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Hydroponics vs Soil: Which Method is Better?

Hydroponics is consistently growing in popularity over the traditional use of soil in growing crops. There are many benefits of feeding plants using nutrient-rich water, as is the standard practice in hydroponics.Many farmers and researchers have reported amazing benefits from using hydroponics, but is it really better than farming on soil?Following is a side by […]

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10 Best Pruning Shears In 2022 – Hand Pruner Reviews

Pruners are commonly known as Secateurs, clippers, or pruning shears, basically used to clip out the dead plant or damaged foliage, shape plants, etc. These tools are primarily for garden usage. The pruning shears are not able to cut through things that are more than 0.5 inches in diameter. If you require to cut something thicker […]

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10 Best Lawn Sprinklers – Reviews & Buying Guide

Your yard has a huge effect on the overall appearance of the home. And it is always one of the first things that most of your guests will notice. Hence, you need to keep it healthy through regular weeding, fertilization, and watering. While there are many methods of watering your lawn, a sprinkler is still by […]

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14 Best Garden Hoses – Reviews and Buying Guide

That beautiful lawn or those healthy plants in your garden will not just happen. It takes a lot of care and watering to grow healthy plants and so a garden hose is always a must-have in every home. Garden hoses come in various types and for different uses. Whether you want something for multipurpose or general […]

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Cultivator vs. Tiller: Pros/Cons

A cultivator and a tiller are two different machines, which both use metal blades to dig into the soil to loosen it. But while they seem to do the same job, they are not the same. A cultivator is different from a tiller. A cultivator has the basic job of mixing the soil, while the […]

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