extremely perplexing to select the one that manufacture best feed for the chickens.

In order to help you through this, we have created a list of suggestions that you can consider. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the finest products.

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10 Best Chicken Feeds - Reviews


Product Name


Current Price

Manna Pro Medicated Chick Starter Crumbles

1. Manna Pro Medicated Chick Starter Crumbles


Kaytee Scratch Plus Chicken Food

2. Kaytee Scratch Plus Chicken Food


Manna Pro Oyster Shell Chicken Feed

3. Manna Pro Oyster Shell Chicken Feed


Kaytee Chicken Starter Grower Crumble

4. Kaytee Chicken Starter Grower Crumble


Prairie's Choice Non-GMO Chicken Feed

5. Prairie's Choice Non-GMO Chicken Feed


Healthy Harvest Layer Chicken Feed

6. Healthy Harvest Layer Chicken Feed


Scratch and Peak Feeds Organic Layer Feed

7. Scratch and Peak Feeds Organic Layer Feed


Brown's Layer Booster Daily Diet Chicken Feed

8. Brown's Layer Booster Daily Diet Chicken Feed


Hiland Naturals Non-GMO Chicken Grower Feed

9. Hiland Naturals Non-GMO Chicken Grower Feed


Kalmbach Feeds Organic Layer Feed

10. Kalmbach Feeds Organic Layer Feed


#1. Manna Pro Medicated Chick Starter Crumbles

Editor's Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

Manna Pro Medicated Chick Starter Crumbles

The Manna Pro starter crumbles are best for baby chickens when they are at their initial stage. Since this one is a medicated feed, it will keep your pullets from developing diseases.

The material is rich in proteins which is extremely needed by the chickens at early stage. Other than that, this one is highly fortified with vitamins and minerals that helps in healthy growth and development.

This diet is recommended to be used for first 6 weeks of the growth. The protein content is 18% in this material which helps in good growth and muscle development.

This one is medicated with Amprolium which contain bentonite which is recommended for all classes of poultry. this one is also for the development of active immunity to coccidiosis.

A tip of caution, if you have already got your chickens vaccinated then this feed is not for you. Amprolium will have bad reaction on them as they are already vaccinated.

This one is a great mixture for the starter chickens with high protein and necessary nutrients. Also, this one is available at most economical price.


  • Medicated to save your chickens from diseases
  • Great amount of proteins
  • Economical price
  • Suitable for all classes of chicken


  • Its mostly in powder form

#2. Kaytee Scratch Plus Chicken Food

Editor's Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Kaytee Scratch Plus Chicken Food

During the final stage of the chickens when they become fully grown chickens, they require a different diet which not only contain proteins but also a right amount of calcium.

This product from Kaytee is a perfect food for the chickens. This one has got great balance of calcium, proteins, and minerals for stronger bones and eggs.

Omega 3 fatty acid is also high required for a perfect egg and this mixture is rich in omega 3. This helps in good growth of the chicken, gives it better digestion and the eggs are great.

The probiotic support helps in neutralizing the food entered in their system and also eliminate all the toxins. Also, the food keeps them full which means they require food relatively lesser time.

This one is a fermented product to boost better digestion in the chickens. The feed is not recommended for the new born chickens but this one can work great on the fully grown ones.

Please note that this product comes in a sealed air tight packing. You are suggested to keep it like that to prevent infestation.


  • Great for digestion
  • Keep chicken full most of the time
  • Rich in Omega 3


  • The mixture has less amount of proteins

#3. Manna Pro Oyster Shell Chicken Feed

Editor's Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

Manna Pro Oyster Shell Chicken Feed

This product from Manna Pro is comprised of Oyster shells which are great for egg laying chickens. This one is a perfect layer feed for all classes of chickens.

All the minerals and nutrients needed by a fully grown chickens are available in this feed. The diet at this stage has to be dominant on calcium and this one has got great amount of calcium.

Other than that, this one is also fermented to ensure that the pullets are digested by the chickens. This also helps in keeping them fully nurtured and satisfied with the diet.

The pullets in this mixture have high amount of calcium that must be fed to the chickens that are starting with their 18th week. And then the feed has to be continued till their entire laying period.

