Hitachi NR90AE Review – Should We Buy This Framing Nailer?


Hitachi needs little introduction when it comes to construction machineries. It is a well-known name in the power tool technology sector and their new NR90AE framing nailer does not disappoint. An extremely light weight tool with ideal power to weight ratio, this power tool is making headlines all over.

Let’s have a look over some of the features of this exceptionally powerful machine.

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Hitachi NR90AE Framing Nailer Review

Feature of Hitachi NR90AE

1. Power source:

The Hitachi NR90AE is an air-powered machine with a NPT 3/8 Thread air inlet. The operating pressure offered ranges from 70-120 PSI, and is more than enough to do a majority of nailing tasks.

2. Innovative hardened claw tip:

This framing nailer comes installed with a hardened claw tip. Normally, conventional nailers break their tip easily. This framing nailer, from the house of Hitachi, ensures that nose does not wear out due to regular usage. Additionally, slippage can be prevented during the task of toe-nailing.

3. Automatic depth adjustment

At times, most of the framing nailers turn out quite tedious in actual usage. Well, different materials demand different compressor pressure to adjust the depth during usage. However, it won’t be the case with Hitachi NR90AE. It comes pre-installed with an adjustable knob to set the depth and the compressor pressure for the driving nail.

4. Carbon steel toenail

The toenail is that part of any framing nailer which views maximum wear and tear. With repeated usage over a period, the toenail loses its efficiency and chances that the nailer would trip over are predominant. However, this nailer is provided with a carbon steel toenail which is ant—breakable when compared to conventional steel toenails. It offers comparatively better nailing when compared to the conventional nailers.

5. Types of nails

This nailer accepts nails of 2 to 3-1/2 inches strips of 21 degree, which by convention, are the most commonly used nails. The two piece aluminum magazine is the latest addition to this range of framing nailers from Hitachi. With a magazine capacity of 64 and a discharge rate of 3 nails per second, this machine is surely a deal-breaker.

6. Easy to change driving modes

If you are a contractor professionally working in the field of construction, or just a regular home maker, you may have faced a situation where changing the operational modes and accessories was quite a hassle. However, this machine has an intelligent actuation switch offering the feasibility to change the user-mode from single fire to sequential fire, instantaneously.

7. Minimalistic noise production

One of the worst issues with framing nailers is the amount of noise they produce, while in operation. Its extended grip ensures minimum vibrations and makes sure that noise production is minimal.

8. Precision

Anyone who has been in the power tool sector for long understands the importance of a good grip. The grip is non-slipping with elastomer coating offering perfect handling. Hence, when summed up with its intelligent power delivery system it offers precise output for every single usage.

What we love

  1. At just 7.5 pounds it is one of the lightest nailers.
  2. The pull back is large hence it makes loading a lot easier.
  3. The advanced design on the flip switch makes transition very easy.
  4. This nailed has a trigger control.
  5. This nailed will help you to change strips without having to drop the previous one.
  6. It is the most powerful and balanced among all other nailers available in the market.

What does Hitachi need improve?

  1. In sequential mode, some nails might not go in and may require hammering.
  2. No skyhook included.
  3. The magazine holder is a bit fragile.

What experts say about Hitachi NR90AE?

Thomas Gaige, Founder of has a review about this product: 

Hitachi did well with the NR90AE 3-1/2 inches round head framing nailer! With a cool new look, a very impressive power to weight ratio, and the ability to accept a wide range of fasteners, this is definitely a win. While the MSRP is high, the street price has become pretty reasonable compared to other framing guns on the market which should help make this a top seller.

Who should purchase?

The Hitachi NR90AE Round Head 2-Inch to 3-1/2-Inch Framing Nailer is a perfect machine for the experts of the segment. As experts aim for perfection, this machine helps them achieve it. With its intelligent driving depth switch and vibration isolation pads, any chances of missing the target are automatically minimized.

Additionally, this nailed comes handy too when some regular mending work is to be done. It delivers efficient power, ample enough to draw nails into solid flooring. Hence, this machine is an ideal purchase for an individual homemaker and an expert contractor at the same time.

Wrap Up

The segment of framing nailers is a highly competitive one. However, this nailed from Hitachi has managed to turn the heads and owing to its exceptional handling and power, earned ample praise from its happy users. The NR90AE is an exceptional machine and is obviously recommended for your next framing nailed purchase.

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