7 Best Hose End Sprayers of 2017 – Hose End Sprayer Reviews

Best Hose End Sprayers

A hose end sprayer is a garden tool for spraying pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and various other kinds of soluble chemicals. This sprayer comes with a design that allows it to siphon the chemical or concentrate from the bottle and mix it with water from a hose for easy spraying.

Although the hose end sprayers will in most instances differ according to the brand and size, there are also many other differences. Some of these differences include things like the construction material and the concentrate types that they can spray.

For an avid gardener and homeowners, the hose end sprayer presents one of the best solutions for spraying soluble garden products. But, it is always important to understand how this sprayer works and its important features to avoid over or under-spraying and also to ensure that you get the most convenient unit.

7 Best Hose End Sprayers - Reviews

7. Chapin G362 Professional Hose End Sprayer

Editor's Rating:  (4.3 / 5)

Chapin G362 Professional Hose End Sprayer Review

Chapin G362 is a light and easy to use hose end sprayer that you can use for multiple purposes. This sprayer is also suitable for spraying large quantities as it has the highest capacity on our list. Chapin gives this sprayer a convenient precision dial that ensures that you always get an accurate mix.

This hose end sprayer will fit into any hose which makes it very convenient since you will not need to invest in a particular type of garden hose. Backflows should also never worry you since it has an anti-siphon feature built in to prevent this and also a filter to keep debris out.

For reaching higher spots like tree branches, this sprayer comes with a removable deflector. And with an average pressure of around 40 PSI, you can get up to 28 foot of spraying reach.


  • Fits any hose end.
  • Adjustable dial offers up to 16 mixing ratios.
  • Anti-siphon feature helps to prevent backflow.
  • Sprays up to 100 finished gallons.
  • Easy to use and clean sprayer.
  • Built-in filter keeps debris out.


  • When tilting the bottle, the tube does not pick up the chemicals at a low level.

Who Should Buy?

Chapin G362 is ideal for a professional that has a lot to spray. But it will also work well for DIYers since the 16 different mixing ratios make it not only accurate but also very versatile.

6. Ortho Dial N Spray Hose-End Sprayer

Editor's Rating:  (4 / 5)

Ortho Dial N Spray Hose-End Sprayer Review

This multi-use hose end sprayer by Ortho is the second most affordable on our reviews. The sprayer features a direct connect design that ensures that you can attach it to the concentrate bottle fast and with little hassle.

There are three adjustable spray patterns with this unit which are fan, jet, and shower and they make it suitable for spraying all types of herbicides, pesticides and most other chemicals. Also, this sprayer has 14 dial setting that makes it easy to apply the precise amount of chemical and do it automatically.

Although this unit performs well, the plastic is not very high-quality, and it might not serve you for long as it is prone to developing leaks.


  • Extended grip for keeping hands dry.
  • Direct connect design for easy and fast connection to concentrate bottles.
  • 3 adjustable spray patterns.
  • 14 dial setting for automatic and precise application of the product.


  • The plastic is not very high quality and may start to leak after some time.

Who Should Buy?

This hose end sprayer is perfect for a homeowner that does not like to get chemicals on the hands when spraying. The extended grip ensures that your hands always remain dry no matter how long you use the sprayer.

5. Ortho 0836560 Dial N Spray Hose-End Sprayer

Editor's Rating:  (4.5 / 5)

Ortho 0836560 Dial N Spray Hose-End Sprayer

The Ortho 0836560 provides one of the easiest ways to spray concentrates in your garden or yard. This hose end sprayer makes it possible to return any unused products to its original container to ensure that you do not waste anything. Also, with this unit, you get to spray just the right amount since it allows for adjustment of the concentrate level.

This sprayer is easy to use, but the best thing about it is that the chemicals will always mix thoroughly. Also, it can work as a hose end tree sprayer since it will spray up to 25 feet when you remove the nozzle. It also allows for multi-direction spraying so that you can reach all the plants within a short time.

You will never need to do any measuring/mixing when using this sprayer, and the company backs it with a 10-year warranty.


  • No measuring or mixing is necessary.
  • Unused product is returnable to the original container.
  • Allows for adjustment of concentrate level.
  • Multi-direction spraying for more convenience.
  • 10-year warranty.


  • It is prone to leaking if you do not get the hose connection right.

Who Should Buy?

If you want an easy way to spray concentrates this hose end sprayer is a good buy for you. It has a basic design and nothing much to figure out, but it is still handy for spraying everything from weed killers to fertilizers.

4. Hudson 2100 Hose End Sprayer

Editor's Rating:  (4 / 5)

Hudson 2100 Hose End Sprayer

Hudson 2100 is the most affordable hose end sprayer on our list. But, despite the reasonable price tag it still performs very well. This sprayer has 3 spray setting including one for fresh water only meaning that you can also use it for other applications like washing your car.

You can use this sprayer with all brands of liquid concentrate and hence making it very handy to have at home. The high-density polyurethane construction makes it resistant to acid and most other harsh chemicals in the solution. And the extra-wide bottle opening makes it easy to fill.

With this hose end sprayer, you never have to guess when you need to put in more concentrate since it comes with a translucent tank that lets you monitor the level.


  • 3 spray settings for maximum convenience.
  • Easy and convenient thumb-operated on/off dial.
  • Usable with all brands of liquid concentrates.
  • Extra wide mouth opening for easy filling.
  • Translucent tank for concentrate monitoring.
  • High-density polyurethane construction makes it resistant to acid and other harsh chemicals


  • Sprayer does not have a dial.

Who Should Buy?

Homeowners looking for a convenient hose-end sprayer to use at home on a tight budget will love this one. Although it is the cheapest item on our list, it still works well and has a decent spraying capacity.