The feed is heat treated in order to ensure highest level of purity. This feed is great to promote strong eggshells.

This one is a great feed to ensure good health and great egg growth from chicken. Also, this one is available in 5 pounds bag which means that it can last for a longer period.


  • High amount of calcium
  • Heat treated for purity
  • Fermented feed to boost better digestion


  • Not great for chickens with protein deficiency

#4. Kaytee Chicken Starter Grower Crumble

Editor's Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

Kaytee Chicken Starter Grower Crumble

The new born chickens require maximum care and protein rich diet. Well, Kaytee is one of the best chicken feed brands that understand the need of chicken at all growth stages.

This one is high protein chicken feed which has got 18% protein for maximum muscle development and growth.

The crumbles are in smaller sizes that the chicken can break easily and consume. Everything about this product is manufactured considering the pullets.

Since the digestion with little ones is also a problem, the probiotics available in this mixture is great for easy digestion. The mixture will be consumed easily and this will also not cause any digestion issues.

Also, this one has got an excellent amount of amino acids for great development. Moreover, the other nutrients available in this mixture is good for overall health.

This one is great for the starters but you can also feed the egg laying chickens. Available at a very affordable price, this one is certainly a great product to consider.

Please note that the mixture must be kept in sealed and air free container and also keep it away from moisture.


  • Ideal amount of proteins in the mixture
  • Boost overall health
  • Probiotics helps in better digestion
  • Inexpensive


  • If exposure to air or moisture, it will become soggy

#5. Prairie's Choice Non-GMO Chicken Feed

Editor's Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Prairie's Choice Non-GMO Chicken Feed

Prairie’s Choice offer this amazing Non GMO feed which is made of organic ingredients. There are many people these days that prefer organic feed to ensure perfect eggs from the chickens.

There is no deficiency of good nutrition for your chickens providing this one does not have a drop of chemical used in making of the mixture.

This mixture is best chicken feed for layers and egg laying chickens. They require a good amount of calcium, vitamins, proteins and other nutrients that you can find in this product in a balanced form.

The feed is easy to digest and does not cause any problem for the chickens. Every ingredient has been added thoughtfully in the mixture.

The brand is committed in providing only the healthy nutrition to the chicken so that they can lay eggs with highest protein content.

With this product in your hand, you can rest assured that your flock is fed with the best nutrition that they need.


  • Organic ingredients
  • Balanced quantity of different nutrients
  • Ideal for fully grown chickens


  • Not so greatly digestible

#6. Healthy Harvest Layer Chicken Feed

Editor's Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Healthy Harvest Layer Chicken Feed

If you searching for best organic chicken feed then this one from Healthy Harvest is a great purchase. The ingredients are all natural and far away from any kind of antibiotic usage.

Since the material is safe for the chickens, you can rest assured that your pullets are in great hands. This one has got all the necessary ingredients that your chicken will require at laying stage.

Basically, this one is for the fully grown chickens and provide them with sufficient quantity of calcium and nutrition that they require to lay eggs.

This one is also fortified with essential amino acids that helps in easy removal of toxins from the chicken and the surplus amount of calcium make sure to produce strong shells and wholesome tasty eggs.

The proprietary blend of prebiotics and probiotics helps in easy digestion and improves the immunity of the chicken.

You will find this product extremely useful and beneficial for the good growth and betterment of the flock.


  • Probiotics for good digestion
  • Amino acid for removal of toxins
  • Antibiotic free
  • Great overall product


  • Expensive

#7. Scratch and Peak Feeds Organic Layer Feed

Editor's Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

Scratch and Peak Feeds Organic Layer Feed

Scratch and Peak is one of the leading brands to manufacture organic chicken feed. With this product for full grown chicken, this model justifies its quality making.

This one is a non GMO certified product to ensure that all the ingredients used in the making of the mixture are free from chemical and extremely safe for the health of chickens.

This product is also free of soy and corns that can deliver an excessive amount of proteins to the chicken.

Make sure that you buy a decent quantity of proteins at laying stage because overdose can cause liver failure and is completely fatal to chicken’s health.

This one has got 16% of proteins and sufficient quantity of calcium and other necessary nutrients. Thus, this one is recommended for chicken 20 weeks or plus in age.

