10 Best Indoor & Outdoor Ant Killers to Buy In 2024

Best Ant Killers

Generally, ant killers are baits, pills, and sprays that have been created from tough and dangerous chemicals that will kill any ant that come into contact with them. These chemicals are mixed and treated in a way that they are slow acting yet deadly. The increased time it takes to kill ants allows for the ant killer to make its way to the nest and eradicate all ants in a colony. To help you make the right choice, below are some of the top ant killers available on the market.

10 Best Ant Killers - Reviews


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Terro T300 Liquid Ant Baits

1. Terro T300 Liquid Ant Baits

Bait Station


Advion Ant Gel Insecticide with Plunger

2. Advion Ant Gel Insecticide with Plunger



Safer Brand 51702 Diatomaceous Earth Ant Killer

3. Safer Brand 51702 Ant Killer

Diatomaceous Earth


Combat Max Ant Killing, Gel

4. Combat Max Ant Killing



Advance Granular Carpenter Ant Bait

5. Advance Granular Carpenter Ant Bait

Granular Ant Bait


Hot Shot 2040W MaxAttrax Ant Bait

6. Hot Shot 2040W MaxAttrax Ant Bait

Bait Station


Ortho Max Fire Ant Killer Broadcast Granules

7. Ortho Max Fire Ant Killer Broadcast

Granular Ant Bait


Ortho Orthene Fire Ant Killer

8. Ortho Orthene Fire Ant Killer

Granular Ant Bait


Amdro Fire Ant Bait, Granules

9. Amdro Fire Ant Bait, Granules

Granular Ant Bait


Raid Ant and Roach Killer Insecticide Spray

10. Raid Ant and Roach Killer



#1. Terro T300 Liquid Ant Baits

Editor's Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Terro T300 Liquid Ant Baits

The Terro T300 is has a reputation that precedes itself with regards to effectiveness. This particular unit has been designed to be easy to use, effective and most important for some, affordable.

The Terro T300 is contained in a pack of 6 baits that can be distributed to areas that see a lot of ant traffic. Like it is the case with most ant baits, this unit attracts the ants with a sweet scent. The take it back to the nest where they will die after a few hours. Any other ant that feeds on the body of the ant dies as well.

While the baits can be placed anywhere you please, it is recommended that you set them up in areas they will not be disturbed for a couple of days. Just like with other poisons, it is important to keep pets and children away from this outdoor ant killer.

To ensure that the Terro T300 serves you for a longer period, the unit features a patented design that prevents the baits from drying up. And since the baits are prefilled and ready to use, you will not have to come into contact with the dangerous chemicals.

#2. Advion Ant Gel Insecticide with Plunger

Editor's Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Advion Ant Gel Insecticide with Plunger

The Advion Ant Gel has secured a top position in this review courtesy of its reliable nature, effectiveness, reputation and best of all great user reviews. This ant killer has been designed to attract all sweet feeders. The homogenous formulation the unit contains is responsible for this. After a few hours of being set up, ants will be swarming it.

Advion designed an effective syringe to store and deliver the ant bait. The syringe design is perfect for delivering the bait directly into the cracks and tight corners or other hard to reach areas. The syringe design is also straight forward and easy to use.

Another cool feature of this bait is that it has been designed in the form of a gel. Gels have a high viscosity than liquids and tend to remain in the place they are set. They can be set both in horizontal and vertical surfaces and not fall off. In addition to this, this ant killer can be placed indoors or outdoors but in an area where it will not be disturbed for days.

Advion Ant Gel kills ants in all their life stages; egg, pupa, larva and adult. This ensures efficiency and total control of the ant infestation. The speed in which you obtain the results will, however, depend on the size of the infestation.

#3. Safer Brand 51702 Diatomaceous Earth Ant Killer

Editor's Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

Safer Brand 51702 Diatomaceous Earth Ant Killer

This is by far the safest ant killers available on this list. This is because the product does not contain harmful chemicals. The lack of harmful chemicals makes it safe to be used around children and pets and even on organic gardens. Safer Brand 51702 has been created from fossilized diatoms that have been ground into powder form. The powder may be gritty to the touch but to ants, the powder feels like sharp razors cutting through the exoskeleton.

The Safer Brand 51702 causes the ants to lose moisture and die within 48 hours after they have come into contact with the powder. The powder should be sprayed on the ant trail ways and entry points. While the products will kill ants, it is not effective in killing the entire ant colony. In addition, the product is best used on dry surfaces.

