DeWalt DW758 Bench Grinder Review

Dewalt DW758 Bench Grinder

The DeWalt DW758 is a professional grade bench grinder that is used by many woodworkers worldwide. If you’re looking for a high-quality and professional bench grinder, then it is pretty safe to say that the DW758 is a safe investment. However, before purchasing this unit, read our review below to see if this product meets your needs or not.

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#1. Technical Features


The DeWalt DW758 is literally built for performance. This unit sports a very powerful 3/4 HP inductive motor that provides the necessary torque to turn the big 8-inch grinding wheels found in this unit. This is quite impressive, considering that this DeWalt bench grinder is still relatively compact and small despite its power. But regardless of its size, with a 3/4 HP motor, this is a powerful bench grinder. You can be certain that with this model you will get a smooth grinding experience and it will not stall or choke on anything. Additionally, with such a powerful motor, you can perform material resurfacing and polishing work very easily.

Moreover, this model sports a superior speed of 3,600 RPM. This is a little bit more than the equally popular and yet more affordable DeWalt DW756 with its speed of 3,450 RPM. This little extra speed gives the DW758 more bite on material and will produce a more polished and smooth surface. If you are resurfacing material, then this means that this model will remove material much faster. Similarly, for tool sharpening, you will get a more rapid result using the DW758 compared to other less performing models. All in all, this is a heavy-duty bench grinder that can be used for almost any type of grinding tasks.

Grinding Wheel

This model sports 2 heavy-duty grinding wheels that are 8-inch in diameter. It also has a generous arbor width allowing you to work with larger tools or stock. The grinding wheels are firm and solid with no vibrations at all. This guarantees a smoother, more accurate grinding, and a better sharpening result. Furthermore, the tool rests in this unit are made from a solid block of machined aluminum. This will provide you with stability and even more accuracy during your sharpening.

We also like the fact that there is a big gap of 12-1/2 inches between both grinding wheels such that you can work with larger projects with ease. Moreover, there is a rear exhaust port at the back of each wheel to evacuate dust and debris and help keep your tool rest and work area clean at all times. This is a very handy and practical feature that many will come to appreciate over time.


Due to the big 3/4 HP motor, the DeWalt DW758 is not the most silent bench grinder out there. Indeed, at full load and during grinding, it can be a little bit noisy especially if you are grinding metal. However, nothing big as there has been no major complaint about noise concerning this bench grinder. We still recommend that you wear ear protection, especially when grinding metal with this power tool. Good to take notice that if you want a relatively quiet bench grinder, the Wen 4276 has a very low noise level. Of course, it is not nearly as powerful as the DW758.


The base is another strong point of this bench grinder. It is made from solid cast-iron and has a large surface area for stability and rigidity. Furthermore, it has base mount inserts allowing you to quickly and easily bolt this unit to your workbench. This will provide even further stability down the line. We’ve had problems with bench grinders leaving the table under load. Many times they top over or fall from the work bench. Hopefully, this will never happen with this model as long as you firmly bolt it to a workbench.


Of course, since this bench grinder is a premium grade model, security and safety are at the core of it. You have a clear view spark protector that is adjustable up or down. The clear view protector, as its name suggests, we protect you from sparks and other debris that the bench grinder might send flying your way. There is no work light delivered with this model, which is a downer. However, it does not cost much and a LED light that fits this model should be available in any store. Lastly, we like the fact that the power switch is located right in the middle of this unit. This is very helpful in case of an emergency. In the past, far too many accidents have happened because manufacturers decided to put the power switch in weird places.

#2. Price

Since this bench grinder is a professional grade model, there is a price tag attached to it. However, it is still relatively affordable. When compared to the DeWalt DW756, another popular but more mainstream bench grinder from DeWalt, the DW758 performs better. Whether that price difference is worth it, is up to you. However, this model has more power and a faster grinding wheel speed that makes it a superior bench grinder to work with. Overall, we have no problem with the price of the DeWalt DW758. Our advice is simple. If you can afford it, get it!

#3. Pros/Cons


  • Powerful motor. Efficient and will not stall under heavy-load
  • Fast wheel speed of 3,600 RPM. Will sharpen or resurface material fast and easily
  • Protective see-through guard for security
  • Stable cast-iron base. Can be bolted to the floor
  • Sturdy tool rests made from an aluminum block. Improves accuracy


  • A little bit on the expensive side
  • Does not come with a work light

#4. Who Should Buy?

If you are a woodworking professional who need a bench grinder for your workshop, the DeWalt DW758 is an excellent performer offered at a competitive price. It will allow you to sharpen your tools or resurface materials in a fast and efficient manner. We highly recommend it!

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