This one comes in 25 lbs bag which is sufficient for a huge flock keeper.


  • Non GMO Certified
  • Rich in calcium
  • Great for full grown flocks
  • Sufficient quantity


  • Expensive

#8. Brown's Layer Booster Daily Diet Chicken Feed

Editor's Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Brown's Layer Booster Daily Diet Chicken Feed

This one from Brown’s Layer is also an ideal purchase for fully grown chicken. It has got all the essential nutrients needed by the chicken at that stage.

This one has got 16% proteins, high calcium formula for top production, and other necessary vitamins. You are not recommended to use this feed on chicken less that 12 weeks in age.

This one has also got natural plant proteins and does not uses any animal proteins and fats. Fortified with vitamins and minerals, this one can help in producing dense outer shells.

Every ingredient used in this product is of high quality and safeguards the good health and growth of chicken and eggs.

If you don’t mind spending a good amount of money on the chicken feed then this one is a right purchase for you.


  • Rich in calcium
  • Helps in producing dense outer layer
  • Right amount of proteins


  • Very expensive

#9. Hiland Naturals Non-GMO Chicken Grower Feed

Editor's Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Hiland Naturals Non-GMO Chicken Grower Feed

Hiland Naturals gives you this amazing Non GMO chicken grower that you can feed the new born chickens right from the beginning.

This one comprises of ingredients that the little ones can easily digest. Also, the crumbles are softer so that they don’t find them difficult to break.

This one is a certified Non GMO product which safeguards that your flock is consuming all natural ingredients and that there is no usage of chemicals in the feed.

This one possesses a good amount of proteins in it so that the little ones can have good nourishment from the beginning. This also helps in ideal growth of the chicken.

There are no added chemicals or hormones in this package so you can fearless supply this to the chicken and ensure good health.


  • Non GMO Certified
  • Available in huge quantity
  • Great for overall health
  • Soft crumbles


  • Expensive

#10. Kalmbach Feeds Organic Layer Feed

Editor's Rating: 3.7 out of 5 stars (3.7 / 5)

Kalmbach Feeds Organic Layer Feed

Last in our list is another organic chicken feed from Kalmbach. The feed is for the egg laying chicken and this one is also rich in essential nutrients.

Because most of the people want to feed organic food to the flock, this one brings together all the essential nutrients needed by the chicken to produce quality eggs.

First of all, the feed is rich in amino acids to remove all the harmful toxins from the chicken. And since the feed is made of chemical free ingredients, this one will not have any harmful affect on the flock.

Also, this one has got a balanced amount of probiotics to make sure that feed is well digested by the chicken.

This one is available in a huge packing of 40 lbs which makes it ideal for the large flock keepers. Considering the quantity of the product, the price is highly suitable.


  • Rich in probiotics
  • Balanced ingredients
  • Inexpensive
  • Available in huge quantity


  • The amount of proteins should have been more

Chicken Feed Brands

Chicken Feed Brands

There are various best chicken feed brands that manufacture quality chicken feed. Brand is another essential feature to notice while making the right purchase.

Some brands make superior quality chicken feeds whereas others make low quality pellets. Such pellets don’t possess a lot of nutrition that is direly required for the growth of your chicken.

Whatever brand you select, make sure its products are easily available in the nearest daily need stores so that you can make rapid purchase. The feed is routinely required so its easy available is essential.

One more key point is that different areas have their own chicken feed labels. But in order to supply best nutrients to the chicken, you need to ensure the best brand in the market.

You must also read the packaging of every brand product in order to determine the right amount of ingredients in the packaging.

#1. Commercial Brand

Chicken feed differs at commercial level and at store level. That is why these both products are available differently in the market.

First of all, before picking any product, you are suggested to check the label of the product and read the list of ingredients. But for this, you need to have good knowledge about different ingredients and their pros.

From the packaging itself, you can assimilate if the brand is worth considering or not. Most of the buyers these days invest in best organic chicken feed. In such an event, you must look for the organic brands available online.  

If you are looking for the international brand suggestions then you can check out Countryside Organics and Scratch & Peak for organic feed. Both these brands also product best non GMO chicken feed.

