Oregon CS1500 Chainsaw Review

Oregon is a very recognizable brand in the woodworking industry. After all, the license that Oregon bar to most chainsaw manufacturers. They have a strong know-how and history in making high quality, performing and competitively priced chainsaws. One such model is the Oregon CS1500 chainsaw which is mostly intended for lightweight and home use. This is an innovative model that uses a self-sharpening method that sharpens the blade automatically when the chain is moving. It also has many practical features along with a very decent 15 Amp electric motor. But is this self-sharpening chainsaw worth the money? Let’s find out!

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Oregon CS1500 Chainsaw Review

#1. Technical feature

Oregon CS1500 Chainsaw

At the heart of this Oregon chainsaw lies a 15-Amp motor. It is a little bit more powerful than the equally popular Worx WG303.1 electric chainsaw rated at 14.5-Amp. 15 Amps is sufficient for almost any type of non-professional cutting and if used as a land owner chainsaw, for home use, it will perform above and beyond.

Furthermore, the motor has been engineered in a way to deliver maximum efficiency, and since this Oregon chainsaw is electric, it has low noise and outputs known toxic fumes. If those two factors have been a problem for you in the past with a gas-powered chainsaw, you will have none of those with this Oregon electric chainsaw.

Guide Bar/Handle

What we like the most about this chainsaw is the extended 18-inch guide bar that makes it easy to work with material of up to 36-inch in diameter. Despite not being a professional model, there is a lot of versatility and task that can be accomplished with this Oregon chainsaw. Also good to note that unlike other gas powered chainsaw like the Husqvarna 435 or Husqvarna 240, the guide bar is not removable and cannot be replaced with a longer or smaller one. However, this model is much lighter and more maneuverable than any of those models.

As for the handle, it is not the biggest we have seen in an electric chainsaw. It is quite small and compact but still offer sufficient space for your hands to grip comfortably over it. Additionally, the side handlebar allows you to hold this Oregon electric chainsaw to the side for more maneuverability. It is also coated with a very soft rubber material that is very comfortable to the hand. A plus note on this model is that the front handle in the back handle are aligned in and ergonomic manner to prevent hand, shoulder and back fatigue. All in all, the Oregon CS1500 can comfortably be held for an extended period, no problem.

#2. User-friendly

This motor of this model has been engineered to deliver high performance and yet low noise. Many customers who bought to this self-sharpening chainsaw have been amazed how low noise it admits. Moreover, there is no toxic fumes emitted by this unit at all.

One of the best features of this Oregon chainsaw is by far the PowerSharp self-sharpening system that automatically sharpens the chain while running. This is a lifesaver as it always keeps your chainsaw in tip top condition and always deliver its maximum potential.

The ergonomic shape and low-profile makes it very comfortable to use for an extended period.

Further, the chain can be tensioned with the tool-less chain tensioning knob located to the right of this model. All in all, this Oregon electric chainsaw is very user-friendly, and it should be, as its main target market is beginners.

#3. Safety

Oregon CS1500 Chainsaw

source: youtube.com

Oregon is reputed for its high quality and durable chain bar. This Oregon chain bar provides almost no kickback when used properly. It is a very safe to use, even by absolute chainsaw beginners. Additionally, there is a front hand guard that protects your hands from the chain at all times.

But the best security feature of this Oregon electric chainsaw is the chain brake lever that automatically brakes the chains when pulled. An excellent feature, especially for beginners.

#4. Other features

  • Low Maintenance: Due to the simple and yet effective nature of the system used in this model, you will not need to perform maintenance regularly in this unit as it is mostly self-maintained.
  • Chain Brake: In case of an emergency, the integrated chain brake can be very handy. It basically brakes the chains and brings it to a full stop in a matter of seconds. Very practical in situations where you face a kickback.

#5. Price

The Oregon CS1500 is very competitively priced especially considering that this model comes with a low maintenance and self-sharpening system. It is very user-friendly and offers more than enough power for its price. When compared to the Worx WG303.1, we think that this Oregon chainsaw is more value for money and deliver more bang for the buck in the long run. We highly recommend this model if you’re looking for an affordable and beginner friendly electric chainsaw.

#6. Expert reviews/test

There is certainly no lack of reviews or tests on this Oregon electric chainsaw. We found the Oregon CS1500 test of Scotsco Dealer Channel to be very helpful and worthy of a share. He demonstrates how easy this chainsaw can cut through 6-inch of lumber. He does multiple cuts in the span of a few seconds, which is incredible for such a low-cost chainsaw. But after all, this is an Oregon chainsaw. It kind of is somewhat expected to perform like a little beast. We also not the relatively low noise and no emission of fumes while this Oregon chainsaw is working. Check the review video below to see all the action:

#7. Pros/Cons


  • Highly-efficient motor. No emission of toxic fumes and powers on immediately.
  • Excellent price to performance ratio. Value for money.
  • Comfortable and ergonomic form factor. Can be used for hours with no pain
  • Chain can quickly and easily be tensioned with the chain tensioning knob.
  • Chain brake for safety.


  • The front handle is a little small. Users with big hands and with gloves on may have difficulty holding the chainsaw properly.

Who Should Buy?

The Oregon CS1500 offers plenty of power to the home user. It is not powerful enough to be used in a professional setting, but it was not designed for that. As long as it is used on material of less than 36-inch, this electric chainsaw should offer a comfortable cutting experience. The only problem is the fairly small front handle. It might be a problem for people with big hands. Therefore, we recommend this model to those with a small to medium sized hands and for casual and general purpose chainsaw use.

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