Aside from killing ants, this product will also kill cockroaches, bedbugs, silverfish, millipedes, crickets and centipedes making your home a bug free zone. Last but not least, the product is OMRI listed and has been approved by the USDA for use on organic gardens.

#4. Combat Max Ant Killing, Gel

Editor's Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

Combat Max Ant Killing, Gel

Combat is one of the most renowned brands in the home pest control product industry. This product, just like the Advion ant killer, uses a syringe and applicator system to deliver the bait. The bait, needless to say, is a gel substance. The syringe system and gel add effectiveness and precision to the ant killing process since it allows the application of the bait in tight spaces and vertical surfaces.

The Combat Max features a sweet scent that attracts the ants. For faster feeding, the gel has been designed with high water content. The poison is slow acting but will eventually kill the entire ant colony. It is pleasing to note that the product works on several types of ants.

The applicator has been designed to be ready to use right from unboxing. In addition to this, it is easy to use. Simply point the syringe tip where you need to apply the gel and squeeze. Using this ant bait, the ant problem should be gone in less than 5 days. The bait can either be used outdoor or indoors but the most important thing is to ensure that it is undisturbed for several days.

To keep children safe, the syringe has been designed to be child resistant. But even then, it is recommended to keep pets and children away from the ant killer.

#5. Advance Granular Carpenter Ant Bait

Editor's Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

Advance Granular Carpenter Ant Bait

This Advance and bait is highly effective and has been designed to specifically kill carpenter ants. But even then, the product can be used to get rid of Bighead, Acrobat, Pavement and other ant species. This ant killer has been designed with a bait formulation that meets the dietary needs of the ants.

The active ingredient in this formulation is Abamectin which features delayed action but is nonetheless highly effective. The formulation will kill ants and the nest within 24 hours of bait.

Abamectin is a naturally occurring fungus that ants find irresistible. Ants cannot develop a resistance to this ingredient since it is not a chemical. You can apply the Advance straight from the container or use a duster.

You should, however, follow the application recommendations to decide which method to use. Given that it is a biodegradable product, it will not cause any harm to trees when sprinkled close to them.

#6. Hot Shot 2040W MaxAttrax Ant Bait

Editor's Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Hot Shot 2040W MaxAttrax Ant Bait

This is one of the more traditional style ant bait available on the market. The best part is that this unit is easy on the budget as well. The bait station has been designed with the standard four-entryway design with the bait located inside this station. Like it is the case with other ant baits, the Hot Shot 2040W is made to be consumed by the ants and taken back to the colony consumed and destroy the entire colony in the process. This killing process takes 24 hours after consumption.

This is the best ant bait on this list by virtue of being one of the long lasting ones on this list. This Hot Shot 2040W can be set out and left indoors for a period of 6 months and it will still have the same effectiveness it had when it was first set up. It is also noteworthy that this product can work wonders even in severe infestation situations.

#7. Ortho Max Fire Ant Killer Broadcast Granules

Editor's Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

Ortho Max Fire Ant Killer Broadcast Granules

This is by far one of the best outdoor ant bait available on the market. This product comes from a reputable brand and has garnered lots of positive reviews from its past users. Ortho Max Fire Ant Killer has been designed to kill ants as well as control the growth of new mounds in and around your home.

A single pack of this product contains 11.5 pounds of ant killing formulation. This amount is sufficient to treat an area measuring 5,000 square feet. This contains a blend of chemicals working together to make a deadly and effective poison. However, the active ingredient in this formulation is Bifenthrin which takes up 0.2% of the total formulation. And though it takes up a small percentage of the entire formulation, it plays a big role of attracting the ants to the bait.

You should also note that this product has been specifically designed to kill fire ants. While it can be used on other ants, it may not be as effective.

When purchasing this product, you should be aware that it is only sold in selected southern states.

#8. Ortho Orthene Fire Ant Killer

Editor's Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Ortho Orthene Fire Ant Killer

This is yet another effective product that has been designed to be used in killing specific ants – the fire ants. Like the previous product from the Ortho brand, this product is also effective at killing fire ants.

It comes in a packaging that measures 12 oz. and is enough to treat up to 54 mounds. This is pretty impressive for a product of its size. In addition to killing ants, the product goes a step further and eradicates the queen as well. This eventually gets rid of not only the mound but the entire colony. You will be pleased to note that watering in is not necessary with this product.

