DeWalt DCF885M2 vs. DeWalt DCF885C2 Impact Driver

Both the DeWalt DCF885M2 and the DeWalt DCF885C2 are compact and performing impact drivers. Those products offer almost the same performance on the job and have very little differences. The DCF885C2 being the new line and an “upgraded” kit version of the DCF885M2.

We thought it reasonable to review both the DCF885M2 and the DCF885C2 as one product due to this similarity in terms of specs and features. If you’re on the market for an impact driver, going with either one of those DeWalt impact drivers will allow you to fasten screws or bolts easily on the job. To learn more about those impact drivers, we recommend that you read our full review of those products below. It will help you to get a better idea which model to choose and which one is more suited for the task you have at hand.

DeWalt DCF885M2 vs. DeWalt DCF885C2

#1. Technical Features


Dewalt DCF885M2

Both the DeWalt DCF885C2 and the DeWalt DCF885M2 have a 20V 1.5 Ah lithium-ion battery. The battery pack of the DCF885M2 is a little bit taller than that of the DCF885C2, but they offer similar performance and full recharge time of 30 minutes. Additionally, the DCF885C2 is the “new line” product with a redesigned battery shape that is shorter and more modern looking.

In terms of power, both models are very powerful and can deliver 3,200 impacts per minute. This is quite fast and will allow you to bolt or fasten a lot of screws very quickly. Due to the excellent battery efficiency, you will not have a problem with the battery dying on you and you do get a fair bit of usage on a full charge on both models.


Both models also deliver an impressive 1,400 inch-pounds of torque which is a lot. With this kind of power, you will have no problem fastening screws in tough materials effortlessly. A powerful torque is necessary for a smooth experience when working with an impact driver. Due to their high torque, both models are a pleasure to use.


Again, we see that both the DeWalt DCF885C2 and DeWalt DCF885M2 deliver the same maximum speed of 2,800 RPM. There is a “variable” speed control on both units, with no speed presets. What this means is that the speed will automatically adjust based on the force you apply on the trigger. If you want to turn it to the maximum speed of 2,800 RPM, you press the trigger all the way in. Therefore, both models deliver a lot of versatility and allow you to drill on different surfaces very easily.


The bit clutch is very handy when you do not want to damage your bits or screw heads as the motor delivers the exact power necessary to fasten or bolt and not more than required. Both models have an automatic clutch system that will help protect your bits from damage and allow you to fasten screws much more efficiently.


A standard 1/4” hex shank chuck is present in both that accepts 1” bit tips. This particular design allows the impact driver to deliver more torque on the bit as it stays firmly in position. It is also the most efficient design for heavy-duty impact driver applications. The hex shank can penetrate long and big screws in material very easily. Much more efficiently and easily than a regular round shank bit.

#2. User-Friendliness

Dewalt DCF885M2

The DeWalt DCF885M2 is fairly lightweight at 3.4 lbs. It can be maneuvered easily and used in awkward positions. However, the DeWalt DCF885C2 is even lighter at only 2.8 lbs. It is a redesigned model, and clearly, DeWalt wanted this model to be lighter and even more maneuverable.

As far as ergonomics and the handles are concerned, both models sport the same handle. It is coated with a soft rubber elastomer, making it very comfortable to hold with the bare hand. You can easily use those impact drivers for an extended period without hand fatigue. Additionally, they are both compact, with the DCF885M2 being the more compact, and can be used in tight spots easily.

#3. Other Feature

  • Belt Hook: Both models have a belt hook feature that allows you to clip those power tools to your belt. Very convenient when working on a ladder.
  • LED Lights: A 3 LED light system is present in both. They are very bright and will illuminate your work area for a clear visibility. They also have a 20 seconds delay which may serve as a practical torch. Very convenient!
  • One Hand Loading: The nose of both the DeWalt DCF885M2 and DeWalt DCF885C2 have been designed in a way to make loading the bit with only one hand easy.
  • Fast Recharge: The charger for both models can fully recharge the batteries in 30 minutes. Neat!

#4. What's in the Box

With both purchases, you get the impact driver, 2X lithium-ion batteries, a fast charger, belt hook and a plastic case. None of those models come with 1” bits necessary to work with those models. However, 1” hex shank bits are inexpensive, and your hardware store almost certainly has them. You do not get a lot with those models, especially considering their price. It seems DeWalt is concentrating more on the impact drivers themselves than the accessories. Can’t blame them. Most manufacturers of impact drivers behave in a similar way, even with their most expensive impact drivers.

#5. Price

The price is where there is a significant difference between those 2 models. The DCF885M2 is much more expensive than the DCF885C2 for the same quality and performance. Granted, the DCF885C2 is the newer version and DeWalt may have found new ways to cut cost on the manufacturing process. This benefit got passed on to the user. There is no debate. In terms of price, the DCF885C2 is definitely the most attractive impact driver solution between those 2 models.

#6. Pros/Cons

DeWalt DCF885M2


  • Compact and slim. Excellent for working in tight areas
  • Powerful motor powered by a 20V 1.5 Ah battery. Can be used for heavy-duty fastening or bolting
  • 3,200 impacts per minute. Allows you to perform your task quicker
  • Speed can be controlled with the trigger for a maximum of 2,800 RPM
  • Ergonomic and comfortable handles. No hand fatigue with this impact driver


  • Expensive

DeWalt DCF885C2


  • New design. Slimmer battery pack and more modern looking
  • Very light at 2.8 lbs. Easy to maneuver and work with
  • Compact and can be used to work in tight areas (not as compact as the DCF885M2 though)
  • Possibility to purchase either 2 batteries or a single one for some significant savings
  • Variable speed control from the trigger
  • Ergonomic handle is very comfortable to hold


  • None


As we have seen, both the DCF885M2 and the DCF885C2 are almost similar models. We recommend the DCF885C2 over the DCF885M2. It the new line and considered to be an “upgraded” kit model. You also have the choice to choose only 1 battery with the DCF885C2 for some additional savings.

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