Craftsman 10-Inch Drill Press Review

Craftsman 10-Inch drill press

Craftsman is known throughout the industry for their high-quality power tools. Today, we are going to take a look at the Craftsman 10” drill press. This is a fairly performing and yet affordable drill press that offers a generous 10-inch swing and a variable speed control.

This product brings a lot of versatility in the workshop and allows you to perform a wide variety of professional drilling with great ease. It is larger than the Craftsman 8", and its main use is intended for semi-professional drilling. Amateur workers can still use it for casual work, though. At this point, you might be asking: How well does it perform in the workshop? Is it worth the money? To make it simple and easy for you, here is a breakdown of our review process:

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Craftsman 10-Inch Bench Drill Press Review

#1. Features


The Craftsman 10” comes with a beefy 1/2 HP inductive motor that produces enough torque for it to penetrate any type of material, from softwood to metal. A powerful motor is important in a drill press to prevent stalling and promote drilling efficiency. We are glad to see that power is not a problem with the Craftsman 10", especially if you mostly drill in low-density material like plastic and wood. It still does metal quite effectively.


This model offers a variable speed range of 620 to 3,100 RPM. This provides a lot of versatility and allows you to adapt to different types of material on the fly. Additionally, changing speed is very easy with the speed tensioning system. Basically, what you need to do is open the motor pack cover and change the quick belt tension and release mechanism. The speed is clearly marked on the back cover. Sure, it is not as easy as a push-button variable speed control, but it can be achieved in a fairly small amount of time.


The unit measures 13 x 8 x 27 inches which is a medium size for a drill press. It will not consume a lot of space, but it will still require that you have a sufficiently large workbench. If you are short on space, a model like the Craftsman 8” which is smaller will be better suited for your need.

The swing size is 10” which means that this model will allow drilling in material of 5” from one edge to the drill area. It is not the largest out there, but it is sufficient for most general purpose drilling in commercially available stock.

The Chuck size is a standard 1/2” which means that it will accommodate most drilling bits that are meant for general purpose to construction drilling purposes - either for wood or metal.


As with all Craftsman power tools, we like the mix of metal and plastic that gives this unit a professional and durable outlook. It has a steel fence, metal column and spindle, as well as a large cast-iron base/table. All in all, this Craftsman 10” is solidly built and durable. It should last a long time even if used for heavy-duty work every day.


The pinion table is large and adjustable. It can tilt to 45-degree left and 45-degree to the right. This makes it an excellent choice for angular drilling in stock. The angle knob adjuster is easily reachable right under the table and can be tightened and locked to any table angle you desire. Neat!

Other Functions

  • Fence: Of all things, this drill press comes with a steel fence that gives you extreme precision during your drilling by allowing you to guide and align your work. It also has a stop block to secure your work in position if you need to.
  • Laser lights and LED: It comes with a retractable laser light system that not only helps boost your accuracy but also provides some illumination to your drill area as a bonus.
  • Insert mounts at the base allow this unit to be bolted to a workbench for added stability and accuracy. In addition, the base if large enough to provide decent stability even when not secured to a workbench.


A drill press will not be a very functional unit without a healthy dose of user-friendliness. This Craftsman 10” drill press is very user-friendly due to its simple functioning parts. Even beginners can start using this drill press right away. For starters, adjusting the pinion rack is very easy with the knob system. The fence is very maneuverable and allows you to guide and lock your material in position for better accuracy. Beginners will appreciate this feature as it quickly and easily allows them to get a professional result.

Additionally, the variable speed control gives you great versatility when working with different materials of different densities. Some materials like metal will drill better with a lower speed, while others like wood can comfortably be drilled at a higher RPM. This model offers 5 different speeds that easily allows the user to quickly adapt to any material density.

#2. Price

The Craftsman 10” sits right between the Craftsman 8” and Craftsman 12” in terms of price. It offers the best of both worlds, as it is not too small and not too big with the exact same features. It is a great solution for general-purpose drilling and offers the best value for money out of there. We have absolutely no problem recommending this model.

#3. Pros/Cons


  • Powerful 1/2 HP inductive motor. Enough power to drill through any type of material without stalling.
  • 5 variable speed of 620 to 3100 RPM. The speed can easily be adjusted with the quick bad tensioning system.
  • Quality metal build construction. Durable unit that will last a long time.
  • Easy to adjust table 45-degree to the right and 45-degree to the left for angular drilling.
  • Laser tracking and LED illumination for more accuracy and visibility.


  • Depth adjustment is pretty basic and difficult to get right.

#4. Expert Review

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Who Should Buy?

We have little complaint about the Craftsman 10” drill press. It is equally performing in both wood and metal when equipped with the right drill bit. We also like the price which is very affordable. It is versatile and powerful which in the long run makes it a dependable unit.

If you mostly work with large materials and especially drill in metal, then the Craftsman 12” is better suited for your need as it has a better variable speed and a bigger swing size. For those working with smaller material and usually spend most of their time on small DIY projects, then the Craftsman 8” is a better candidate. However, if you are mostly looking for a general purpose drill press for both metal and wood, then this model will perform exceptionally well at an unbeatable price.

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