The effectiveness this ingredient features is courtesy if Acephate, the active ingredient in the formulation that takes up about 50% of the formulation. This ingredient attracts the ants and works hand in hand with other ingredients to deliver the killer punch as well.

After sprinkling the product, it is important that you do not disturb it. Disturbing the mounds may cause the unaffected ants to move their queen which nullifies your efforts. Follow the instructions on the label to the letter.

With all its effectiveness, this product has been designed to be used only in the great outdoors. It is dangerous to use it in the house since it is even recommended to be used away from children and even pets. When making a purchase, it is important to remember that this product is sold in some selected Southern states.

#9. Amdro Fire Ant Bait, Granules

Editor's Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

Amdro Fire Ant Bait, Granules

This is yet another ant killer that has been designed to work on the fire ants that are terrorizing you. Amdro Fire Ant Bait has been designed to act fast and can kill both visible and hidden mounds. The active ingredient in the ant bait formulation is Hydramethylnon. This ingredient acts to attract the ants and help in killing them as well.

The Amdro Fire Ant Bait has been designed with a two-step method. This two-step method includes broadcasting the bait on the yard and then secondly treating the individual mounds with the ant bait granules. This two-step method proves to be effective in killing even the invisible and hidden mounds on your lawn.

The bait has a delayed reaction which helps to ensure that the product takes full effect in killing all fire ants as well as the queen and the colony as a whole.

#10. Raid Ant and Roach Killer

Editor's Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

Raid Ant and Roach Killer

When it comes to pest control, Raid is a household name. This particular product is a spray on. It is designed to kill on contact and its killing effect can last up to 4 weeks in the areas it is sprayed.

This Raid product has been designed to kill ants as well as roaches which can also prove to be a pain to get rid of. One major advantage this product has over many others in the market is its lavender scent. This scent mass the lingering chemical odor that can prove to be uncomfortable.

Being a spray ant killer, always ensure that you have optimum ventilation in the areas you choose to spray this product to avoid getting poisoned by the chemicals.

Types of Ant Killers

#1. Ant Bait Stations

Ants love to travel through and along hidden surfaces or surfaces that are inaccessible to you. This provides them with an advantage since it proves difficult to get to them and deliver the killing dose. Ant bait stations, however, are designed to make your work easier. They work to draw out the ants from their hidden trails. Many bait stations feature active ingredients that attract the ant to the position.

The active ingredient mixed with other chemicals take effect slowly when ingested. This allows the ant enough time to carry the insecticide back to the colony to ensure it is all destroyed.

Given that they come prefilled with the insecticide, baits are the far the cleanest approach to ant control. They are contained mostly contained in plastic child resistant containers.

#2. Sprays

Aerosol ant killers are the best choice for dealing with ant problems that are seasonal and are impressive in killing ants that are visible. You should note that spraying busy ants is just temporary and that they tend to have very little impact to the colony and nest. That said, this type of ant killer works in two ways; as a contact spray where it provides immediate killing results and as a residual spray which keeps the trash can and house ant free for four weeks.

Aside from being a short term solution to ant invasions, many of the spray chemicals produce toxic fumes. When working with spray ant killers, ensure the area is properly ventilated and pets and animals stay away from the sprayed area.

#3. Ant Gels

These are yet another form of ant killers. The gel is contained in a syringe. The syringe is used to deliver the ant killer gel to target areas in and around the house. Like the bait option, these are also clean and fume free. They come in the syringe and does not require you to come into contact with the chemical gel. The syringe used in delivering the gel is designed to be child proof with a safety locking mechanism that keeps kids from tampering with the gel.

#4. Granular Ant Bait

Needless to say, these come in the form of granules. They are designed to control the ant problem from the source. Some of this type contains Abamectin. Abamectin is a biodegradable fungus that proves irresistible to ants. This fungus acts slowly in the bodies of the ants once consumed. This allows time for the bait to be carried back to the colony and kill the rest of the colony, usually within 24 hours.

#5. Diatomaceous Earth

This type of ant killer is made to be eco-friendly and also nontoxic. They come resembling talcum powder (white in color) and are made up of fossil remains of marine phytoplankton. They work their magic by causing the exoskeleton of the ants to dry out or tear into tiny pieces.


Afer taking into consideration the effectiveness, value and the best possible method you should prefer for the ant problem at hand, you should be in a better position to pick a product that will meet your needs. Be sure to conduct your research carefully and avoid insanely cheap and pricey products and those that are ineffective as well. This will enable you to get rid of unnecessary headaches when getting rid of the ants.

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