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The Dremel 220-01 workstation is a compact mini drill press "kit". It can work as a standalone handheld rotary tool or as a stationary drill press when used as a workstation. This unit offers a lot of versatility at a very affordable price. In fact, Dremel pitches this "kit" as a 3-in-1 tool. It is Dremel drill press, a rotary tool holder, and a flex-shaft tool stand. You can use each unit individually and it brings more versatility to the workshop than even a real mini drill press.

Dremel 220-01 Rotary Tool Workstation Drill Press Work Station with Wrench

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Dremel Workstation

When the Dremel 220-01 is used as a workstation, it works in the exact same way as your average mini drill press. It is small and compact unit measuring only 6 x 6 x 12 inches - therefore more suited for small DIY purposes rather than heavy-duty workshop drilling. As we will see later on in this review, the Dremel workstation is still very accurate and can be used as a mini drill press for sensitive drilling on jewelry, electronics, plastic, to name a few. Additionally, you can purchase a wide range of attachments that will make this unit possibly the most versatile power tool in the workshop.

Dremel Rotary Tool

When the Dremel rotary tool is removed from the Dremel stand (Dremel workstation), it works as a standalone rotary tool that can be handheld. This allows for greater maneuverability and portability. It is still a decent rotary tool with many of the standard features you normally get in a quality rotary tool.

Dremel 4200 Rotary Tool

Dremel Workstation Review

Without further ado, here is our review of the Dremel workstation. Note that we have provided a separate and independent review of the standalone Dremel 220-01 rotary tool for the sake of convenience.

The Dremel workstation looks very similar to a regular mini drill press. The few differences are that the motor pack is missing and replaced by the Dremel rotary tool, and it does not come with a drill table out of the box. However, you can still purchase a separate router table attachment (Shaper/Router Table: 231) that will act as a drill press table. It has an aluminum metal base and a metal telescopic column (Flex-Shaft) to hold the rotary tool.

Features and Benefits


When the rotary tool is fitted to the workstation, it can be tilted to a 15-degree increment. This allows the unit to drill holes in a vertical position up to 90-degree horizontally. We would have wished for a more "custom" angular adjustment, but 15-degree is still good enough and can get a lot done, especially that it can bore 45-degree industry-standard angular holes with great ease. That is probably why Dremel choose a 15-degree angle adjustment instead of any other value.

Dremel Rotary Tool Workstation

Drill Bit:

The 1/8" drill bit can be changed to add more versatility to this workstation. It can perform grinding works as well as sanding with the appropriate drill bit. This adds a lot of versatility right there. In addition, you can purchase this unit with a keyless chuck which makes it easier to change drill bits. Of course, it costs it little bit more money. Note that the drill bit collet in only 1/8", suitable only for mini drilling tasks.

Flex Shaft:

The column (or flex shaft) of this Dremel workstation is telescopic and enables you to adjust the height from 16 inches to 29 inches. This allows it to accommodate fairly long materials and we are impressed how this "mini" drill press can accommodate such big-sized materials. Other drill press manufacturers can learn from this model. They will instantly add a lot of versatility in their drill press machines if they implement this telescopic flex shaft system instead of putting a fixed column in their devices.

Clip Management:

The device has clip management points that allow you to safely tuck away your power cord. This offers a safer and more convenient way to drill without having the cord get in the way.

Metal Base:

The fairly large 9-3/8 x 6-7/8 inches base is made from aluminum and offers a lot of stability to your drilling. It contains standard drill holes as well as mounting inserts that allow you to bolt this Dremel workstation to a workbench for even more stability. This large base does a great job minimizing vibrations which in turn translate to more accuracy.

Crow's Nest:

The crows nest is a very handy way to store your drill bits and other accessories. It is easily reachable and offers a lot of convenience to this mini drill press.


This Dremel workstation is compatible with a wide range of Dremel Rotary tools. Note that it is not guaranteed to work with rotary tools of other brands. The confirmed working models are Dremel Rotary Tool 100, 200, 275, 285, 300, 395, 398, 400, 800, 3000, 4000, 4200, 8100, 8200 and 8220 series.



  • Versatility: This "mini drill press" allows you to get a lot of small drilling tasks done quickly and easily.
  • Attachments: Allows you to retrofit a wide range of attachments making it even more versatile and useful.
  • 1/8 inch Drill bits can be changed for even more versatility. It can even be used as a mini wood router or sanding power tool when equipped with a sanding pad, for example.
  • Works with a wide range of Dremel rotary tools.


  • Performance is not the best. This unit will have a lot of difficulty drilling in high-density material like steel. But for low-density materials like wood, plastic or MDF - it works just fine!

Who Should Buy?

This Dremel workstation is a very affordable offering. It adds a lot of drilling versatility to the workshop at an unbeatable price. Sure, it is not the most powerful "drill press" and its small size means that it is only appropriate for small time drilling for DIY purposes like jewelry, electronic boards, and plastic drilling. However, it is fairly accurate and very convenient to use. We can easily see this versatile workstation as being a replacement for a true mini drill press. Our verdict is: if you are in need of a mini drill press, go and get this workstation! It is very cheap and versatile.


The Dremel 220-01 workstation is not your typical mini drill press machine. It looks like a mini drill press, but it can perform even more tasks due to its ability to accommodate a wide range of attachments. This adds a lot of versatility to the workshop and as long as you use it on small DIY drilling projects, it will perform above and beyond your expectations.

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