3. Gilmour 362 Professional Hose End Sprayer

Editor's Rating:  (4.5 / 5)

Gilmour 362 Professional Hose End Sprayer

Gilmour 362 is the priciest hose end sprayer in our list. But, despite the high price tag the performance, capabilities, and convenience make it the best hose end sprayer among our reviews. This unit features an instant on/off dial that makes it easy to use and ensures minimal hand fatigue. Also, it has a finger-molded nozzle for a comfortable operation.

The heavy duty zinc handle, brass mixing head, and the sturdy bottle combine to make it a very durable unit. With this hose end sprayer, it is possible to return any concentrate that you do not use to its original bottle and hence minimizing waste.

This Gilmour hose end sprayer comes with a material dial that will let you choose from 16 dilution rate. And it also has a removable deflector that makes it possible to change from the spray mode to stream.


  • Instant on/off switch for easy use.
  • Heavy duty zinc handle and brass mixing head for maximum durability
  • Unused concentrate is returnable to the original container to eliminate waste.
  • Finger-molded nozzle for comfortable operation.
  • Removable deflector for switching to stream mode.
  • 16 dilution rate metering dial.


  • Bottle opening is quite narrow, and so you need a funnel to prevent spilling.

Who Should Buy?

Gilmour makes this hose end sprayer for someone looking for a unit for heavy use and one that they can use for many years. However, it is also quite a pricey sprayer, and so it will work best for professionals or homeowners ready to spend the extra dollars.

2. Chapin G385 Hose End Sprayer

Editor's Rating:  (4 / 5)

Chapin G385 Hose End Sprayer

The Chapin G385 is the second most affordable hose end sprayer on our list. This sprayer is ideal for use with most types of soluble insecticides and other chemicals, and it is compatible with any hose end for convenience.

This unit will deliver up to 6-gallons of spray mix, and the removable fan spray nozzle makes a continuous stream possible for direct application and for covering large areas. The fingertip on/off switch makes it easy to operate, and it also has an anti-siphon design built in to prevent backflows.

You can also be confident of using this sprayer for many years since it has a rustproof and chemical resistant polymer construction.


  • Compatible with any hose end.
  • Ideal for spraying all water soluble insecticides/chemicals.
  • Removable nozzle for continuous stream and covering large areas.
  • Anti-siphon design prevents backflow.
  • Rustproof and chemical resistant polymer construction.
  • Fingertip on/off switch for convenient operation.


  • Lid detaches and falls off if you overtighten.

Who Should Buy?

This Chapin hose end sprayer is also for a homeowner looking for something affordable for use when spraying weed killers and pesticides around the homestead. Also, it is suitable for those that want something affordable for use with various kinds of insecticides and soluble chemicals.

1. Hudson 62140 Convertible Hose End Sprayer

Editor's Rating:  (4 / 5)

Hudson 62140 Convertible Hose End Sprayer

Hudson 62140 is the most convenient hose-end sprayer on our list. And this is because it connects to the concentrate bottle directly. With this sprayer, you never have to worry about spilling the chemicals as you move them from one bottle to the other since it accommodates various container sizes.

This unit will work as both a regular hose and sprayer meaning that you can also use it for other applications like washing the car and for watering. When spraying your chemicals, you will also not have to worry about mixing because the dial setting provides any concentrate dilution.

The super-adjustable feature that provides 3 spraying pattern helps to make this unit very convenient. Also, it has a quick disconnect fitting for the hose which also adds to the convenience of the sprayer.


  • Connects to concentrate bottle directly.
  • Quick disconnect fitting for the hose.
  • Works as both a hose end sprayer and regular hose.
  • Super-adjustable for 3 spraying patterns.
  • Accommodates multiple container sizes.
  • Dial setting for any concentrate dilution.


  • Adjustment of the mixture is a little off, and so it consumes more chemical.

Who Should Buy?

Sometimes you do not feel like emptying the chemicals to the sprayer bottle, and this is more so if you intend to use all the chemical in the container. This unit is for those that do not like emptying chemicals from one container to the other since it can adjust to fit various types of containers to make it possible to use the concentrate from its bottle directly.

Things to Consider When Buying Hose End Sprayer

Hose end sprayers will always be very handy for a variety of gardening applications. However, not every hose end sprayer will work for all your garden spraying needs. Since they are available in different types and from many brands, it is important to know how to make the right pick. And for this, it is necessary to consider the following things before purchasing one.

#1. Task/Application

The first point is always to identify the work that you intend to use the sprayer for because there are many kinds available. Determine whether you plan to use it for spraying herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers or even all of them. Also, it is important to know the size of the area that you want to spray because it will also affect the choice. The best hose end sprayer for your lawn or yard will also depend on the grass type and length.

#2. Capacity

Selecting the right tank capacity is vital because it will determine how convenient the hose end sprayer will be and also the time it takes to spray. You can get one that can hold as little as 1 quart of chemicals to others that have space for up to 4 gallons. The right capacity for you will depend on the area or amount of chemicals you need to spray.

#3. Stream

Being able to control the flow determines how effective the spraying will be and also helps to speed up the task. The best hose end sprayer is one that comes with an adjustable stream control because it lets you choose from a light mist, pinpoint streams, heavy flow, and a few others depending on the model. Adjustable flow also ensures that the sprayer is versatile enough for use in various tasks.

#4. Quality Construction

You do not want to keep buying a new hose end sprayer after every few uses, and so it is always important to choose one with a quality material and construction. Quality construction means that the unit has an excellent seal on both the tank and hose connection to prevent leakage. Also, the holding tank should be of a durable plastic material that is thick enough to eliminate or minimize deterioration due to exposure to the harsh chemicals.