For those that don’t mind buying non organic feed, Nutrena Feeds and Southern States are some brilliant brand choices to make.

#2. Store Chicken Feed

For all those that are looking to purchase chicken feed in bulk, the commercial brands will be an expensive choice to make.

So, you can buy inexpensive chicken feed from private brands such as Dumor, Manna Pro, Kalmbach, etc. This brand is available at all the leading Tractor Supply stores.

Even if you are buying a non recognized brand then also it is highly recommended to read the ingredients. And also, if you can gather some information about the manufacturers then it will be even beneficial.

We highly suggest you to buy good brands in order to ensure good health and growth of your chickens.

How to Buy the Best Chicken Feeds

How to Buy Best Chicken Feed

As you pursue your purchase, you need to know all the key elements that should be considered before buying.

But before we jump into the tips, it is essential to know what kind of feed chicken requires at every stage:

#1. How to Feed Chicken

Right feed for chicken is most divided in various stages. It is essential to have complete knowledge of the feed that must be given to the chicken at every stage.

These tips are especially useful for the non experienced chicken keepers that are still learning about chickens and their feed:

1. Starter Chicken Feed

The dietary requirement of baby chickens is different from the fully grown ones. There should be density of proteins in their diet.

In the market, you can find starter feed easily available. Generally, baby chickens can live with protein based diet for first 6 weeks before they are transited to the grower’s feed.

Basically, high protein content that is available in a quantity of 20-24% is great for the baby chickens and grow them into playful pullets.

But after 6 weeks, it is essential to slowly transit their feed because excess of protein can be life threatening for the chickens. These can also cause complete liver damage.

If you don’t want to complicate yourself then it is best to pick a good brand and buy starter feed. Also, make sure to read the packaging that will suggest the time period that your chickens must be fed with the same feed.

There are some mixed feeds that contain lesser protein amount which can be given to the chicken for 1-20 weeks as well.

Again, we highly suggest to read the label or consult a poultry specialist nearby for best advice.

2. Grower Chicken Feed

This feed is ideal for the teenage chooks. Their dietary requirement is lot different from the baby chickens.

The protein needed at this stage is not more than 16-18% which is available in the grower feed.

Again, if you don’t want to complicate yourself then pick grower feed from the market and check that they don’t have unnecessary vitamins and minerals to bombard the chookies.

Once the chicken start laying eggs then you can switch them to the layers feed.

3. Layer Chicken Feed

A fully grown chicken requires layer feed which is an ideal balance of proteins, calcium, vitamins, and minerals.

For the entire life of your flock, you feed them with the layers of nutrition needed at every stage. The whole diet encourages top tier egg laying abilities of the flocks.

Protein content in the layer feed is identical to the grower feed but the calcium content is more.

You must not give layer feed to the baby chicks or young pullets because it will seriously damage their dietary requirements.

You can find amazing layer feed available online or at the nearest store from the best commercial chicken feed brand.

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#2. Type of Feed

There are different types of chicken feeds available in the market. Check out below:

  • Medicated/Non Medicated: These food are very common among the starters which prevent coccidiosis and other fowl diseases in the flock. In simple words, these feeds contain a chemical called amprolium that protect the baby chicks from any kind of dangerous and deadly diseases. You don’t have to give medicated feed if the pullets have already been vaccinated. This is because the effects of amprolium are not compatible with the vaccination.
  • Fermented: The feed that is fermented is the best way to provide vitamins and enzymes to the chooks. This way their digestion is improved. It also neutralizes toxins. One other benefit of this feed is that the chicken feels full most of the time which means they will not demand food all the time which will considerably cut your expenses. Also, this way the chicken will do less droppings which mean less work as well.

#3. Nutrients

While picking the right product, you must also consider all the nutrients available in the diet. This is also very crucial because the chicken requires different nutrients at different growth stages.


We close this chicken feed review with all the above mentioned product recommendations and tips. You must ensure that your pullets require different diet whereas fully grown ones have completely different diet.

With regard to the changing needs of the chooks and chickens, we have created this list of recommendations.

All the products that we have listed above are rich in quality and essential nutrients needed by chicken at different stages.

You should still check the ingredients before making purchase to safeguard the good health and quality growth of the flock.

Happy Shopping!

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